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Dave Winfield has better reflexes than you do

Aug 16, 2009, 12:15 PM EDT

It’s fairly irritating when retired baseball players give the whole “Back in my day, things were different” spiel (I’m look at YOU, Tom Seaver). But when someone plays that card and says something totally asinine and illogical, the only medicine is to turn off the TV.

This is Dave Winfield a few minutes ago on Baseball Tonight, giving his take in a discussion about whether baseball needs better helmets to protect batters:

“Well I came from a different era, so to speak. Essentially, we didn’t wear the flaps, I didn’t like them. I grew up, uh, you knew how to move away from the ball, from the plate. And there was a different law in baseball, essentially, where, um, when it came down to it, they would throw at batters, and you just had to learn how to come back. Are you man enough …” (Gets cut off by a befuddled Karl Ravetch)

You hear that, David Wright? If only you played 20 years ago, you’d know how to get out of the way of that 94 mph Matt Cain fastball and not allow it to hit you in the head. Kids these days.

On a side note, it was a bit creepy that earlier this week, Wright was pretty supportive of a new Rawlings batting helmet.
  1. kim - Aug 16, 2009 at 8:39 PM

    You are so right Matt, I had the same reaction when I heard that today. He’s in idiot. Maybe because he was never as good as David Wright. That was just the most ridiculous comment and I hope someone calls him to the carpet. All the most athletic guys getting beaned in the head. I think if it were easy, they would move. Dumb A$$.

  2. Cam Winston - Aug 16, 2009 at 9:18 PM

    It’s pretty well known that today’s players dive over the plate & the pitchers have, for the most part, have surrendered control over the inner-half of the plate. In his “time”, they brushed you back if you got too close whereas today there is very little by way of pitchers “taking command” of the inner portion & about the only ‘retaliation’ results in near beanings. Methinks Winfield is pointing in THAT direction instead of some weird “better reflexes” argument that you’ve conjured.
    Kim, Winfield is a Hall of Famer. Wright is great, especially this early in his career, but typing something that ridiculous should embarrass you, as it is quite embarrassing.

  3. hop - Aug 16, 2009 at 9:58 PM

    David Wright great? Better than a HOF’er? What he done in his career to even be considered a HOF’er besides absolutely nothing? Typical met fan would make a silly statement like that.

  4. Joe - Aug 17, 2009 at 12:09 AM

    Winfield was never as good as Wright?
    Dave Winfield is the only athlete in history to be drafted by four different leagues. Winfield was a gifted athlete and upon graduating from Minnesota, he was drafted by teams from the National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football Association (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), and the American Basketball Association (ABA).
    David Wright is a good ballplayer, but on his best day he’s not as good as Winfield on his worst day.

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