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Could Johnny Damon still end up in Atlanta?

Feb 20, 2010, 9:49 AM EDT

Many assume that if the White Sox indeed pull their offer to Johnny Damon it pretty much means the “Tigers or bust,” but don’t forget that the Braves have already offered Damon a one-year contract with some deferred money — somewhere around $4 million or less.

After Friday’s developments, Braves general manager Frank Wren told Mark Bowman of that “Nothing has changed on our end.” This doesn’t really mean anything to me, other than saying “our original offer still stands.”

Even though the Tigers are known to have offered at least a one-year, $7 million contract, David O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal Constitution still thinks there’s a “reasonable chance” Damon winds up with the Braves:

It’s seemed odd to me that the Braves’ interest in Damon was
practically dismissed by a couple of other media outlets in the last
week, Atlanta described as having only lackluster interest and not
making a serious push for him.

The team that made him an offer nearly two weeks ago, before Detroit or the Chicago White Sox made offers. The team that had Chipper Jones call
Damon the same day it made its offer, to emphasize to him how much the
Braves wanted him and how well he’d fit in their lineup and on their

I think it’s pretty simple. Scott Boras wanted to dangle Damon in the AL Central for a while to see if he could create some sort of mini bidding war. It doesn’t seem to be working. This posturing has been fun and all (not really), but it’s high-time for Damon to step up and make his preference known, no matter the salary.

  1. Geek - Feb 20, 2010 at 10:36 AM

    As a true fan of baseball I would have liked to see the Damon stay with the Yankees but that train has left the station.
    Of all the other teams I would like Damon to play for Atlanta but I would not up the price to have him on any team. There gets to be a point where agents and players are out of hand and when you evaluate the money and say, sorry we have made a very good offer thats it good bye. To the Yankees credit they drew the line and moved on.

  2. Spice - Feb 20, 2010 at 12:55 PM

    Can Damon sue Boras for malpractice? They walked away from a far more lucrative offer from the Yankees because Boras failed to read the market for a 35 year old defensive liability. Saying he was as valuable as Jeter was laughable and could be dismissed as typical Boras bluster. Now it is beginning to look like Boras really believed that a multi year 10 million per year + deal was actually out there. How sad. So instead of being back with the Yankees and having a real shot at more post season play Damon is looking at a bargain desperation deal with a “might contend”.
    Really, could Damon sue Boras?

  3. Nasty Boy - Feb 20, 2010 at 1:10 PM

    I agree with you 100 % As always the owners are their own worst enemy.I like Damon as a player , but this needs to end. Boras has always played both ends against the middle. Please someone , anyone sign him so this will end.

  4. GimmeSomeSteel - Feb 20, 2010 at 1:17 PM

    I’m reasonably sure that a Boras contract, especially one with a not-the-sharpest-tool-in-the-box type like Damon, has all kinds of fine print that prevents legal action and gives the agent all the rights and none of the responsibilities. I think Damon is partially to blame for his “mess”, anyway.

    Nasty Boy, I’m of the other persuasion. I want Damon to twist in the wind as a warning to the rest of Boras’ clients and would-be clients.

  5. YANKEES1996 - Feb 20, 2010 at 2:37 PM

    Scott Boras is a complete a$$ and has done nothing for Damon this off season. However, this is just as much Damons’ fault as it is Borass’. When Boras irritated the Yankees Damon should have just reached out to Hal, Hank and Cash the way A-Rod did during his mess. I cannot even recall how many bloggers on this site recommended and wrote about that same advice, but Damon ignored his common sense which had to be telling him the same thing that was being written. He should have fired Boras and handled things on his own and he would be playing where he wants with a chance to win. Now it is at the point of any port in a storm!

  6. gfd - Feb 20, 2010 at 4:57 PM

    Damon finally reached out to Cashman, when he had 2M left to spend. Cashman offered 6 M, with 3M deferred w/o interest, Damon stupidly said no. Now he has the Braves and Tigers both wanting to defer money in their offers.
    You know Boras/Damon messed up, when even Matsui with his documented bad knees, got a contract months ago. Damon’s greed finally caught up with him. His wife doesn’t want to live in Detroit, even though she was willing to go to the press in NY, and boast in the beginning of postseason about all the teams interested in Damon.

  7. 0ld Gator - Feb 21, 2010 at 12:19 AM

    Given that he seems about to sign with Detroit, I guess it’s still possible that Damon could wind up in Atlanta – although it would have to follow one hell of a drinking binge and he would wake up having no idea how he got there. If I were Johnny I would just go to Detroit at this point and try to stay sober. Waking up in Atlanta wouldn’t really be so bad, but when you drink like that you could just as easily wake up next to Linda Tripp. I grant you you just left six million Borg kazooties in the circular file, but still, why tempt fate?

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