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Teams gouge their fans when the Yankees come to town

Apr 21, 2010, 11:17 AM EDT

It’s always a hot ticket when the Yankees come to town, so you’d understand if teams, say, raised the prices a bit to buy tickets for the matchup. Supply and demand and all of that, right? But what the Dodgers and Mets (and others) do leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Consumerist passes along word that both teams are forcing fans to buy tickets in blocks rather than individually. The Mets are making you buy five tickets to the Yankees game and are not offering them individually, at least for now. The Dodgers, in contrast, are making you buy a seven-game plan if you want to buy any tickets to the three-game Yankees series.

I don’t believe that the Mets and Dodgers are alone in this, actually. The Braves did this with the Red Sox once and may still do so. Someone told me that the Phillies have done this as well. Indeed, there are probably countless examples of these sorts of tying schemes for high profile events. Maybe the most prominent example of this is that season ticket purchasers of every NFL team are forced to buy seats for preseason games which are (a) boring; and (b) even more meaningless than spring training games in many respects.

I guess I understand, but I really don’t like it. This is an emotional as opposed to an economic reaction, but I’d rather that the teams just charged what the market would bear for the hot seats and sell them individually.

  1. Jack Meoffer - Apr 21, 2010 at 11:31 PM

    Another reason why I never attend games any longer. It’s sickening the way fans have been treated. And it’s amazing how many still blindly go in and empty their wallets because of their sports obsession. I was once an obsessed Mets fan, but discovered there is more to life than being a crazy baseball fan after a few strikes and being taken for a sucker with the costs of just walking into the stadium ($20 parking is the start of it all).
    I only wish my cable bill will allow me an alacarte menu so I don’t have to pay for the local baseball teams channels. It’s like paying for HBO and never watching it.

  2. Joey B - Apr 22, 2010 at 9:26 AM

    “I actually bought tickets for 2 games this weekend at Kauffman (part of my “visit every major/minor league ballpark” tour) to see, yes, the Royals vs the Twins.
    The 4 tickets for the 2 games 3 rows behind the dugout were less than it cost me for one ticket in the outfield at Fenway.”
    That reminds me of the study done last year for the NYY. When they were trying to sell the $2,500 tickets, someone commented that it would cost less to fly to Seattle to see a NY/Seattle game behind the plate than to watch it in NY.

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