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Link-O-Rama: Reynolds dislikes stats, paragraphs

Jun 19, 2009, 12:44 PM EST

* Harold Reynolds used his blog
for a lengthy, stream of consciousness-style rant about … well, it’s
a little unclear. The basic premise seems to be that stats are bad, but
I’m more intrigued by Reynolds a) thinking that OPS is a hardcore stat,
b) using the phrase “clogging the bases” without even a hint of irony,
c) touting Dave Kingman as an example of hitters with artificially high
on-base percentages when in fact he had a terrible .302 career OBP, and
d) apparently boycotting the use of paragraph breaks as a symbol of his
stat-fueled rage. Oh, and I’m even more amused by the always awesome
Joe Posnanski’s attempt to “translate Reynolds’ post in 15 steps.”

(Note: The preceding paragraph was brought to you without interruption in honor of Reynolds.)

* Both teams went homerless last night for the first time in the 35-game history of new Yankee Stadium.

* The owner’s suite at the Rangers’ ballpark is being renamed after George W. Bush, who was the team’s managing general partner from 1989-1994 before becoming governor of Texas.

* Here’s the shirt that all the guys at the SABR convention would wear if we weren’t too fat to fit in them.

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