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Multiple teams are interested in Corey Hart

Jul 13, 2010, 12:12 PM EDT

Corey Hart fizzled in the second round of the Home Run Derby last night, but he’s still sizzling as a trade commodity.  Today John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Giants — who we’ve known are interested for a while now — the Rays
and the Padres are all interested in the Brewers’ outfielder.

Given the competition, Milwaukee should be able to make out nicely on the guy. A guy who was on
the brink of being benched as the season kicked off, by the way. Now, however, Hart is hitting .288/.349/.569
with 21 home runs and 65 RBI in 338 plate appearances.  All three of those teams could desperately use a bat with some whump to it and you can imagine that they’ll never surrender until he’s traded.

  1. bbeer - Jul 13, 2010 at 12:25 PM

    ahhhh keep this guy. braun/gomez/edmonds is not a very scary trio of outfielders…get rid of prince instead

  2. MuskyHunter2542 - Jul 13, 2010 at 12:33 PM

    Braun is one of the best young players in the league. Not Scary… Do you know anything about baseball?

  3. bbeer - Jul 13, 2010 at 12:38 PM

    Braun is scary as an individual. im talking about the trio. gomez sucks. edmonds is average at best. so as all three they’re not scary. read before you tell me about my team.

  4. Saintblitzkrieg - Jul 13, 2010 at 12:46 PM

    “read before you tell me about my team”… hmm didnt know you were mark Attanasio… hmm surprising whom you run across on the internet…
    But never the less, you trade hart because the only thing you know about next year is that is salary is going to go up. Therefore you get what you can with him.. All i have to say is “remember Bill Hall”… we gave him this huge contract and look… oooo yeah, he is playing triple a ball in boston… and he is STILL on our pay roll…

  5. bbeer - Jul 13, 2010 at 12:57 PM

    Oh I remember Bill Hall alright. I guess with the way Hart has played (great in 08, bad in 09, great in 10 so far) it would be ok to trade him but the time to win is now. If we get rid of both Hart and Prince (which I count Prince as an automatic to leaving) our window to win starts closing. I think we ride Hart out while he’s hot and get pitching for Prince that way we can stay competitive and look to the playoffs. We won’t win with edmonds and sir bunt every at-bat (gomez, guys on first and third, two out bunt)
    God I hate Bill Hall.

  6. Saintblitzkrieg - Jul 13, 2010 at 1:07 PM

    I am a brewers fan, and honestly all brewers fans are naive…
    We simply dont have the pitching to win in the post season, nor to even get us there… The bats will come… There is always bats.
    We have Gamel coming up, we have stern, there is free agency, with the likes of Adam Dunn… the bats will come, but when you have the likes of the Tampa Bay Rays knocking on your door, who have SO much pitching, you dont hesitate you act.
    Brewer fans need to realize we dont have the team we had in 08. And in 08, we didn’t dominate, we got in, on the very last game. It was a post season nonetheless, but honestly, i would have rather missed it because it would have given us more fire, then getting burned in the first series…
    So no, you dont keep Hart, you take the pitching you desperately need. Parra, isn’t the answer, Doug Davis sure isn’t the answer, Wolf isn’t the answer… The only pitchers I believe that are 100% secure is YoYo, and Axford.
    So honestly, sure trading hart will maybe lose us what 20-35 homers a year, maybe 90 to 110 RBis, in a good year (like this one, i will admit he is tearing it up) but the opportunities to win more games is not in bats, its in your pitching… And you do the same with Fielder, you get the pitching, and maybe you snag a bat in there… But you take what you can get when the value is high… and Harts value, is never going to be as high again as it is right now…

  7. Joe - Jul 13, 2010 at 1:52 PM

    Corey Hart the singer mustn’t have had much of a career if that’s the best you can do. “Sunglasses at Night” is no help.

