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ATH Express: Last night's scores and highlights

Jul 31, 2010, 9:58 AM EDT

I'm not used to posting recaps on a Saturday, so apologies if it's not up to it's usual level of quality. There is an "Arrested Development" thing buried in here, though, so there's that.

This isn’t a full-blown And That Happened. Too much other stuff going on for that. But baseball games did occur last night, so you all should have a place where you can discuss them. So . . .

Nationals 8, Phillies 1: Not even 10 AM yet and all of the “see, I told you Roy Oswalt was no savior” people are coming out of the woodwork. Didn’t hear any of that yesterday afternoon.  Personally, I think the Phillies should never have traded away the ace they used to have. Of course I’m talking about Kevin Gross. Floyd Youmans is NOT the answer people!

Braves 6, Reds 4: Jason Heyward with a big two-run RBI in the 10th. When that happened I went “yay!”  Then, when Martin Prado was writhing in pain due to injuring his finger I curled up into a fetal position.  I’m still in that position actually, and won’t be out of it until we hear that it’s OK. Hell of a way to type, though.

Rays 3, Yankees 2: 0 for 4 for A-Rod. Man, that guy is just never gonna make it in New York.

Diamondbacks 9, Mets 6: This fall, as the Mets are watching the playoffs from their homes, they’ll probably be thinking of just how badly they were abused by the Dbacks this year.

Tigers 6, Red Sox 5: Detroit takes the first game in the battle of the What Coulda Beens. Yes, that’s the second time in three days I’m writing off the Red Sox. Wanna fight about it? Jose Valverde got a shaky as all hell save, throwing nearly 60 pitches. John Hiller nods approvingly.

Blue Jays 8, Indians 1: Jose Bautista hits a grand slam. I can’t decide if his continued power display means that the Jays should keep him or be even more intent on trading him as his value peaks.

Astros 5, Brewers 0: J.A. Happ shuts out the Brewers on two hits over six innings in his Houston debut.

White Sox 6, Athletics 1: After learning what we learned last night about the Edwin Jackson thing I think the Twins should call Kenny Williams and tell him that they’d totally trade him Joe Mauer — and send cash in the deal — if only he could find some way to get Barry Zito or Carlos Lee or someone to flip back in a trade.

Royals 7, Orioles 5: FOX and TBS were seriously considering broadcasting this series nationally this weekend, but then those kill-joy human rights groups chimed in, putting the kibosh on the deal.

Cardinals 1, Pirates 0: The rain dealy (2:22) was almost as long as the game (2:38) as Chris Carpenter, Jeff Karstens and all of the relievers not named Javier Lopez kept the opposition scoreless.

Twins 5, Mariners 3: Matt Capps makes his debut for the Twinkies. He comes out to Europe’s “The Final Countdown,” by the way. He got the save!  So maybe the Twins didn’t make a huge mistake.

Rockies 17, Cubs 2: Sometimes I miss the old Coors Field. Nice to see it come back once in a while.

Angels 9, Rangers 7: First loss of the year for Tommy Hunter, who got shelled.

Marlins 4, Padres 2: Miguel Tejada’s presence somehow didn’t will the Padres to victory. Huh.

Giants 6, Dodgers 5: Brian Wilson wasn’t available due to back spasms, so Jonathan Sanchez, Chris Ray, Denny Bautista and Sergio Romo combine to handle the ninth inning and create/fend off a late Dodger rally.

Eh. This feature is way more fun to write at 11PM the night before while half-crocked on Maker’s Mark.

  1. jwentworth - Jul 31, 2010 at 10:33 AM

    That’s a hell of a double header for the Twins.

  2. Paper Lions - Jul 31, 2010 at 10:38 AM

    Wow, an interleague game last night that I missed?

  3. John_Michael - Jul 31, 2010 at 10:46 AM

    Miggy Tejada obviously can’t hack it on the West Coast.

  4. J Gravy - Jul 31, 2010 at 11:52 AM

    No save for Valverde actually.

  5. APBA Guy - Jul 31, 2010 at 12:43 PM

    Obviously none of us regulars expected even an abbreviated ATH on Sat am, but what a delight. Almost as good as donuts and Blue Bottle coffee (SF insider reference). Anyway, the A’s were thoroughly outclassed by the White Sox last night, a team on a mission from god, evidently. Brett Anderson’s rust was evident as he didn’t have his usual fastball and his hard slider was on display only occasionally. The poor man’s Juan Pierre, Rajai Davis, was humbled by Pierre’s steal off Suzuki, inducing an errant throw. WS rookie Lucas Harrell, who is 3 years older than Anderson, pitched well with lots of sharp movement.
    Brad Pitt made his first appearance back at the Mausoleum in the role of Billy Beane, and Jack Cust has a .910 OPS currently. Billy doesn’t care about any of that, of course, only the opening of the EPL’s regular season in 3 weeks.

  6. Grand Slam Single - Jul 31, 2010 at 1:06 PM

    Yay, a weekend ATH!
    I think Capps should have stuck with his entrance music from his Pirates days.

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