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And That Happened: Thursday's Scores and Highlights

Apr 23, 2010, 5:43 AM EDT

Pirates foam fingers.jpgBrewers 20, Pirates 0: I think the most remarkable thing about this game is that the Brewers were set down 1-2-3 in the first inning.

Phillies 8, Braves 3: This series began with the Phillies bullpen breaking down, but that ended up being a fluke. The real story of the series was that the Phillies got great starting pitching in all three games, and between that, their patience at the plate and their excellent defense they clearly showed that they are the better team right now. And Derek Lowe showed something too: he has nothing left.

Rockies 2, Nationals 0: When Ubaldo Jiminez gave up the double to Willie Harris in the first inning, Johnny Vander Meer — as has become his tradition — opened up the bottle of champagne he’s been saving, celebrating and savoring the fact that he remains the only man to pitch back-to-back no hitters. Wait, what? Johnny Vander Meer died in 1997? Oh, never mind.

Athletics 4, Yankees 2: The Yankees turned a triple play and pissed off Dallas Braden something fierce, but they lost the game. My thought on the Braden thing: I’ve never heard of the unwritten rule about not walking on the mound, but I want to think less of A-Rod for it all the same if that makes any sense. Mostly I just want someone to recut the video of Braden jawing at Rodriguez with the audio from the “get off my f—— obstacle” scene from “Full Metal Jacket” because that would be cool.

Reds 8, Dodgers 5: Manny left in the sixth after straining his right calf.  When the season started I thought oblique injuries would be all the rage, but it turns out that calf injuries are really where it’s at. Just goes to show that you can’t predict fashion.

Mets 5, Cubs 2: Johan Santana blanked the Cubs for six innings and ended up giving up only one run, Ike Davis had three hits and K-Rod came into a jam in the 8th and put out the fire, earning his first save of the year. Those things together make this a very satisfying win for Mets fans.

Indians 8, Twins 1: A nice win for the Indians, but the big story coming out of Cleveland yesterday is that the Indians have invited me to the Tribe Social Deck for the game against the Tigers on May 7th. This gesture of taste and goodwill no doubt led to their fine performance.

Rangers 3, Red Sox 0: C.J. Wilson gets his first career win as a starter. He was matched by Clay Buchholz for most of the game, but things unraveled in the 7th as, after one run was already in, a stolen base put Nelson Cruz into position to score on a David Murphy double and a throwing error by Buchholz allowed Murphy to score.

Rays 10, White Sox 2: The rays outscored the White Sox 22-2 over the past two games to take the series. Tampa Bay completed a 9-1 road trip. Given the home field advantage they’ve come to expect in the Trop, this bodes well. Seven walks, seven hits and seven earned runs for Jake Peavy who, even if he can’t be happy about his game, has to at least appreciate the symmetry of his performance on an aesthetic level.

Tigers 5, Angels 4: Great moments in efficiency: Justin Verlander threw 125 pitches in five innings. He got the win, however, after he was bailed out by a Tigers’ bullpen which has thrown 15.2 consecutive scoreless innings. And here I thought that would be the team’s weakness this year.  In other news, Torri Hunter was presented with his Gold Glove before the game. He then proceeded to bat from the DH slot. There’s got to be some kind of lesson in there somewhere, but I just can’t tease it out.

Marlins 5, Astros 1: Jorge Cantu extends his hitting streak to 20 games.  Know what? I think baseball history needs a little shaking up and something as random as Jorge Cantu hitting in 57 straight games would totally do the trick. Viva chaos and all of that.

  1. Ron - Apr 23, 2010 at 12:07 PM

    Indians is not considered racist by Indians. For example, AIM (the American Indian Movement) founded by Russell Means. Many Indians refer to themsevles as Indians, ‘skins, bucks, etc.
    They don’t consider it to be an issue, except for a few who use it for political purposes. Most Indians actually refer to themselves by the name of their particular “tribe”, such as ‘The People’ , ‘The Human Beings’ or ‘The Nation’ and don’t really concern themselves too much with what us white eyes call us. And yeah, they refer to us as white eyes every day. Am I supposed to be offended?
    Try taking a trip to the rez sometime. You’ll find that most people there really aren’t all that concerned with the issue. They’re really a lot more worried about jobs, money, the poverty, the malnutrition, prospects for their children, the loss of their culture, the alcoholism, etc.
    If people put the time and money into fixing the actual problems Indiians/Native Americans/indigenous people have, instead of worrying about a picture, the logo would probably end up just going away.

