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This is why people hate the Yankees

Oct 11, 2010, 2:04 PM EDT

This season has been a banner year for humility deficit disorder on the part of Phillies fans, but let us not forget who invented the idea that their team is entitled to everything. It’s the Yankees, folks, and it’s passages like these from the tabloid columnists — which, I might add, are reflective of a wide swath of Yankees fandom because the tabloids are nothing if not aware of their readership — that epitomize it:

the Yankees are sitting pretty, and the way their own pitching has
suddenly fallen into place, they may not care about which team they play
next. If Andy Pettitte and Phil Hughes re going to continue to back up CC Sabathia with brilliance, maybe we can all start gearing up for a classic World Series matchup with Roy Halladay and the Phillies.

However, I have a feeling the Yankees will be watching Tuesday night
and quietly rooting for the Rangers to lose so the next time they see
Lee it will be in Tampa in February when he’s wearing their pinstripes.

In the space of two short paragraphs the Giants, Braves, Rangers and Rays are dismissed as an afterthought in this postseason, and 29 other teams are dismissed as an afterthought in the free agent market.

Is it likely that Phillies will face the Yankees in the World Series? Smart money says so.  Is there a good chance that Cliff Lee signs with the Yankees?  Of course.  But no matter what the odds are, it’s pretty damn gauche, in my mind, to assume it like that, and it’s why so many people can’t stand the Yankees and, increasingly, the Phillies.

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  1. seanK - Oct 12, 2010 at 12:03 PM

    sorry but really the better phrase should be how many players on the yankees have reached free agency and then been let go for money reasons, and the answer to that is “if the guy is good usually never”. can you think of someone the yankees got outbid for? i can’t
    you talk about the “homegrown” and “core 4” but pettitte LEFT the yankees as a free agent, and resigned as a free agent later. posada signed to a contract as a free agent after 2007. and Arod opted out, meaning the yankees didn’t have to resign him BUT they did.

  2. seanK - Oct 12, 2010 at 12:22 PM

    Here is the breakdown how the Yankees 25 man playoff roster was acquired. How exactly is this buying a team?
    Yankees farm system: Posada(signed in 2007 to a new deal as a free agent), Cervelli(not a star who cares), Cano(legit though he was not drafted, he’s an international player), Jeter(signed deal year before free agency), Gardner(legit), Pettite(free agent and about as “from the farm” as ken griffey was with the mariners), MO (signed deal year before free agency), Joba(legit), Hughes(legit), Robertson(legit), Pena(international signing), Golston(not a yankee draft and frankly not even a good player), Mosely(why don’t you mention ivan nova while you’re at it)
    Acquired via trade: Arod(salary dump), Granderson(salary dump) Swisher, Wood(salary dump), Berkman(salary dump), Kearns(salary dump), Logan(from the granderson trade), vasquez
    Free Agents: CC, AJ Tex, Mitre(NOT a minor league FA, he came in the trade from the pirates) Thames (minor league FA). you forgot to mention nick johnson as well

  3. lardin - Oct 12, 2010 at 12:43 PM

    I was only using the The Playoff 25 man roster, Which means no Vasquez( who was traded with Boone Logan for Melky), Nick Johnson or Ivan Nova.
    Im sorry I consider resigning your own players the cost of doing business. Keeping your own players is good for brand loyalty. Its called investing in your product. Are the Yankees not supposed to resign their own players? I have more of a problem with teams refusing to spend their money. Teams have to make choices. Do I want to win or do I want to make money. The Yankees want to win. Therefore the Steinbrenners spend money, and in some cases the money comes out of their own pockets. Perfect example of this is Mark Texiera, Cashman was at the limit after signing CC and AJ so he went to the Steinbrenner family asking them to give him money, which they did. The Steinbrenners are not the richest owners in the game. But if your not prepared to invest your own money in a sports franchise, dont buy one.. Before you say why should and own use his own money, think. Sometimes it has to be done. When you buy house you invest your own money to fix it up. Then you rent it out. It creates a stream of income for you. The more you invest to fix up the house the more you can charge for rent, thus the more money you make and the more you can spend to fix it up and on and on and on. Meanwhile, you have increased the value of the house due to the investments youve made to make it nice, plus the increased income that it generates. Thats exactly what the Steinbrenner family has done. The bought a team. They invested there own money in the franchise to bring star players to increase attendence and TV revenue. THey then take the increase revenues and reinvest in their franchise and on and on and on. Then when they go to sell the Yankees. They will have made a huge profit. Especially considering George bought them for ten million dollars, and now they are worth more than One Billion dollars. Every team should have owner like the Steinbrenner family.

  4. NYY - Oct 12, 2010 at 1:55 PM

    So if the Phillies play the Rays in the WS, and win, it will only because of the salary differential and none of these whiny Phillies fans will celebrate then, right? Whenever they beat the Pirates or Nats in the regular season, it’s only because of the fact that they’re in the top five teams salary wise, and those other teams couldn’t compete anyway, so Phillie fans don’t cheer those victories, right?

  5. NYY - Oct 12, 2010 at 2:01 PM

    And Braves fans should worry about the embarrassment of their own fan base leaving so many seats empty, again, in a post season game …

  6. seanK - Oct 12, 2010 at 2:22 PM

    you are making the assumption that there is this decision of choosing to “want to win or make money”. i’d suggest can’t it be both? i’m fairly sure every team wants both, and not one or the other.
    the steinbrenners did not use all of their own money to purchase the yankees nor do they use their own money to do ANYTHNG related to the team, they use the revenue stream the team benefits from namely the largest market and their own tv network. every team has a revenue stream and the amount of money put into the team is based on that number which none of us know what it is for each team. keep in mind the “money that goes into a team” is a lot more then just the salaries paid to the players on the major league level. there is scouting costs, draft costs, international signings, and many more. the yankees have the highest major league payroll and are pretty high on the international signings rating but i’m pretty sure they don’t out draft every team, every year even though they could, since they’d potentially have no signablity issues.
    and please stop with the fawning over the steinbrenners

  7. ScottyMac - Oct 12, 2010 at 6:54 PM

    I’ll be the first to send him a letter when the Giants play the Rangers in the Series!

  8. kmypetlover4 - Oct 13, 2010 at 12:04 AM

    The question was is a presumptious of this writer to assume that the Yankee’s are already in the WS with the Phillies prior to either playing one game of the LCS? The answer is YES! Texas beat the winner of the division the Yankee’s are in, and they split the season series. To think the Yankee’s will automatically win is so wrong, and I personally hope that he cursed the Yankee’s to lose in 4 games. I think Texas has a chance to beat the mighty Yankee’s. So here is to Texas, let’s beat the Yankee’s and maybe the Phillies won’t win either. You have to play the game. Who would have thought that after the Ray’s tied the series Texas would win tonight? And just maybe SF can beat the Phillies. Never assume anything, Craig.

  9. twentyseventoseven - Oct 13, 2010 at 11:14 PM

    As a Big Yanks fan, i was rooting for Texas for the simple reason that it could be deer in headlights for them. I wanted to play a team who is scared of us and doesnt think they have a prayer. Tampa, otoh, isnt scared of the Yanks at all and knows they can beat them. Also, if they won game 5, they would have had this ‘team of destiny’ feeling, which i also didnt need.

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