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And That Happened: Wednesday's Scores and Highlights

Jul 29, 2010, 5:58 AM EDT

Domonic Brown debuts, Jason Heyward steals home and Brandon Phillips hits one way the hell up to Bernie Brewers' slide.

Phillies 7, Diamondbacks 1: Domonic Brown’s debut was a splendid one: a
single, an RBI double and a sac fly. Carlos Ruiz had two RBI doubles. No
pressure on the offense on this night, however, as Roy Halladay took a
shutout into the ninth and ended up with the complete game.

3, Nationals 1
: Jason Heyward Stole Home. I want to crow about this and
add it to his legend and everything, but this wasn’t exactly the
Jackie-Robinson-sliding-under-Yogi’s-tag mental image we all get when
someone says “so-and-so stole home.” Basically Brian McCann was
dead-to-rights on either a steal or a botched hit and run between first
and second and got himself caught in a rundown long enough to let
Heyward come in from third. Yes, that’s technically a steal of home. We
should either call that or the more dramatic straight steal of home
something else though. Because one is pure beauty and the other is just
kind of a mess.

Giants 10, Marlins 9: The Giants blew a 7-1 lead
but Andres Torres — who had earlier splashed one into McCovey Cove, hit
a walkoff RBI single in the tenth. It was really kind of a ground rule
double in that it bounced over the wall, but since there was a runner on
third it goes in the books as a plain old single because that’s all
that was necessary to score the winning run. I’m going to call it a
ground rule single, though, because that just sounds more fun.

Cardinals 8, Mets 7: The Cardinals jumped out to a 6-0 lead in the first and led 7-2 as late as the sixth inning, when Jaime Garcia hit a wall and Mitchell Boggs threw kerosene on the fire. Six relievers and seven innings later St. Louis prevails on an Albert Pujols RBI single in the 13th. The last time Garcia and Johan Santana faced each other it went 20 innings, however, so this was a crisp one by comparison. 

Reds 10, Brewers 2: Brandon Phillips hit a monster grand slam that bounced off Bernie Brewer’s big, twisty yellow slide. This never would have happened if they had just left his cool, little, beer-stein slide out there the way God and Nature intended.

Astros 8, Cubs 1: Two homers for Carlos Lee. If he has another day like that one his OBP may inch over .300 and his SLG may top .400. For his part, Lee credits new Astros’ hitting coach Jeff Bagwell. The Astros would probably be better off if they activated Bagwell instead.

Blue Jays 5, Orioles 0: Brad Mills — who had only two undistinguished starts in his career before last night — gets the callup for the Jays and the Orioles make him look like he’s Greg Maddux (7 IP, 2 H, 0 ER). A decent night for O’s starter Jeremy Guthrie too (7 IP, 6 H, 0 ER). I’m surprised there hasn’t been more trade chatter about him.

Red Sox 7, Angels 3: Joel Piniero was scratched before the game with an oblique strain and Scot “I haven’t started a game in seven years” Shields got the call. He went an inning and two-thirds, gave up a couple of bombs, threw too many pitches and was followed by a parade of relievers who kept the Angels in it by virtue of the Sox leaving so many runners on base. Marco Scutaro ended the competitive portion of the game with an eighth inning grand slam.

Twins 6, Royals 4: So much for that “Brian Bannister is great in day games” baloney that people (me) like to spew. Banny was roughed up for five runs on 11 hits in six innings. Of course given how the Royals’ pitchers had been doing against Minnesota this series, that qualifies as a gutsy, effective outing. A three-run bomb for Delmon Young, whose wonderful season continues. At the outset I had assumed it was a Faustian bargain kind of thing, but the more I see, the more I think that just maybe he’s made The Leap.

Rays 7, Tigers 4: Eddie Bonine: a reliever is pressed into service as a spot starter and the results were quite Scot Shieldsian (3.1 IP, 8 H, 5 ER). Matt Joyce and Carlos Pena continue to do damage against the Tigers. Which reminds me: yesterday I joked that the Rays should run out a lineup of old Tigers. In that lineup, I included Ray Oyler, saying that he was about to turn 72 next week.  Which he would have if he hadn’t died 29 years ago. I regret the error, but I stand by using Oyler in a gimmicky lineup because you can say what you want about him, but his plate patience is way better than it was back in his playing and living days.

Padres 6, Dodegers 1: Five Padres pitchers combine to four-hit the Dodgers. But don’t worry: Scott Podsednik will be in uniform tonight, so the offensive equation will totally change.

White Sox 6, Mariners 5: A rough start for Mark Buehrle, but the Sox overcome it with the longball. Bobby Jenks strikes out the side in the ninth for the save, so we’re back to normal there.

Pirates 6, Rockies 2: Colorado’s post-break nightmare continues. Pirates starter Ross Ohlendorf was hit in the head with a comebacker in the first but made it to the hospital and back before the game ended. The game lasted 3:17, so you figure with travel time and however long the game had gone on when he was hit, he was at the hospital for less than three hours. Query: have any of you ever gotten out of a hospital visit that quickly for an injury/observation kind of thing? My wife fell and thought she broke something once and we were there for, like, seven hours. It’s good to be a ballplayer.

Athletics 3, Rangers 1: Trevor Cahill two-hits the first place Rangers over eight innings. Kurt Suzuki hit a solo homer, had an RBI single and was driven in to score a third run by Jack Cust.

