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And That Happened: Sunday's Scores and Highlights

Jul 5, 2010, 5:34 AM EDT

I celebrated the 4th the way the Founding Fathers intended: inside an air-conditioned house while watching an essentially British game on my Japanese TV while drinking foreign beer.

8, Tigers 1
: Sure, Cliff Lee struck out 11 and allowed a single
run, but (a) he didn’t pitch a complete game; and (b) he walked a guy.
Stick a fork in him.

Reds 14, Cubs 3: Drew Stubbs goes nuts — no doubt motivated by rage over the All-Star snub of his teammate Joey Votto — hitting three homers and driving in five.  For his part Votto was ejected in the first inning. He wasn’t mad about the All-Star stuff. He just woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday. It happens.

Cardinals 7, Brewers 1: Yovani Gallardo allowed six runs in less than three innings, gave up a three-run double to the opposing pitcher and left with a side injury. But hey, at least it was miserably hot out and he was away from his family on a holiday.

Pirates 8, Phillies 5: OK, I’ve been riding the “don’t worry, the Phillies are going to find themselves soon and turn this thing around” train for a while now, but I’m hoppin’ off at the next station. Good teams just don’t drop three of four to the Pirates. Even injured ones. The Phillies aren’t a good team.

Rays 7, Twins 4: Three hits a piece for Evan Longoria and Sean Rodriguez as the Rays take three of four from the AL Central co-leaders. Nick Blackburn with the latest in a string of blah starts.

Padres 3, Astros 2: San Diego shuts down the Astros’ offense for the third game in a row and continues to lead the league in pitching. In other news, no Padres pitchers made the All-Star team.

Orioles 6, Red Sox 1: Brian Matusz picks up his first win in forever, shutting down the Sox on two hits over seven innings while striking out eight. Ronan Tynan sang “God Bless America” during the seventh-inning stretch for reasons that are known only to God and someone in the Red Sox’ promotions office. Frankly, I would have been less surprised to see the corpse of Woody Guthrie out there singing “This Land is Your Land.”  Probably would have enjoyed that more too, as long as he kept in the good socialist lyrics I like from the often-overlooked fifth and sixth verses.

Mets 9, Nationals 5: Last week I complained about the fact that Jason Bay was benched by Jerry Manuel on Canada Day. I had forgotten that he became a U.S. citizen last year, so maybe it wasn’t as big a deal. For what it’s worth he busted out the whuppin’ stick on his new nation’s birthday, going 2 for 5 with a triple and driving in four. Jerry Manuel brought in K-Rod with a four run lead despite the fact that he got shelled on Saturday and despite the fact that he has now pitched in five of the last six games. Save situation or no, you gotta give that guy a break, don’t you?

Yankees 7, Blues Jays 6: Mariano Rivera blew a save but the Yankees overcame their understandable shock and won it on a Marcus Thames walkoff single in the tenth. Brett Gardner hit a two-run inside the park home run that should have been scored an error on Dewayne Wise. Sun or no sun, the ball bounced off his friggin’ glove. How is that a home run?

Athletics 3, Indians 1: Vin Mazarro gave up a lone run on seven hits in seven and a third beating the Indians’ All-Star pitcher Fausto Carmona. Guess someone has to be an Indians’ All-Star what with that “everyone needs a representative” rule. Little known fact: there are also now rules which specify that everyone gets pizza after the game and that Jacob’s mom drops off and Aiden’s mom picks up.

Dodgers 3, Diamondbacks 1: Dan Haren = good. Diamondbacks’ bullpen = bad. Pretty much the story of the season. Matt Kemp continues to mock my criticism of him in last week’s HBT Extra by hitting a two-run homer. I mentioned B.J. Upton in that too, and he also had a good day yesterday. All I need now is Carlos Zambrano to make a surprise return tomorrow and pitch a perfect game to make my humiliation complete.

Marlins 3, Braves 2: Braves fans of a certain stripe — and I’m one of them — have been fretting about Tim Hudson’s low strikeout totals this year. But hey, he struck you seven yesterday and that’s good!  Braves fans who tend to take a bigger picture view of things realize that the strikeout total that matters more is what the other guy is doing to you, and Ricky Nolasco mowed down 11 Braves yesterday. Dan Uggla did all of the offensive damage for the Feesh, driving in two on a double and hitting a solo dinger.

