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No miracle coming for these Angels

Oct 22, 2009, 1:30 AM EDT

In truth, the ALCS should be over already. While there’s been just the one blowout, the Yankees have outshined the Halos in every aspect of the game through four long nights of baseball.
*The Bombers are hitting .278/.375/.481 with eight homers, while the Angels have struggled to a .201/.273/.329 line.
*The Yankees’ pitching staff has an exceptional 1.032 WHIP, while the Angels are at 1.661.
*With Mark Teixeira hauling in wide throws left and right, the Yankees have committed just three errors to the Angels’ six.
Maybe the baserunning goes to the Angels, if only by default. Both teams have been abysmal, but at least the Angels have been caught stealing just once, while the Yankees have been gunned down three times in five attempts.
The Angels didn’t even seem to make a real effort in Tuesday’s Game 4. Their at-bats are getting worse by the day.
Against CC Sabathia in Game 1, the Angels saw 3.94 pitches per plate appearance. Facing A.J. Burnett and a cast of relievers in Game 2, it was 3.97. In the Game 3 victory, though, it dropped to 3.70. In the Game 4 humiliation, they were all of the way down to 3.45.
For the Angels to win the series now, they’d need to beat A.J. Burnett, Andy Petttite and Sabathia in succession. They have a realistic chance of winning Game 5 with John Lackey on the mound, but it’s doubtful that Sabathia will work again until Game 1 of the World Series. The Yankee bullpen is fully rested after the completely unnecessary off day on Wednesday, and all of the extra time off has given Joe Girardi’s crew a big advantage at the end of games, even if Girardi doesn’t know how to optimize it. At this point, it’s just a matter of whether the Yankees will wrap it up in five or six.

  1. jtbwriter - Oct 22, 2009 at 2:25 AM

    I just love the east coast mentality of you bloggers-you obviously think nobody but the Yankees exist! May I remind you of a few facts, as in, the Angels have come from behind and taken a championship before. There have been other teams 3-1 that have come back and won, and why should a team that has beaten the Yankees like a drum previously roll up and die just because you think they should? For the record-the Angels didn’t give up in the face of tragedy, injuries, 18 players on the DL, a pitcher lost for the season-why should they give up now? I believe they will take the Yankees despite the naysayers! Including you!

  2. Matthew Nadelson - Oct 22, 2009 at 2:37 AM

    I agree! As a Mets fan, I too am sick and tired of the relentless media bias in favor of the Yankees. When the Yankees win a few games and have a series lead it’s “better pack your bags and go home, they’re winning it all,” but when the opposing team has a lead it’s “don’t worry, the Yankees will find a way to come back.” I thought the media learned its lesson when the Yankees collapsed in ’04, blowing a 3-0 series lead, and then performing miserably in the playoffs (or missing it entirely) for the next 4 years in a row. The Yankees remind me of the stereotypical “hot stock” in the stock market. When there is a little bit of good news, the herd comes a runnin’ like no tomorrow. Only difference here is, the sports writers never seem to want to dump this stock.

  3. jim - Oct 22, 2009 at 2:54 AM

    This ain’t your 2004 Yankees or 2005-08 Yankees, too bad you’re a Mutts fan, you chose the wrong NY team, pack your bags Angels, it’s over

  4. truenyyankee - Oct 22, 2009 at 3:17 AM

    The Angels are at a HUGE disadvantage. All the pressure is on them because this is their sudden death. If the Yanks score in the first and AJ comes out firing strikes, the Angels will be unnerved and play as bad as they did during Game 1. Scioscia will have a short hook on Lackey. No reason to save anyone.

  5. beantown red - Oct 22, 2009 at 3:57 AM

    Wasn’t there another team a few years ago down 3-1, who came back and beat the Yankees and then won the World Series? So Angels, it can be done, it is possible.

  6. paolo - Oct 22, 2009 at 4:28 AM

    I doubt it!

  7. Josh - Oct 22, 2009 at 6:00 AM

    The Red Sox have dominated the Angels in Octobers of the past, and they did again this season, and they are in the ALCS right?
    .. no? It’s ridiculous attempting to extrapolate previous years’ results to this year’s postseason. This is a significantly different Yankees team from years past. This Yankees team has a true ace (Sabathia), a number two starter who has amazing stuff but can be rather inconsistent (Burnett), and a truly great and consistent postseason starter (Pettite). In addition to those who always come up big in the postseason (Jeter, Rivera), this Yankees team, among other things, has Alex Rodriguez finally hitting like one of the best players in baseball, and Mark Teixeira who gives gold glove defense at first base, and a powerful bat in the order. This Yankees team lacks depth in the bullpen (Rivera, Hughes, Robertson, then everybody else) and experience at manager, but top to bottom this is a very solid team that probably won’t collapse.
    And before you say it, I’m far from a yankees fan. I’m just certainly not delusional.

  8. Yank1 - Oct 22, 2009 at 6:18 AM

    Well, maybe these teams shouldn’t be in the same league as the Yankees if their fans need to run around whining about their wins.

