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And That Happened: Wednesday's Scores and Highlights

Sep 9, 2010, 5:57 AM EDT

The Padres add some cushion before their four-game series with the Giants.

Padres 4, Dodgers 0: Cory Luebke allows only three hits in six innings
to the undead Dodgers. San Diego pushes its lead over San Francisco to
two games because . . .

Diamondbacks 3, Giants 1:   . . . Daniel Hudson allowed only five hits.
The Padres and Giants open up a huge four-game series in San Diego
tonight. Your mother and I have discussed it, and you have our
permission to stay up late. But you still have to finish your homework,

Rockies 9, Reds 2: Sixth straight win, though this one comes with a cost: Aaron Cook broke his fibula on a Joey Votto comebacker. Carlos Gonzalez extends his hitting streak to 16 games.

Phillies 10, Marlins 6: Philly was up 10-0 in the seventh before Nate Robertson was allowed in to pitch and promptly gave up six runs. Given that the Marlins let him go after a similarly awful game in late July, I can only assume that this outing was intended to be some sort of shot at redemption or something. Well, redemption is overrated.

Braves 9, Pirates 3: I guess the Braves can score against baseball’s worst pitching staff.  Just as Charlie Manuel was probably a bit pissed to have to use his closer in a game the Phillies once led 10-0, I bet Bobby Cox was a tad cheesed off that he had to bring Billy Wagner into a game the Braves led 9-1 heading into the ninth.

Brewers 8, Cardinals 1: Tony La Russa used three pitchers and made
double switches and stuff in the seventh inning, when the score was 7-1
and there was no one on base or anything. If I could be anyone, it would
be a Cardinals beat writer who just found out he won the lottery before
this game so I could ask La Russa with a straight face: “Really, Tony,

Tigers 5, White Sox 1: Jeremy Bonderman threw three-hit ball over eight innings. It was a quickie too: the game took just two hours, four minutes.

Twins 4, Royals 3: Zack Greinke vs. the Twins this year: 0-4 with an 8.18 ERA.  Minnesota ups its lead to 5.5 games. For Chicago: it’s not dark yet, but it’s getting there.

Angels 4, Indians 3: I thought sixteen innings of Indians and Angels baseball is the kind of thing that was outlawed by the Geneva Convention. This one could have ended in regulation but Fernando Rodney blew his fourth save in twelve chances.

Rangers 8, Blue Jays 1: The Rangers rapped out 16 hits. There were dueling Molinas. The Rangers used two pitchers named “Darren.” For I think the first time this year I have occasion to write the name “Rzepczynski.” Just a solid game all around from a useless baloney perspective.

Mets 3, Nationals 2: Even better than a knuckleball pitcher shutting down the opposition: a knuckleball pitcher getting a couple of base hits. R.A. Dickey (6 IP, 5 H, 2 ER) (2 for 2, R).

Yankees 3, Orioles 2: Hit this one up yesterday afternoon. It occurs to me, in light of Posada being out with concussion stuff, that there is no law of nature that demands the Yankees be in first place. At some point, aren’t there enough bullet holes in this team that they have to worry about taking on water?

Red Sox 11, Rays 5: Well, if the Rays lose I don’t suppose the Yankees take on water. Two homers and a four for five night for Marco Scutaro. And hey — Tim Wakefield made $500K!

Athletics 4, Mariners 3: Coco Crisp homered and drove in three. The A’s
have won four of six since. Gio Gonzalez got his fourth straight win.

Astros 4, Cubs 0: Brett Myers was on point (7 IP, 3 H, 0 ER, 8K). In other news, we’re getting very near the point of the season where I can’t think of a damn thing that interests me about a game between a couple of non-contenders that aren’t bad enough to be trainwreck-interesting.

  1. Paper Lions - Sep 9, 2010 at 6:51 AM

    “I am the second losingest manager of all time. Don’t tell me how to lose; I know how to lose”. – Tony LaRussa

  2. Chris Fiorentino - Sep 9, 2010 at 7:42 AM

    Amazing that the Phillies have come all the way back and are in first place and they don’t have a damn clue who their 5th starter is right now. Will the Cardinals have any bit of life left the next 4 games at Atlanta? They are 5 back in the loss column to the Reds, who have lost 4 straight and have a final tough game in Colorado today before feasting on the Pirates and Diamondbacks for 7 games. All the while, the Padres got healthy against the dogs in L.A. with the “worst outfield in baseball” LOL. I love that the Giants go into SD for a 4 game series. This should be a great weekend in the National League.
    As far as the American League, it’s all set…Yankers, Rays, Minny, and Texas just playing to see who plays who, but it is looking like Yankers-Texas and Rays-Twins in the first round. White Sox, Red Sox, A’s, etc. are done.

  3. Jonny5 - Sep 9, 2010 at 9:12 AM

    Went from a laugher to a clenched spincter for Charlie Manuel last night. Those steeenky feesh never go quietly. Here Charlie wants to rest some guys and give another guy a chance, he did pretty much shut the Phills down earlier this season afterall. Was he helping his buddies out or what? Well, I guess this is it. The fire has been lit. Howard is looking like it’s September again, and the whole team looks much better at the plate. Please tell me J-Roll isn’t really hurt.

  4. The Rabbit - Sep 9, 2010 at 9:16 AM

    “Really, Tony, WTF?” I ask that question every time I watch a Cardinals game
    If you’ve missed this, it’s too effin’ funny.
    BTW. The Dodgers are dead….Undead would be an improvement. May I suggest long-distance electrodes shot into their pineal and pituitary glands.

