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Things are going pretty well for Evan Longoria

May 20, 2010, 2:15 AM EDT

longoria-evan-100519.jpgEvan Longoria is 24 years old. In his third season in the majors, he’s already a two-time All-Star and Gold Glove winner, and arguably the best player on the best team in baseball.

His face is on video game boxes and television commercials (see below), and he just might be on the way to replacing Derek Jeter as the face of baseball.

Could life get any better? Well, yes it could.

Marc Topkin of the St. Petersburg Times reports that Longoria will be featured in the June/July issue of Men’s Journal. And it’s not going to be your standard sit-down interview with a guy like me.

Longoria, poses with model Jennifer McDonough, and styles how to dress for a warm-weather getaway. There’s an article to go along with photos, and he shares with McDonough thoughts on his faith (he went to Catholic school for 12 years), favorite destinations (New York, Chicago, Brazil) and what he’d do if he wasn’t playing baseball (think criminal justice).

Yes, Evan Longoria is now being interviewed, and is posing with, supermodels. (Topkin includes plenty of photos here).

Still worried about Longoria going through life being mistaken for Tony Parker’s wife? Yeah, I didn’t think so.


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  1. Ben - May 20, 2010 at 2:39 AM

    If my 2:30am memories serves, aren’t the Rays getting him for way under market value? He certainly isn’t living hand-to-mouth, but I bet his life will get even better when he can sign a new deal.
    (Please, correct me if I’m thinking of someone else)

  2. Bob Harkins - May 20, 2010 at 2:55 AM

    Yes you are correct Ben. Longoria makes $950,000 in salary this season as part of a 6-year, $17.5 million deal that runs through the 2013 season. The Rays also have options for 2014 ($7.5 million), 2015 ($11 million) and 2016 ($11.5 million). So by today’s standards, the Rays are getting a tremendous deal.

  3. Ben - May 20, 2010 at 3:20 AM

    Wow. I thought I remembered it being low, but that’s crazy. Given how bad his deal is, one has to wonder if his agent isn’t working hard to get him so many of these deals to help him supplement that contract. Or, it could just be that Longoria is a nice, likable guy.

  4. Old Gator - May 20, 2010 at 8:22 AM

    Jennifer McDonough today, the SI swimsuit issue tomorrow. Here’s hoping he got to train for the shoot with a bevy of otherwise nameless Hooters Girls. Can a fling with Madonna be far behind? Now that would position him beautifully to hawk Aqua Velva, Cialis, Dodge Vipers and trendy overpriced athletic shoes made in Borneo by child labor.
    As far as his faith, ugh, I think I’ll skip that part and just ogle the props. There’s nothing as boring as listening to a professional athlete revel in his favorite pop theology and fairy tales. All you need to know is that ducking twelve years’ worth of the erasers Sister Mary Elephant kept throwing at the kid behind him who couldn’t stop giggling enabled him to hone the skills needed to dig in at the plate, or that the upperclassmen taught him early on to read tonight’s auguries off his date’s patent leather shoes.

  5. jwb - May 20, 2010 at 8:35 AM

    “Now that would position him beautifully to hawk Aqua Velva, Cialis”
    I’m thinking more along the lines of Valtrex. . .

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