  8. bbeer - Jul 13, 2010 at 1:58 PM

    Dammit I just wrote this whole thing then it deleted. I’ll start over.
    The more I look at it the more I agree. The way Hart has played in the past (good in 08, bad in 09, great in 10) he is a better option with the sell-high idea. I was thinking about a Hart for Garza/Shields deal. I just think that while we have Prince we need to have the best lineup we can and Hart is a plus over gomez and edmonds, no? But this year seems like a stretch to do it even though the reds will fall off and the Cards won’t be bad but they won’t but uncatchable either.
    Do you think Gamel will do the same as Braun and get brought up to play right? I liked the way he played last year when he was called up. I don’t want to see Dunn in a brewers jersey though…
    I’m still hopeful on Manny but man it’s starting to run thin…Doug Davis..I don’t know why he was signed. Wolf came to the crew just in time to take the title “Suppan Jr.” so thats nice. Dave Bush is all he’ll ever be right now. Narveson is either great or crappy…if he finds consistency he should be in the rotation. The pitchers that we have that are solid are Yo, Axford “The Stache”, Loe has been great and Braddock has been solid as well.
    Ponder this. If the crew do trade hart for lets say…Garza. Then get Matt Cain for Prince. Thats a Yo, Cain, Garza rotation. We would still have a general lineup as this: Weeks, Escobar, Casey, Braun, (whoever is at first that we get via trade), Gamel (rf), lucroy, gomez. That’s not a half bad team at all. Sure the offense goes down but damn thats a nice rotation.

  9. Joe - Jul 13, 2010 at 2:05 PM

    Why on earth would the Rays trade Matt Garza in the middle of a pennant race?

  10. Saintblitzkrieg - Jul 13, 2010 at 2:13 PM

    i can see them bringing in Gamel to either play right or first… I think that is why they wont trade him. The only problem i have with Gamel is he doesn’t communicate with the team, the last two years he has come to camp injuried, and never told the team till it was too late to do anything about the injury.
    I heard a lot of rumors about what Rays might give up, but in all reality, any starter in the Rays organization is a definate plus for the brewers.
    And i will agree, hart is a plus over the likes of gomez or edmounds… but nevertheless, we are rebuilding. We tried this offseason to bring in the things we needed, we all agreed, the biggest need was pitching and Doug Melvin delievered… granted they didn’t work out the best, but anyone that thinks we could of got lackey is smoking something.
    The brewers got what they could afford and that was reasonable. And we had a honest attempt. but it failed, now we go back to square one, we have a solid foundation built with YoYo, Axford, Escobar (he just needs to figure out how to hit the dang ball) and Braun.
    And the thing is, baseball isn’t about scoring as many runs as you can, it is more of limiting the opposition to score. That is why I am willing to give up bats for a knockout rotation anyday… If the right pitching came calling for Braun, id pull the trigger…
    And just let me say this… anyone that says the brewers need to fire Doug Melvin is smoking as well. I will agree with Macha, but not Melvin, We are a small market team weather we like it or not. And if we fire him, what would get to replace him? We aren’t going to land the likes of a Cashman, or a Theo Espien (sp) We have to accept that Doug Melvin is the best that will come to our town and he has done some amazing things… Sure its easy to reflect on the negative, but really people dont look at all the positives.

  11. bbeer - Jul 13, 2010 at 2:51 PM

    I agree with everything you just said, except the Braun part. With the contract Braun has and the level of skill he has it can’t be matched. Not to mention Milwaukee would start a riot if we got rid of Braun and Prince. Macha sucks though. I liked Ned more and thought it wasn’t so fair he was fired. I was trying to cling onto the hopes of playoffs with Prince but you’re a real downer on that idea.
    @Joe- The reason the Rays would/could trade Garza is because: A. Hart is a big boost on batting in the lineup this year B. They can afford it. Their pitching is so deep that the rotation would be affected but not to the point where it would ruin them.
    Who do you see the giants, padres, or rays giving up for hart? im thinking the rays have the edge on hart at the moment.

  12. Saintblitzkrieg - Jul 13, 2010 at 3:05 PM

    The Braun thing, is this… if you are going to get that lights out pitcher for him, you take it… It would have to be the right deal tho.
    Prince is gone in a few years and really, lets get what we can get for him which we will… The Brewers wont just let him walk. That is just dumb.
    I believe the Rays definately have the edge, They have a pitcher in triple A that they really want up but can’t make room for, so they would definately send a starter someplace…
    Padres, i am not sure whom they would give us that would beat out the rays and that also goes for the Lincecums… i mean Giants…
    The longshot i see is this… we trade hart for whatever starter the rays give us… next off season, we give into Cliff Lee’s demands and give him his no trade clause with more money then any other team can give him (remember now, Bill Halls and Suppans contracts will be gone so we will have some coin to play with) and ride prince and maybe play one more year for the playoffs.. and then if we dont make it, get what we can for prince at the trade deadline or the offseason… but like I said that is a long shot but that rotation would be awesome 1. yoyo 2. lee 3. rays starter 4. wolf 5. whomever is still around…
    But that is simple daydreaming in the pool of nevergoing to happen.

