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And That Happened: Monday's Scores and Highlights

Jul 6, 2010, 5:53 AM EDT

My favorite team got mowed down by Roy Halladay but the evening worked out OK anyway.

Phillies 3, Braves 1: I was momentarily angry when Derek Lowe gave up the homer to Greg Dobbs in the sixth, but then I acknowledged to myself that it didn’t matter. Lowe wasn’t likely to pitch a shutout anyway, and with Roy Halladay dealing like he was dealing, that’s what would have been required. So I said “screw it,” poured myself a drink and enjoyed watching arguably the best pitcher in baseball carve my dudes up. It’s far more enjoyable, truth be told, to see someone like Halladay do it than to have some tomato can shut you down. Halladay only needed 93 pitches to throw the complete game for cryin’ out loud. Game was over fast enough for me to read a couple of chapters in this pretty spiffy book I just got before I moved on to the box scores. Hey, I want to win, but if you have to lose, that’s the way to do it.

Reds 8, Mets 6: Also, if your team has to lose, best that they do it on a night when their closest competitors lose too. The one got wild in the fifth with the teams combining to score 11 runs off of starters who just lost it. Jerry Manuel got ejected when a bases loaded strikeout of Scott Rolen was overruled and changed to a HBP, bringing in what was then the go-ahead run.  For what it’s worth I think it was the right call — the ball looked like it hit Rolen — but calls are overturned so rarely that you can see why Manuel got hot.  Oddest thing: this may have been a cross-league makeup call by the umpiring crew.  Same four dudes had a similar play in the Yankees-Blue Jays game on Sunday, but the umps refused to call it a HBP.  Oh, and two homers for Joey Votto. Now that he came up big against New York, maybe Colin Cowherd will finally figure out who he is.

Tigers 12, Orioles 9: I hit this one up yesterday afternoon.  Kevin Millwood might not be able to get traded for a Donruss Duke Snider Diamond Kings puzzle and a pack of those K-Mart MVP cards from the mid-80s right now.

White Sox 9, Angels 2: Two homers for Carlos Quentin, and seven strong innings from Gavin Floyd.  Whatever happened to Scott Kazmir anyway (6.1 IP, 6 H, 7 ER)?

Cubs 9, Diamondbacks 4: Tom Gorzelanny somehow survived walking six guys in five innings. If he makes a habit of that we’ll start calling him Teflon Tom (no we won’t). I think the Diamondbacks had early dinner reservations or something, because they struck out eight times in the final three and a third innings.

Rays 6, Red Sox 5: Daisuke Matsuzaka and Boston blew a 5-1 lead.  Seriously: how can anyone watch Matsuzaka pitch? The guy walked four, gave up eight hits and threw 112 pitches in five innings. It’s bad enough when he wins, but when he’s frittering a game away like that he’s an affront to all that is good and decent in the world.  Terry Francona must like it though. I mean, he had ample opportunity to yank him before the Rays actually came all the way back, but didn’t.

Giants 6, Brewers 1: Bases loaded, game tied at 1 in the seventh inning, one out. Freddy Sanchez grounder to Alcides Escobar looks to be a double play ball — but no — Escobar drops it, everyone’s safe and the floodgates open four four runs, effectively ending the game.  Hey, at least the postgame tailgating at Miller Park is fun and takes the edge off and everything, right?

Royals 6, Mariners 4: King Felix left with a 4-2 lead but the bullpen couldn’t hold on to it when he left after the seventh. Yuniesky Bentancourt hit the go-ahead single in the 10th.

Yankees 3, Athletics 1: Javy Vazquez gave up on run over seven innings. Most interesting stat of the game, however: It was just 58 degrees at first pitch. It’s one of the few times that New Yorkers trying to make it through this sweltering week will ever be envious of people who live in Oakland.

Marlins 6, Dodgers 5: John Ely gave up six runs and nine hits in less than three innings and has now lost four of his last five starts for the Dodgers. Wait, that’s a strange way to put it. It’s not like he’s had starts for other teams during that time.

Indians 9, Rangers 3: Matt LaPorta hit yet another homer for Cleveland — his fifth since his callup. That’s good. Not so good: he was smacked in the back of the head with Elvis Andrus’ elbow during a play at first base and was knocked out of the game. He was taken to the hospital for a CT scan and, according to Manny Acta, he threw up a bit after coming out of the game.  It was a bruising game all around for Cleveland, as Austin Kearns was plunked three times too.