Rockies 4, Giants 3: This bad boy went 15 innings with Todd Helton winning it for the Rockies on a sac fly. Sixteen pitchers were used. The game went 5:24. I love baseball just as much as the next guy, but jeez . . .

White Sox 5, Rangers 3: Two of three for the Chisox who are a single
game behind the division leaders.

Angels 11, Royals 0: Two home runs seven RBI for Torii Hunter and seven shutout innings for Joel Piniero. A rare national TV game for the Royals didn’t do much to change people’s perceptions about them, did it?

  1. RickyB - Jul 5, 2010 at 7:50 AM

    So you’re saying that if the ball didn’t hit his glove, it shouldn’t be an error? MLB has a long-standing tradition of not calling errors on obvious sun balls. That was undoubtedly a sun ball. Don’t judge an error on whether or not the ball hits the glove, rather how the play unfolds. Granted, if the ball hadn’t hit his glove, Gardner would not have had an inside the park homer because the ball wouldn’t have rolled so far away from Wise. But that’s beside the point … I hate it when people demand an error be called because the ball hit the glove. Conversely, grounder through a shortstop’s legs that he whiffs on — is that a hit?

  2. Craig Calcaterra - Jul 5, 2010 at 7:53 AM

    No, I think lots of balls that don’t hit gloves should be errors. I also think that not calling errors on sun balls is silly. How many fly balls happened yesterday afternoon that guys didn’t lose in the sun? There’s a talent to that too, you know.

  3. Grand Slam Single - Jul 5, 2010 at 9:51 AM

    Eh, the Phils always struggle at PNC Park for some reason. They have a 12-20 record there.

  4. BringBackYaz - Jul 5, 2010 at 10:04 AM

    Hey Calcaterra,
    Kyle Drabek threw a no-hitter for the NH Fisher Cats last night. I listened to it on my AM radio in my old car. I haven’t seen one word about it. Why? A no-no on the 4th of July?

  5. Craig Calcaterra - Jul 5, 2010 at 10:07 AM

    I wrote a post about it that went live about 15 minutes ago. Refresh your browser. It should be up in a second.

  6. Old Gator - Jul 5, 2010 at 10:24 AM

    Well, the Feesh salvaged one game in Atlanta and after torching his lead the previous evenining Leo Nunez strode in from the boolpen with his camp counsellor’s words of yore ringing in his ears: Mi muchacho, si usted no consigue el respaldo correcto en ese singando caballo, usted nunca montara otra vez! And he was right, too – a one two three inning with two Ks.
    Meanwhile Team Teal languishes five behind the strange attractor and nine point five out in the division. A bunch of guys on that team must be eyeing the trade deadline the way those mega-duffers eyed the coming of death at the end of Zardoz. Oh well, it was all a joke anyway, right Scrooge?

  7. APBA Guy - Jul 5, 2010 at 12:55 PM

    The Beloved A’s reached the half way point this weekend, as did all other teams, and they completed their tour of Teams Worse than the A’s (Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cleveland). This of course leads to deceptive thinking:
    – the A’s are still in it!
    – we’re a .500 club, at least
    – Billy isn’t just watching soccer, he has a plan
    All of which is dead wrong. The young pitching has taken a step forward:
    – Anderson 2.35 ERA, only six starts, bad elbow
    – Cahill, 2.74, biggest improvement, small sample size
    – Gio, 3.50, 48 walks! in 103 innings
    – Braden, 3.83, forearm pain
    – Mazzaro, 3.81, only 7 starts
    With Devine and Outman still not recovered from TJ, and both past their expected recovery dates, with Duchscherer done, and Sheets making the case as not being tradeworthy, it’s very difficult to get excited, especially when Billy is probably negotiating group rates with Dr. Anderson instead of looking to improve the offense.
    Oh well, good news for Billy, Roy Hodgson moved from Fulham to Liverpool, leaving a bunch of Fulham players available for transfer to Tottenham.

  8. Old Gator - Jul 5, 2010 at 4:37 PM

    I agree. After all, what is the sound of one hand clapping?
    Give up? Okay, go to Joeprodolsharklife Stadium when the Feesh are playing a midweek day game and listen carefully. There, that’s the sound.

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