  9. Mystic7 - Oct 22, 2009 at 6:34 AM

    I love how everybody goes nuts when Yankee fans talk about 26 world championships. It’s always “That’s in the past! This is 2005, or 2009, etc” but it’s perfectly ok for other fans to say “Hey, we won it all in 2002!!!”
    Like the other guy said, the Sox owned the Angels since 1986, but that’s over. The Yanks have taken 6 of the last 8 games they played against the Angels, with 5 of those games taking place in L.A.! Sorry, I mean ANAHEIM!! Bleahhhh!!!!

  10. Alice - Oct 22, 2009 at 8:31 AM

    Yes the yankees are the best! I’m a native new yorker and a proud yankees fan. Yes they are the best!

  11. Beantown Dungplop - Oct 22, 2009 at 8:47 AM

    Don’t hate us because we’re beautiful…
    -NY Yankees, 2009 World Series Champions

  12. BronxBomber - Oct 22, 2009 at 8:54 AM

    JTBWriter: One should always dream!

  13. bb - Oct 22, 2009 at 9:10 AM

    could the halo’s win…of course. it isnt impossible. but the fact is that the yankees have won 6 of the last 8 games played against the angels. of course the angels will still try and not give up, it is just very highly unlikely. there is no comparison to 2004. in that year the red sox could throw Beckett, schilling, pedro. The yankees had kevin brown and jaret wright…and THAT is why sox won.
    CC Sabbathia and AJ Burnett are most certainly NOT Jaret Wright and Kevin Brown.

  14. RKIMBALL - Oct 22, 2009 at 9:24 AM

    Fools all f you relying on past history to make your decisions.
    The Yankees will win this series in 5 or games not because of media bias but because they are a better team. They were better than the angels in every offensive statistic except stolen bases and base running and the angels only hit 2 points better 285 to 283.
    The Yankee pitching staff statistically is much better top to bottom and especially the bullpen.
    Do you fools think Fuentes can close out 3 wins against New York
    or you can eat Hughes and Mariano three games in a row or you can beat Pettitte and CC 2 games in New York.
    Forget media bias and past history those Yankee teams that lost had no pitching compared to this team. And a cold Alex. They did not have a power bullpen and power pitching that led the American league in strikeouts.
    This Yankee team is stronger then the angels on the mound in the batters box in power hitting and power bullpen.
    Yanks will close out angels in 5 or 6 games at most. But most probably the angels season ends tonight. The Yankees have seen Lackey already. They will do same to him as they did to Kazmir.
    Patience at the plate and make him throw strikes. They will hit good pitches hard and Lackey will have 100 pitches in the 6th.
    All Burnett has to do is keep the Yankees close and their power bats and power bullpen will in game 5. In game 2 Burnett held the angels to 2 runs in 6 innings and one run was on a wild pitch if not that then one run in 6 innings.
    Watch Lackey get frustrate tonight when they Yankees don’t swing at his offerings outside the strike zone. He will pitch behind int he count most of the night then watch what happens when he has to throw
    2-1 3-1 fastballs in the strike zone to the most powerful team in the major leagues.

  15. Pam - Oct 22, 2009 at 9:24 AM

    Come on, Folks! NY Yankees have played very well this year and deserve to win big time! Right On — Go NY NY Yankees! :)

  16. ChooseFreeWill - Oct 22, 2009 at 9:40 AM

    So I had to scan the NY Daily news to see what NY is thinking about our Phillies. If Filip Bondy is any indication of what the arrogant Yankees fans are thinking then we are right where we want to be. This guy had to struggle to say anything positive about the Phillies. I want Ny to think we are “just” a National League team (Peter Gammons can stick his AL bias)before we go to NY, SPANK the Yankees and hoist the Championship in their new stadium and curse it!!! The Phillies curse will plague NY for the years to come. This is a special Phillies Team. My favorite quote is from Joe Torre, still a Yankee at Heart “as far as similarities between the Phillies club and the Yankees, there’s alot of fearlessness, That is what I had in NY, in fact they taught me that. The Phillies learned that fearlessness on their own somehow”
    The Phillies didn’t learn their fearlessness, they developed it without history telling them they were great, being in the NATIONAL LEAGUE, with 1/2 the payroll of the Yankees, ownership with a dash of humility and NOT being from NY.
    I like our chances. Oh no, I’m starting to smell like a Yankees fan. GAME ON! Go Phillies!