Yankees 8, Indians 0: The Yankees pounce on Fausto Carmona for seven runs in the first three innings and never look back. Six and a third shutout innings for A.J. Burnett. Joba Chamberlain came in in the seventh, walked Andy Marte and then balked him to second before settling down and retiring the last two batters of the inning. I’m sure this will analyzed to the nth degree in the tabloids today.

  1. nps6724 - Jul 29, 2010 at 7:43 AM

    On Heyward’s steal of home, McCann was running on a 3-2 count with 1 out when Hinske struck out.

  2. Chris Fiorentino - Jul 29, 2010 at 9:14 AM

    Domonic Brown is going to make everyone forget about Heyward and Strasburg. He is the next Strawberry, without the coke…the guy is a beast. He is 6’5″ and is as fast as Victorino.

  3. Jonny5 - Jul 29, 2010 at 9:24 AM

    On the Heyward steal. Yeah it was kinda messy. But it was a beautiful mess imo. I loved it more than a straight steal. Yeah it was unconventional, but it was wonderful. Heyward did make an awesome slide into home too. The whole run down was just a perfect diversion and it gave me a chubby when Heyward stole home.
    On Dom Brown, Wow. Ok, who needs an aged OF that can hit pretty darned well? I think I know a guy named Raul who will be expendable very soon. Oh wait, he became expendable last night after Dom Brown drove in the first run for the Phillies on a double I heard. He’s cheap and for a team who is over budget? why not? They could eat half Raul’s contract and still save $$$. 3/4’s of his contract? Still save $$.

  4. Steve C - Jul 29, 2010 at 9:25 AM

    Guthrie is not a FA until 2013, by conventional wisdom it is way too early to trade him. He has so much value I don’t think anyone would give up the kind of prospects it would take to get him.

  5. BC - Jul 29, 2010 at 9:35 AM

    Wasn’t Brad Mills a mediocre-to-lousy middle infielder for someone about 20 years ago? I think he’s the bench coach somewhere if I recall….

  6. BC - Jul 29, 2010 at 9:36 AM

    Oh bleep. Scratch my last comment. He’s the Astros manager.

  7. Old Gator - Jul 29, 2010 at 9:52 AM

    Well, the Jints took Brian Wilson’s thousand dollar orange shoe fine and shoved it, deservedly, up Edwin Rodriguez’ petty rectal orifice last night. Unfortunately, our idiot manager inspired our adversaries to take down the Feesh as a whole, disengage them from the strange attractor and leave them gazing back up at it after they succeeded in gulping some air for a day or so. It’s too bad the Jints couldn’t find some way to shove it up the league office’s rear end too, jackasses that they are.
    But back to the gridi…heh, I mean, the diamond (let’s not get ahead of ourselves; it ain’t late August yet). We can’t, as usual, blame the boolpen entirely for last night’s stinker, since Alex Sanabia threw batting practice himself for the first three innings. As usual, though, the Feesh arson squad really marched out there transmitting mixed signals, mixed with, also as usual, more bad than good. Burke Badenhop, normally our meltdown artist of choice since Renyel Pinto was “disappeared” (ie, sent to the farm and then quietly sold for ethanol), struck out the side. Then Clay Hensley came out, got the side easily in the ninth, and then gave up four singles in a row to blow it in the tenth. It wasn’t quite as spectacular an implosion as the night before, when the Feesh made El Nino look like Jimmy Wynn, but in the anals (no,I didn’t spell it wrong) of Feesh history it will still stand out because of the incredibly stupid and gratuitous orange shoe backstory.
    Are the Feesh making any moves by Saturday, or are they going to lug this consistently underperforming “core”of ballplayers into the next season, festooned with more of Scrooge McLoria’s delusional expectations that they ought to go to the playoffs in anything like their present disposition? Cantu continues to fester in his inappropriateness and the boolpen continues to yearn for succor like the rear end of a female cat in heat. I’d recommend that all three or four interested fans set their clock radios for four oh one PM on Saturday and find out.

  8. APBA Guy - Jul 29, 2010 at 12:38 PM

    The White Rabbit had amazing movement last night, and shockingly, kept that movement around the zone, well, Laz Diaz’s zone anyway. Lot’s of two-seamers and sinkers, with an occasional 93 mph fastball just to keep everyone nervous. But the big deal was Kurt jumping on a Colby Lewis hanger. The game stayed 1-1 until the top of the 8th when both Hamilton and Cruz had bobbles to allow A’s baserunners to advance to second. Then both times the runners were knocked in by A’s hitters. That never happens for the A’s, only to the A’s. So both teams win a game 3-1 in moderate weather. Today is supposed to be blazing hot in Arlington, and we’ll see which team melts first.

  9. nps6724 - Jul 29, 2010 at 12:49 PM

    Don’t over-homer yourself there.

    The NL East is gonna be fun to watch for the next decade with all these young studs.

  10. Joker34 - Jul 29, 2010 at 3:57 PM

    Hey Craig. Good analysis of the games last night. I only have one problem with all of this. You misspelled Dodgers haha. Anyways. I was really amazed at the steal that Hayward pulled off. In the replay it clearly shows that if the throw from first was in Pudge’s glove, it could have turned into an out. I think Hayward got lucky!

  11. mgflolox - Jul 29, 2010 at 6:37 PM

    Dan Uggla career vs. Jints: 133-PA, 23-R, 36-H, 7-2B, 11-HR, 30 RBI .321/.414/.679. Man, that sonuvabitch can’t get outta town fast enough for me.

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