  5. Ari Collins - Sep 9, 2010 at 10:01 AM

    Bob Dylan ftw.

  6. Old Gator - Sep 9, 2010 at 10:06 AM

    Ah, yes, Plan 9….

  7. Old Gator - Sep 9, 2010 at 10:15 AM

    You can get the Feesh to go quietly by firing long-distance electrodes into their pineal and pituitary glands.
    Andrew Miller couldn’t sneak a proton past a blind man last night, reverting back to the form that got him exiled to the depths of the minors most of this season. Not that his fielders helped him much; the Iron Giant saw a single go for a two base error off his glove and lots of other fun stuff went down – if you happen to be a Charlie Chaplin fan, anyway. If you were a Feesh fan, these flophouse routines are getting a little old. When do pitchers and catchers report?
    The Feesh are dusting off the strange attractor for their impending twenty-third visit of the season. A three game set with their old pals the Gnats, and baseball’s current reigning asshole Nyjer Morgan (which is a remarkable achievement in a game played by people like Joey Votto, Dallas Braden or Oliver Perez), presents them with a rare opportunity to avoid that conjunction until next week sometime. However, in a universe ruled by gravity, it’s inevitable that the compacted dark matter of .500 will draw this floundering team back into its gossamer clutches at some point in the near future.

  8. Old Gator - Sep 9, 2010 at 10:18 AM

    Oh yes, and while we’re at it, isn’t it also about time that Joe Torre began making arrangements to have himself cryogenically preserved? I think they’re probably done epoxying Ted Williams’ head back together so they’ll have some time to work with Joe on preservation with dignity.

  9. The Rabbit - Sep 9, 2010 at 10:44 AM

    I thought I read in one of Rupert Murdoch’s publications that Torre had already been cryogenically preserved.

  10. RichardInBigD - Sep 9, 2010 at 11:18 AM

    It should be noted that in Rangers-Jays, Ian Kinsler hit a leadoff HR, off of Rzepczynski. The last Ranger to hit a leadoff HR, a year ago, was Kinsler. The pithcher? Rzepczynski! The things you learn by watching baseball on TV!

  11. RickB - Sep 9, 2010 at 11:30 AM

    Nate Robertson is making $10 million this year. The Phillies are very glad that the Tigers are paying almost all of it.
    Carlos Ruiz has an .811 OPS this year–higher than Polanco and not that far behind Utley. Highly acceptable for a guy who hits 7th or 8th all the time. (I won’t mention how clutchity-clutch-clutch he is.)

  12. Old Gator - Sep 9, 2010 at 12:00 PM

    I thought I read in The Nation that Murdoch himself had been cryogenically preserved at birth, and that his empire is actually being jointly directed by Mel Gibson’s father and Sarah Palin’s public relations firm. Murdoch himself is consulted via electrodes that were shot into his brain while his body remains frozen like James Arness in The Thing in a penthouse suite at Trump Tower – kinda like Walt Disney’s brain in that little jar in one of the turrets of Tinkerbell’s Castle in Anaheim.

  13. APBA Guy - Sep 9, 2010 at 1:06 PM

    Gator-on your next trip to NorCal: pressing fall flowers with Dallas Braden, and a personalized tour of “the 209”. See manure mountains, 100 degree weather with no humidity, and field-hand shacks that remind you of Sunflower County, Mississippi in the 1960’s. I had no idea you were such a fan! But please he’s nowhere close to Oliver Perez or Nyger Morgan in the anus department.
    Speaking of which, my girlfriend referred to the A’s-Mariners game last night as “torture”, something we’re a bit twitchy about here since John Yoo was a UC Berkeley prof. I replied that it couldn’t be torture because she wasn’t being forced to watch. She should think of it as a sleep aid. But she answered that even hearing the commentary was torture, since, after the Chavez-in-the-booth segment, the talk was all about food. Gator-Grandma Braden will be making you the same eclairs she has delivered to the broadcast booth on days Braden starts. Both Ray and Glenn admitted to gaining “a lot” of weight this season, Freud-speak for “the games and the team really weren’t competitive so we were force to eat a diet of Kinder’s Barbecue, Francesco’s Italian, Mama Braden’s Eclairs and Busy Bee Bakery confections.” All for free. Now that IS torture. And Captain Morgan was at the game last night, in full regalia.

  14. The Rabbit - Sep 9, 2010 at 2:07 PM

    and here I was visualizing Murdoch’s brain resting uncomfortably in a jar labeled “Abby Normal” with Sarah Palin’s PR firm promoting her as perfect for the Marty Feldman role.

  15. Old Gator - Sep 9, 2010 at 6:14 PM

    My next trip to NorCal is coming up shortly, as you know. Apparently I have to choose between touring the manure mountains and Steinbeck shacks of the 209, and the monarch butterfly migration at Muir Woods. Hmmmm. That’ll take some serious thinking, won’t it? I’m really feeling squeezed between seeing Cormac McCarthy’s play The Sunset Limited at the SF Playhouse on the 7th, the Cowboy Junkies in Napa on the 9th and at Bimbo’s on the 10th, the monarchs at Muir, knock off an oyster platter at the Olema Inn at some point and still have the time to visit that great reptile store in Berkley – and then make it out to Stockton to see the manure heaps that the gulls regard the way we do Sandals in Jamaica.Tough, tough choices. And I’ll be checking my stupidphone (call me a Luddite) from time to time for the playoff scores too.

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