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Arroyo and Gleeman agree: Reds are confusing

Nov 23, 2009, 12:55 PM EDT

When reports surfaced last week that the Reds “need to slash payroll” and may be forced to shed high-priced veterans I wrote about the horrible planning that led to their trading three players to acquire Scott Rolen and his $12 million 2010 contract just months ago.
Cincinnati had no business taking on a salary like that if the team’s financial situation was in question and apparently one of the high-priced veterans who may be shopped as a result agrees with me. Here’s what Bronson Arroyo recently had to say about the front office’s lack of planning:

In my mind, there was no reason to get Rolen if we’re turning around and moving guys without waiting to see what happens. I think they’ll give us four months to see if we can compete in the division. If we’re not, we’ll have a big scale back. For now, they seem committed to win.

I know the budget is tight, but if you re-sign Ramon [Hernandez] for a year, why then go in the other direction? If we were saving, we could have easily had [Ryan] Hanigan catching 130 games next year.

If that last part about Ramon Hernandez and Ryan Hanigan looks familiar, it’s because I wrote basically the same thing last week when the Reds spent $3 million to re-sign the veteran catcher. In fact, my exact quote was that “the Reds could have saved $3 million and simply made Hanigan their starter behind the plate” because “a few million bucks certainly could have come in handy.”
It’s not often that a starting pitcher who “hasn’t paid any attention to it” while vacationing “on his boat sailing off of the Florida coast” and some doofus blogger can both immediately agree that the front office is doing some strange things, but the Reds’ lack of foresight is apparently obvious to everyone but them.

  1. CJ OLEARY - Nov 23, 2009 at 1:28 PM


  2. GimmeSomeSteel - Nov 23, 2009 at 11:23 PM

    As usual, Reds management is trying to play it in between, trying to have it both ways. As usual, it won’t work.
    The fans are getting tired of the “we’re just a small-market team, we don’t have the resources needed to compete, boo hoo, pity us” talk and the simultaneous financial foolishness. They won’t go big, they won’t go into full rebuilding mode, and they don’t develop enough talent to win.

  3. peteinfla - Nov 24, 2009 at 1:23 AM

    It’s a shame what has happened to this storied franchise. Everything about them is confusing, their front office and their manager included. This is a team who signed F. Cordero for 2 years and 20 million before 08, Who signed R. Hernandez for 8.5 million then re-signed him for another 3 million, who traded for Rolen, 12 million for each last year and this year, and of course the great addition of Willie Tavares for 2.2 million last year. And then they claim they have financial problems. Hmmmm… wonder why Arroyo is confused.
    And then add in their manager, who lobbied for Tavares, and played him because he likes guys with low on base percentages because they don’t clog the basepaths. And called Hernandez the glue to his team, even though Hannigan out performed him both offensively and defensively. Seems like the entire organization is screwed up to me. Where’s Marge Schott when we need her?

  4. Old Gator - Nov 24, 2009 at 9:18 AM

    Passing slowly through Purgatory, dragging her wagonfull of Nazi memorabilia while that foul little dog toddles along beside her. One assumes that she had herself interred with all that priceless excretia like an Egyptian queen, along with maybe a can or two of Skyline Chili to keep her provisioned for the long journey through the nether reaches. Gosh, if Dante Alighieri were still alive, he could add an entire canto the to Divina Commedia just about her.

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