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Dan Uggla isn't going anywhere

Jan 6, 2010, 10:25 AM EDT

In the same article that brought us the Chapman report comes word that the it’s looking increasingly unlikely that the Marlins are going to be able to move Dan Uggla. Uggla is arbitration eligible, of course, and as Juan Rodriguez puts it, he’ll “take a huge bite out of
what is expected to be a $40 million payroll.” Not moving Uggla may cause them to trade Jorge Cantu instead.

Not that anyone should have any sympathy for the Marlins. They just got a near billion dollar subsidy from local taxpayers to go with the annual subsidy they get from the other 29 teams in Major League Baseball.  As such, the fact that they want to keep their payroll at $40 million — while not a crime exactly — is definitely some sort of civil offense.

Hey Jeff Loria: You may not catch the Phillies, but the wild card race is wide open. You have fans and constituents who just took a major financial gamble on you during the height of the worst recession in modern memory. Maybe it’s worth cutting into that famous profitability of yours and actually try to win some ballgames instead of sitting on your pile of lucre.

  1. Old Gator - Jan 6, 2010 at 12:33 PM

    No doubt Craig began cracking up the moment he saw my handle appear on his radar screen under this blog. He knows what’s coming.
    First of all, though, a corrective: the taxpayers of Miami-Dade County took no “gamble” on this boondoggle. It was a backroom deal bulldozed through by interested parties, i.e., construction companies, county councilpersons on the usual take, one pompous jackass of a county executive, you name it. The polls conclusively demonstrated time after time that the voters of this county were overwhelmingly opposed to financing that cheapskate bastard Loria’s playpen for him, knowing damned well that he had no intention whatsoever of keeping any promises – all made with his tentacles crossed – to spend for a winner down here. Anybody been to Montreal lately?
    Loria played the Expos like Frank Lorenzo played Eastern Airlines before a Federal judge had to step in and boot his bloodsucking ass out of the industry altogether – too late, of course, to save the airline. It is of course far too much to ask of the National Association of Streetwalkers, occasionally known as Congress, to pull Loria’s plug by yanking baseball’s preposterous antitrust exemption and restore the game to the free market, where half of the shenanigans in which it regularly engages would result in flushing franchises from coast to coast (with potential disastrous consequences for the aquifer, no doubt).
    Now the Player’s Association could make a negotiating point of this problem of owners sitting on their slush funds without having to plough the money back into payroll – as in, for example, an NFL that has been ascendant in terms of popularity and significance over baseball for several decades now. Of course, they would be at cross-purposes with themselves to do so, since the owners would probably respond by digging in over the salary cap issue. And anyway, folks get so distracted by what a bunch of assholes the owners are, that they only perceive what a bunch of prima donnas the players are when a strike is looming. Six of one….
    Now as far as Uggla or Cantu, really, given that this team is not going to compete in a division that includes earnest wannabes like the Braves, bumbling wannabes like the Mets and serious willbes like the Phillies (we’ll not waste space here on the Gnats), the squatting (in both senses) don’t-wannabes of Joeprodolshark Stadium can keep or trade either one or both. No one is going to show up anyway. We care less and less with every season that this travesty continues to unfold. Why should it be otherwise?

  2. relaxweb - Jan 28, 2010 at 6:48 AM

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