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Brent Mayne updates the J.T. Snow thing

Feb 10, 2010, 3:17 PM EDT

Some of Brent Mayne’s commenters pointed out to him that the J.T. Snow story from this morning didn’t add up and Mayne quickly and transparently updated. Upshot: he knows it was J.T. and he knows it was the Yankees. He admits he got the circumstances and the outcome wrong, however, and thinks that maybe the tipped pitch resulted in a line out or something.

Fair enough. Like I said in the comments this morning: this ain’t exactly Watergate. It’s just one of those things we all gab about until the baseball happens.

But I gotta say, I’m impressed with Brent Mayne for immediately updating.  There are a lot of baseball writers out there who lord their status as Professional Journalists over the bloggers, amateur or otherwise. These same people never admit their mistakes, never make corrections, and charge forward as if they’d never written or uttered a sideways word in their lives. I have almost always found, however, that the bloggers will admit when they’re wrong, offer conspicuous correction and explain themselves when necessary.

In this Mayne is keeping up with the best traditions of the web. We draw and shoot fast, sure, but we also own up when we screw up.  Much more human than the alternative, don’t you think?

  1. Jeff J. Snider - Feb 10, 2010 at 4:01 PM

    Richard Justice (Houston Chronicle) once wrote, “During one World Series, [Frank] Robinson’s elbow was so sore he couldn’t swing the bat. Could he still have an impact? Yes. He bunted for hits.”
    I wrote to him and pointed out that in Robinson’s 92 career World Series at-bats, he had a grand total of zero bunt hits (or infield hits of any kind), and that his only career postseason infield hit came after having two doubles and a homer in the previous two games, so his elbow was probably okay.
    Justice DID reply to me. He said: “Thanks for straightening me out. He did bunt for hints while he was hurt. It may be September.” But as you can tell in the link above, the sentence is unchanged on their website, four years later. I guess he didn’t want to weaken his original point (which was “Barry Bonds = Satan”).

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