  1. Jonny5 - Jul 6, 2010 at 8:21 AM

    Well Craig your reaction is quite what I expected. It’s Roy Halladay for cryin’ out loud. Now here I am thinking Lowe kinda kept a lid on the Phillies offense. And it’s Lowe. Yeah the Phills got the win, and what was (in my mind at least) going to become a laugher with Roy facing Lowe, became a nail biter early on with the braves keeping that 1 run lead for awhile. And Lowe looked great, or do the Phills remain THAT soft on the offense? Which one is it? See at least you know today it was because your guys faced an ace. Phillies fans are left wondering, was Derek lowe pitching like he used to, or is this how much the offense has fallen off the wagon? Btw, How cool was it to see the oldest guys in the game in that little mind game throwing out 20 different signs right before that suicide squeeze??? Loved it! And as a side note, After the first 81 games this season, the Phills have the exact same record as last season. Yup. I just wish the Braves and Mutts had the same deal…..

  2. Glenn - Jul 6, 2010 at 8:30 AM

    Hard for Francona to yank Dice-K when the bullpen is in shambles and he’s got a suspect triple-A guy going today. That said, Dice-K is my least favorite pitcher to watch ever.

  3. Old Gator - Jul 6, 2010 at 9:20 AM

    The Feesh continue their winnafew, loozafewmore ways in LA. After bottoming out a six under and ten point five out in Atlanta, with the help of the Bums’ soft pink Matthew McConnaughy lookalike throwing batting practice for 2.2 innings and with a little assistance from Roy Halliday, they’ve nibbled and clawed their way back to a mere four under and eight point five back. Great shots of Tommy Lasorda lounging in the stands and a senescent Larry King in the expensive seats bundled in what looked like a mylar portable immunodeficiency bubble with his hot current trophy wife (and no, I didn’t free up my imagination on that one). Dan Uggla has recovered the pinball wizadry of his youth and can now apparently bounce singles off the opposing pitcher at will, having now done so two games in a row. Starting hot with nine hits off Kyle, the Feesh managed exactly one more hit off Jeff Weaver and the Bums boolpen for the rest of the game. Was it losing their patsy, or was it jet lag catching up with them?

  4. Preston - Jul 6, 2010 at 10:22 AM

    Maybe new manager Kirk Gibson has just put the Diamondbacks on a curfew – Sunday night they struck out 8 times in the last three innings against the Dodgers (Kuo struck out the side in the 7th and 8th and Broxton struck out 2 in the 9th).

  5. APBA Guy - Jul 6, 2010 at 10:56 AM

    The Yanks were more awake last night in the jet-lag game, especially their defense. Ben Sheets looked tradeworthy, going into the 8th without embarassment. And Vasquez was the embodiment of all Dice-K hopes to be: nibble, nibble, ground ball out. Some really sensational catches by both sides, but in the end, the team with a good bat in every position won, as expected, just like Cashman drew it up in the offseason, with Joba and Mo unhittable late.
    Lew Wolff was at the game for 7 innings, bundled against the cold, Then he had to go to the counting house, put in his one piece of coal, and watch Bob Cratchit do the accounts after the nearly full house. It does seem like the Red Sox are drawing better at the Mausoleum this year. There were a few empty seats last night, despite Jet Blue flying direct from NY to Oakland.
    Good news for Billy Beane: Tottenham announced their preseason schedule which includes, surprise, a trip to San Jose to play the MLS team there partially owned by, you guessed it, Billy Beane. I guess a few more vacation days from baseball will be coming up for the former Genius GM.
    Tonight: battle of the all-stars who won’t be at the All-Star game. The White Rabbit faces CC, and as both are also scheduled for Sunday, neither will be eligible under the new rules to pitch in next Tuesday’s ASG.

  6. Old Gator - Jul 6, 2010 at 2:10 PM

    You know, you’re riding the Beano (to extenuate the British metaphor) a bit hard, aintcha? We’ve got much more to be peessed off about out here in Macando, but look at with what kid gloves I handle Scrooge McLoria. To be any gentler with him I’d have to be a born again crucifixtion member of the Westboro Baptist Church or something. Come on my brother, get some tough love in your soul!

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