  17. ChooseFreeWill - Oct 22, 2009 at 9:55 AM

    Hey Pam,
    there is a reason Reggie Jackson is called Mr. October. That is because how they play the entire season is irrelevant in October. Just ask the back end of the Phillies lineup. Phillies in 6

  18. Gunaquot - Oct 22, 2009 at 9:57 AM

    The thought of the Yankees being in the World Series makes me want to hurl! The other day, I was listening to a Yankee fan whining that “we haven’t been in the World Series since 2000, and haven’t won a pennant since 2003.” Well, when remembering that the Yankees have played in more than a third of all World Series, and have won roughly a quarter of all World Series, I’d say that if the Yankees never won another pennant or World Series for the next 200 years, that would be about right.
    No, I’m not talking about the Red Sox, Dodgers, Mets or any team like that taking their place. I’m talking about the Chicago Cubs, the Washington Nationals, and the Texas Rangers.I’m also talking about breaking the arrogance of the Yankee fans, who know that, due to their location and the size of their media market, their team ownership will always be able to throw truckloads of money at their free agents and their farm teams, while schmoozing the h*ll out of players with croonings about how “you are almost guaranteed to play in the postseason if you play for the Yankees.”
    If the Yanks do manage to make it into the Series, my fondest wish is for the TV ratings to be close to zero outside the Metro New York and Metro Philly areas. Maybe that will send a wakeup message to MLB about maling MLB as competitive as the NFL.

  19. Jay - Oct 22, 2009 at 10:19 AM

    You people need to get over the past. This is not 2004. Nor 2005, 2006, or 2007.
    Do you know what sets this team apart from 2004 and the nearly impossible task of the Angels winning three straight games?
    The Yankees went up 3-0 on the Red Sox in 2004 but their starters ERA in those 3 starts was 5.00 which didn’t matter much because the Yankees were hitting the ball as well. However, when their bats went cold, the pitching didn’t pick them up as the Sox scored 25 runs over the next four games.
    If it happens to go seven, the Angels will not be facing an aging stiff-backed Kevin Brown and jittery Javy Vasquez. They’re going to face CC….who has owned them in two games so far. But first they have to get past Burnett and a well rested bullpen.
    So please. Stop whining about the media loving on the Yankees. People are saying they’re going to win, not because they’re the Yankees, but because THEY’RE BETTER THAN THE ANGELS.

  20. GPrats - Oct 22, 2009 at 10:27 AM

    Hey Gunaquot…if what you say about the size of the NY market is true, then we can expect the Mets to roll out their dynasty any minute now. It’s not only the market, but a commitment to the fans in that market. The Yankees are just more vigilant, and unafraid to invest in success. Are you saying the Los Angeles market is not huge.

  21. WallaceN - Oct 22, 2009 at 10:34 AM

    Red Sox fan here and do root for anybody-but-the-Yankees mantra but the Angels have bee simply awful in every aspect of the game. I always liked Scioscia but he appears clueless sometimes and has he EVER been thrown out of a game in his career! Jesus Mike show some outrage! Gotta wake up those umps! Please. And maybe Torii and teammates will then get an attitude. I mean, game 2, the Angels decide on “let’s take the 1st pitch” strategy and stick with it the whole game resulting in about 70% 1st pitch strikes. Means a lot to a pitcher. And where’s the guy who won your only game the other day. Could you find a place for him in a lineup that looks as bad as the “three-hits-to-score-a-run” Minnesota team. And finally, you’re up by a run and A Rod is up 8th inning. Lets take out the right handed reliever who’s doing well and bring in a lefty. And then call for nothing but fastballs!! And Scioscia was a catcher!
    And Yankee fans, until this last game you certainly did not look like champs. Minn Yankee series was hard to watch. Angels lost only opportunity last game so I think they’re done (hope not). Phillies look awfully good. They developed some kind of a swagger last year and looks like they still have it.
    And lastly Yankee fans, keep Giradi in the dugout please.

  22. -z- - Oct 22, 2009 at 10:35 AM

    and the meek shall inherit the earth …

  23. Edward Witten - Oct 22, 2009 at 10:55 AM

    If there is any justice in the world, the Angels will come from behind!

  24. Lee - Oct 22, 2009 at 11:06 AM

    Yankees should win tonight. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes 6 because how good the Angels are. The Angel’s problem is that the Yankees are THAT much better. Remember, the Yanks are winning with some of their player (Texeira, Swisher, Cano, Matsui) not hitting.

    Phillies vs. Yankees – Yankees in 5. Why? Pitching. The lineups cancel each other out (even though I think the Yanks’ is a bit deeper and there is evidence that they might be heating up at the right time). Hammels is a great pitcher, but he isn’t Sabathia. Don’t even get me started with the bullpens. The only reason the Phillies look really good in the NLCS is bc the Dodgers couldn’t make their pitches. You walk people it’s bound to bite you back.

    I know Yankee fans seem arrogant and whatever, but it’s with good reason. This team is special. I’ve seen it all season. No disrespect to the Phillies, but they’re gna get a rude awakening playing against the best Yankee team since 1998.

  25. Mike - Oct 22, 2009 at 11:06 AM

    Let’s face it folks, the Yankees and the Angels both bring excellent talent to the field, but the series will be decided on the field, not on some meaningless blog. The Yankees have the advantage and seem to be the hot team right now so the greater burden is on the Angels. I expect a good ending to this series no matter who prevails. Being a Ranger fan, I just enjoy seeing quality teams play for a change.

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