  13. .fanball58 - Jul 13, 2010 at 3:17 PM

    I’m a Rays fan – local word here is a deal for Hart involving BJ Upton; I’d love them to throw Pena into the mix as well and solve your Princely issue.
    The Brewers – the best team nickname is all of sports! Now if you could only get rid of the Seligs….

  14. Saintblitzkrieg - Jul 13, 2010 at 3:42 PM

    I will agree to the brewers having the best team name in sports… Nothing can compare. Best Double A name has to be the Nuts… I mean, when someone asks what you do and you say that you play baseball.. you know they will ask what team and you get to say the Nuts… i mean come on, their faces alone is worth that.
    But i would take BJ Upton… He needs to start hussling, but Id take him. And Bud Selig… really, I am speechless… i dont know what to say. I dont hate the guy, but I dont like the guy.
    He just needs to do 2 things to make his life easier… install instant replay… baseball is never going to be a “fast” sport… never. so just give into it. Run it like football.. you get to two attempts and then your done…
    The other thing is salary cap. Now, i know this has been a complicated issue… but dont look at it as the yankess buy everyone (even tho they do) but look at it as more teams actually having a chance to acquire the talent they need to be successful.
    I will admit when the Rays came out of nowhere I was a fan of it. Why because they were an underdog. And those underdogs are few and far between. I mean how many more years can we sit by and watch the yankees vs boston… That whole feud is so outdated already and has lost its flavor because the ballplayers aren’t there anymore… The games aren’t exciting and they just dont have that fire like they did that one year… granted coming back from 0-3 is pretty awesome…
    I just would like to see the likes of the padres having a chance, or the A’s, or hell the Royals… I am just sick of seeing the same teams year in and year out playing in the post season because they have the most money…
    Maybe that is why it was so exciting for the Brewers to make it to the Post Season, sure it didn’t happen for a long time, but it was SOMEONE NEW…
    That is my only rant on that subject.

  15. bbeer - Jul 13, 2010 at 4:20 PM

    It would be cool to see BJ in a brewers uniform but that’s just an odd trade for the crew to make…
    The thing with prince next year is his last year with the brewers so the only chances to get rid of him are now, offseason, deadline next year. The reason I like next years deadline is because we get him for as long as we can without letting him walk and could possibly get an arm and a bat for him that could put them into the playoffs next year. either way prince wont be on the team in the playoffs unless for some crazy reason the reds and cards both choke and the staff is great. the odds of all three of those happening this year…eh. not gonna happen.
    Cliff Lee could possibly end up a brewer, but that’s in my dreams.

  16. Saintblitzkrieg - Jul 13, 2010 at 4:42 PM

    yeah, that cliff lee in a brewer uni is us swimming in the pool of “never gonna happen”
    But yeah, it is kind of a odd trade. But it is definately an upgrade to Gomez… Should of did what the expects said years ago.. Just move Weeks to CF, then keep JJ and move him to second or at that time 3rd.
    But honestly, i have given up all hope of Weeks… His dream is to play second but man, you need to field that position then…
    And I have a feeling DM is going to trade Prince in the offseason. The only way he will be traded at the deadline next year is if the team that is trading for him is going to get a guaranteed contract extension… if that doesn’t happen we wont get anything then.
    So the offseason seems more likely… It would be cool to keep him, but with Boras as his agent, not likely. He will be going to the AL, to just play DH. I dont know for whom tho. I mean, he wants big market money, I believe Yankees are set. I have a feeling sooner or later their DH is going to be the likes of A-Rod or Captain Yankee himself Jeter. The Red Sox have Big Papi, but he isn’t the greatest… maybe he will play some DH ball in Cali… but who knows.
    One thing I do know, is I am happy we got Braunie, for so little. Those are the contracts and players the brewers need.

  17. bbeer - Jul 13, 2010 at 4:56 PM

    I do like Weeks though, hell of a hitter but his fielding is crap. I don’t see a team paying Prince crazy money just to play DH.
    I’m also happy Braun (I hate the nickname Braunie the announcers gave him) decided to be a real person and just sign a small, long contract so the team can build around him. I wish Prince would do the same but helllllll no

  18. Saintblitzkrieg - Jul 14, 2010 at 8:42 AM

    Fat chance with boras as his agent

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