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Torii Hunter is angry

Mar 10, 2010, 3:37 PM EDT

Thumbnail image for hunter_torii_091015.jpgThe Los Angeles Times caught up with Torii Hunter today and got his comments about his outrageous comments in this morning’s USA Today.  Short version: Hunter is pissed off:

Hunter, who directs much of his charitable efforts to the
development of inner-city baseball, claimed his comments “were
distorted and taken out of context.”

“I’m not apologizing because I didn’t say anything like that,”
Hunter said before Wednesday’s exhibition game against Cincinnati. “I’m
[ticked] right now. I’m upset. And people wonder why athletes don’t
talk to the media that much. It’s stupid.

“That wasn’t even the main topic of the discussion. That was like a
piece of the conversation, .5% of 100%. The main topic was that there
are no scholarships for baseball. … It wasn’t a negative story. It
was a positive story. I try to get a lot of inner-city kids to play the
game. I’ve done the research. That’s why I have all the programs.”

I guess the real question is whether Hunter is mad because the quotes are not accurate or if the quotes are accurate but he is simply mad at how he was portrayed in the article.  I get this feeling we’ll be hearing more about this soon enough.

  1. Billy E. Tingen - Mar 17, 2010 at 5:32 PM

    Is there no one that has never spoken words and then regretted them. Funny how emotion does that. As far as supporting charities, even that can be deceiving. What is the heart motive for doing that. To really help those who lack priviledge? Who decides then who lacks priviledge. I was from a very poor white family in Alabama. Did anyone pull me aside and help me? Did anyone offer to pay for me to go to college? Did anyone give me funds to set myself up in business? No! What I have, I worked long and hard for. I have worked two jobs for years to better my station in life so that I could give my family a better chance. Talk about prejudice, what do you think people like me had to endure from those who considered themselves more prosperous? The further North I moved, the worse it was. I say its ok to be prejudiced. But for Gods sake be prejudiced against ignorance. That person who is different from you may just be the one to provide help to you one day. If you were drowning, would color matter then? If everyone were more interested in making others lives better, there would not be much time left for this mindless “race” chatter. What color do you think God is? Just remember, no matter how good you are, there is someone out there who is better.

  2. sirlaughsalot - Mar 22, 2010 at 10:03 AM

    Thank You Kgirl. Some folks just don’t get it. Life is entirely to short. I strongly believe that goodwill extends life as well as enriches it. Malice abbreviates life and you have to live in misery as you anticipate its end. The choice seems simple to me. Or maybe I’m just simple-minded. That has to be it. LOL Have a great day Kgirl, you are obviously blessed.

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