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HBT Weekend Wrapup

Sep 13, 2010, 10:01 AM EDT

I plum forgot to do the Weekend Wrapup this morning. And this on a Monday morning when I know you guys were watching football instead of baseball this weekend. So I guess we both screwed up. Let's call it a wash, OK?

What you missed while shamefully watching lesser sports:

  • Sticking with the Mets, Jason Bay is holding out hope
    that he can return this season. I’m holding out hope that they’ll
    release “WKRP in Cincinnati” on DVD with the original songs restored
    instead of those awful generic ones, but at least I’m coming to grips
    with reality. Hold me closer, tiny dancer.
  • Bob Geren is coming back for 2011. He’s done a good job. More importantly, he and Billy Beane are really, really tight. We’re going to wake up one day and Bob Geren will be the longest tenured manager in baseball and we’re all going to say “wow, really?”
  • Mike Lowell is retiring. Yeah, the $12 million or whatever it is made things nice and bearable, but it was a pretty miserable year for the guy in many ways.

OK, now I feel less out of whack. We now return you to your work week, which was already in progress.

  1. BC - Sep 13, 2010 at 10:21 AM

    They played baseball this weekend?

  2. APBA Guy - Sep 13, 2010 at 10:45 AM

    Bob Geren could be around a long time indeed. As Beane’s best man (in the dugout and at Beane’s wedding), there won’t be any pressure on Geren as long as the A’s hover around .500 and don’t have a horribly bad season. Then in 4 years they’ll lose all their young pitchers while still having failed to acquire a major league offense, and Geren will be retained because of his experience in developing young pitchers. The 12 people left in the Mausoleum stands will celebrate “Bob Geren Bobblehead Day” while awaiting Air Bud’s committee to issue a preliminary report on relocation to San Jose, release of which will be delayed yet again by ongoing noises from the Giants. Meanwhile documents will be leaked showing that Wolff/Fisher have the most profitable franchise in baseball, and are charter members of the “Angelos for King of the World” organizing committee. Billy Beane will finally attain his life long dream of moving to North London as CEO of Tottenham Hotspur FC and will see his team crushed by Arsenal in his first London Derby. Geren, left unprotected, will only then be replaced.

  3. matt - Sep 13, 2010 at 12:03 PM

    Joe west is and always will be an absolute disgrace to the game. He’s the fat kid that got picked on and now he’s a cop with a badge and a gun who’s going to make everyone pay for it. He’s actually calmed down the last few years. Anyone in their mid to late 30’s can rememebr when he would stand there and smile at a player who was yelling at him, just trying to enrage the players. The guy is a coward, plain and simple.

  4. Detroit Michael - Sep 13, 2010 at 12:38 PM

    You’d think that having a bad managerial stint would still be a decent resume building for serving as a GM. Surprisingly, I now find myself pulling for AJ Hinch.

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