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Milton Bradley: 10 different kinds of crazy

Aug 27, 2009, 1:12 AM EDT

Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star published an entertaining (if clearly painful) story about the Royals in which he breaks down how much each player owes star pitcher Zack Greinke for costing him the $100,000 bonus he would’ve received for winning the AL Cy Young award.
Jose Guillen, for instance, owes the most ($25,000), because he is …

among the worst offenders on both offense and defense, plus he makes the most money so he can afford the biggest chunk of the check. His share may be even bigger, but Ball Star respects anybody who says, “When I suck I say I suck, and right now I suck.”

This all got me to thinking, how much will Milton Bradley owe his Cubs teammates, club management, and fans by the time his three-year, $30 million contract finally runs its course following the 2011 season. (Sorry Cubs fans, you still have $21 million of it to pay after this season).

For their troubles, the Cubs have received a .259 batting average, a .391 on base, and .400 slugging percentage. He’s played in 104 games, hit 10 home runs, scored 49 runs and driven in another 32. On defense, he’s been slightly below average in the outfield, showing decent range but a sub-par arm.

Not terrible, not earth shattering.

But then comes the fun stuff: The constant running of the mouth. The needless courting of criticism. The clashes with management.

The 10 different kinds of crazy.

On Tuesday, Bradley held court on the “hatred” he receives from Cubs fans. Because you know, sometimes they boo.

“All I’m saying is I pray the game is nine innings, so I can go out there the least amount of time possible and go home,” Bradley said.

Petulant comments, for sure, but not that big a deal by his standards. But then he compared a loss to the Nationals to an infamous and horrific incident involving a young black man and the Los Angeles police department.

Q: Obviously not the type of beginning you felt you were gonna have here on the homestand:

MB: “No, we got a Rodney King beatdown tonight.”

After a few seconds of awkwardness, Bradley responded, “What’s up, what do ya’ll got next, something else?”

Who but Bradley would make such a classy comparison?

On second thought, Bradley doesn’t owe the Cubs anything. They’re getting exactly what they paid for.


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  1. R Lasek - Aug 28, 2009 at 3:09 PM

    I do not feel sorry for Milton Bradley, or any other highly paid athlete. You signed the contract and went to where the money was and now you are upset at the fans for showing their displeasure for you performance this year? I think it is refreshing that fans are holding the athletes accountable for their performance. Unfortunately, management cannot do a whole lot after the contract is signed. The character of a man is measured by how he handles adversity and it is easy to see Mr. Bradley has little. Pulling the race card out after we have elected an African-American President is all I need to see to know about this man. As far as I am concerned, I think the race card is no longer available for anyone. It is true, the stakes are high in Chicago, however, if you perform well you would never want to leave. The opposite is true as well. Cubs fans worshipped a performance enhanced Sammy Sosa for years, but when his performance slid and his behavior became questionable, his popularity ended quickly. Derek Lee has had his ups and downs every year, but he is a professional and takes ownership of his performance and in his ability to not blame others for his slumps. Hey Milton, study Derek and maybe you could learn something that will help you when your baseball days are over which will probably be sooner than you think.

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