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The Marlins have been looking to fire Fredi for some time

Jun 23, 2010, 1:12 PM EDT

The Florida Marlins turned heads this morning when they fired Fredi Gonzalez, but upon closer inspection, maybe it shouldn’t have been such a surprise after all.

Buster Olney tweets that the Marlins had been planning to fire Gonzalez for a while, actually, but that the whole Hanley Ramirez thing put a kink in it.  I mean, sure, Jeff Loria isn’t exactly a master of public relations, but apparently even he realized that firing your manager the second he gets tough on a player who everyone is excoriating for dogging it is not exactly the kind of thing you want to be doing.

Then you have to think back to last winter when, despite the fact that the Marlins had out-performed expectations and despite the fact that Gonzalez was under contract for two more years, Jeff Loria pushed hard for Bobby Valentine all the same.  That’s just not a sign that your boss wants you around, ya know?

Above all else, though were those expectation. Last winter Loria said “I expect us to make the playoffs.” That’s either supreme delusion or the kiss of death.

Of course with Loria, it could be both.

  1. paul - Jun 23, 2010 at 3:35 PM

    That would be oil and water. If Loria has a public critique you know Valentine will not bite his toungue or if Ramirez or anyone else for that matter doesn’t hustle it will be a Mets/media situation all over again (leaking rumors) But his on field managing style would be a good fit. Good young players and he has an energetic style. He’s as close to a Billy Martin as there is out there.

  2. Old Gator - Jun 23, 2010 at 3:47 PM

    Supreme delusion gets my vote. Of course, it’s also an exercise in apologetic solipsism, if such a thing could exist: Scrooge McLoria is probably aware, if vaguely, that he’s regarded as the Frank Lorenzo of baseball, a hatchetman who outlived his usefulness in Montreal and now can’t seem to break the habit of strangling his team with its own budget. Does he want to win? I think he does, but on his own terms – which means, on a shoestring. It’s hard to tell which is more important to him: stuffing his pockets per se, or proving that he can stuff his pockets and the team can win at the same time.
    Back when the Feesh whacked the Borg in 2003, Scrooge promised – and I heard him with my very own ears; it was before I jumped into my saltwater swimming pool without removing my hearing aids – “There will be no (emphasis his) dismantling.” We didn’t realize he was referring to his investment portfolio.

  3. charly - Jun 23, 2010 at 5:24 PM

    loria is a cheapskate AND a jackass.
    he’s planning on a stadium that will seat 3 times as many as his average attendance. the cost of the new stadiumt was to be $525M (as i recall) BEFORE cost overruns that is. that will probably end up around $725-$750M. all of this for a bottom feeding team. why not let loria pay for the stadium. what do you want to bet loria got in on some of the 8% bond issue?
    i say good riddance to gonzalez. ever since the gregg fiasco, i’ve wantd him gone.

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