  2. Jonny5 - Apr 23, 2010 at 1:22 PM

    I never mentioned Chief Wahoo dude, nice “mouf” by the way… Please remember reading comprehension is critical when commenting on another post. You’re a foul mouthed moron. Thanks for the heads up. Doracle on the other hand understood what I wrote and clarified the whole Chief Wahoo thing. That was the issue, not the Indians/ braves names. And Ari Collins, I’m just a guy who feels anyone could call me whitey , blanco, whitebread, or whatever, and I wouldn’t care a bit. I can respect the POV you have, as I do not run around labeling people but if the Florida Honkies sprouted up one day I wouldn’t be offended one bit.. I just don’t get the whole racial /descriptive/offendinding thing unless it’s meant in a derrogatory way. But that’s just me. We are what we are and that’ll never change no matter who calls who what.

  3. APBA Guy - Apr 23, 2010 at 1:38 PM

    The Braden/A-Rod contretemps remains unresolved and murky after the Yankees scuttled out of town with their series win. After the game the immortal Ray Fosse interviewed Kurt Suzuki and they both laughed about it, two tough catchers with a lot of respect for each other but certain reservations about the likelihood of any pitcher being completely rational.
    Kurt did allow that the first thing that popped into his head after he hit his would-be triple play grounder to A-Rod was “please throw to first”. He busted it to to the bag but still the Yankees got him by a step. A-Rod may get under your skin like AJ but he seems to be delivering awfully well these days.
    The beloved A’s now face Cleveland for the weekend series at the Mausoleum. No doubt after Vazquez, Hughes, and Sabathia the A’s will eagerly await Westbrook, Carmona, and Masterson, mascot issues or no.

  4. The Rabbit - Apr 23, 2010 at 1:54 PM

    It boggles the mind to wonder what the Brewers/Pirates score would have been if the Pirates, you know, didn’t have a plan.

  5. The Rabbit - Apr 23, 2010 at 3:26 PM

    Jonny, I envy you. After reading your contributions since Craig became a full-time writer at Hardball Talk, your comments on non-baseball related issues display an overinflated sense of self worth/self esteem and a genuine lack of self awareness; therefore, it doesn’t matter to you if people think you’re an idiot. Most reasonable people would stop and consider merits in an opposing position, but you appear to lack that ability. Must be nice.
    Of course, you wouldn’t care about a team named the Hackensack Honkies. The word “Honky” is widely considered a joke and has been rarely been accepted as a perjorative.
    My two cents on the issue of racism and rather than repeat what some others have said, I will explain it as I would to my 5-year old grandchild so you might understand:
    Because the word “racism” has created a backlash, I prefer to ask: Is the word, image, or institutional process hurtful to people on the basis of their race, religion or ethnicity? Just because there is no intent to be hateful doesn’t mean it isn’t hurtful due to prior experiences. I also recognize that there are individuals who will be sensitive to everything and you will never please everyone. However, if a “symbolic” image degrades a group, why do you feel the need to use it, particularly when there is no negative outcome if you change it? We don’t need to sit around and sing Kumbaya but isn’t the world just a little more pleasant when we don’t try to make people uncomfortable?

  6. Jonny5 - Apr 23, 2010 at 4:28 PM

    Man you’re pretty tough on me here, all because i don’t understand why people are so sensitive over Braves/Indians, I also said i don’t run around labeling people either “I respect the opposing POV”. Now you can call people Honky all you want because you feel it’s a joke, but I garuantee some folks will be greatly offended. Just not myself. I myself said I respect the opposing POV then you tear into me, and villify one racial descriptive and give a thumbs up to another, which apparently is OK with you… I’m not glad to hear you envy me though you think I’m an idiot, it shows you find yourself somewhere below that of an idiot ,which is a shame and shows a serious lack of self esteem, you should work on that really. All I have to say now is have a good weekend ,and I hope my “overinflated sense of self worth/self esteem and a genuine lack of self awareness” doesn’t bother you so much that you lose sleep over it. I’m over here laughing pretty hard now thank you. Ahhhh, if you only knew me, you’d never say such things. But that’s really your issue as well, not mine.
    Captcha: pettier import Wow, how Ironic.

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