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Fish not interested in Delgado or Branyan, but like Blalock

Feb 13, 2010, 5:57 PM EDT

Marlins logo.jpgJoe Frisaro of unleashed a flurry of tweets from the Marlins’ FanFest at Sun Life Stadium on Saturday. Among them:

  • The Marlins have no interest in former first baseman and current free agent Carlos Delgado, or Russell Branyan for that matter.
  • Even after adding Mike Lamb on a minor league contract, the Fish are monitoring the free agent market for a left-handed bat off the bench. In a separate tweet, Frisaro mentions that Hank Blalock is a possibility. Where Delgado and Branyan are limited to first base, Blalock could play third base in a pinch.
  • As we hear plenty of “best shape of my life” stories, here’s something new, a player actually gaining weight: Closer Leo Nunez packed on 8-10 pounds over the offseason and now sits at 190 pounds.
  • Lastly, Frisaro mentions that the 2015 All-Star Game could be held at the Marlins’ new stadium, set to open in 2012.


  1. Old Gator - Feb 14, 2010 at 9:15 AM

    Hank Blalock, eh? He played one game at third base last year, 66 games at first and 49 games in that humiliating slot for broken down used codgers called DH. The year before he played 34 and year before that 39 games at third while the year before that he played 122 games at third. He’s been sentenced to DH 17 times year before and 29 times before that. He made $6.2mm last year, or about $97,000 per RBI. Granted, he was still trading off his monster 2003-2005 seasons but last year he batted .234 with a measly .277 OBP – that goes nicely with the crummy 66 runs he drove in with 25 dingers, which indicates he’s become the sort of all-or-nothing hitter that the Feesh, with Uggla already in a strategic spot in the lineup, need like a hole in the head (unless, of course, the Feesh plan to plug Blalock into Uggla’s slot when they unload him and his voracious new salary before the July deadline). On the bright side, Blalock had a sparkling 1.000 fielding percentage for that one game he played at third. Hey now, if he could do that all season that’d be some kind of upgrade to the Feesh’s pinball-machine infield, wouldn’t it?
    But of course the real question is, what do the Feesh think they’re going to get him for? By “monitoring” the situation, I guess that means that they’re waiting until he doubles his Nardil prescription so they can get a feel for how desperate he is before offering him an ILC (Incentive Laden Contract) whereby he can parlay his peanuts into coconuts at friendly, intimate (well, you can be alone with your thoughts, anyway) Joeprodolsharklife Stadium, where so many washouts, castoffs and bionically reconditioned ballplayers had that one great year that netted them their killer free agent deal a year later.
    Let me not sound so cynical, though (buahahahah). Hank is just the kind of guy to put the pedal to the metal down here and drive the Feesh to within five or six games of contention with a rejuvenated year, perpetuating the delusion that they are yet again “competitive” (read: mediocre, which for this sunbaked and rainsoaked dystopia of ours looks pretty good compared the the way the Mermaids dance), and validating Larry Beinfest’s “vision” that you can mine gold on a Treasure of the Sierra Madre budget (assuming the Borg doesn’t stick to its guns and the luxury tax money doesn’t dry up).
    But I was horrified to discover that I missed Fan Fest so I could spend a week in Albuquerque in the company of intelligent, literate, stimulating colleagues with long legs and big…heh, big intellects and so forth. Then again, the food out here, as I have been reporting (and let me not overlook the fetuccini carbonara and garlic bread with queso blanco y ciles verde at the Plaza del Capo across the street from the Hotel Blue on Central) definitely beats the Superfund Sites on a Bun they serve at Joeprodolsharklife Stadium. Anyway, It’s early and I’m waiting for my flight home, and which might also explain my unaccustomed foray into statistics – along with the inspiring presentation on chromatic progressions and tonal ratios in Garcia-Hunter tunes yesterday. The math stays with you, you know?
    Okay, time to board. I had thought about changing my plans and going down to Tucson to check out the first days of Pitchers and Catchers but, even though I’m not a Democrat, I lost my nerve at the last minute and decided I’d better get home to my wife in time for some residue of Valentine’s Day instead. So it goes. No “and.”

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