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Free agent Scott Kazmir throws for Rangers

Jun 30, 2011, 6:47 PM EDT

Scott Kazmir AP

And that’s pretty much the extent of the report.

Scott Kazmir, who was waived by the Angels on June 15, checked out healthy upon working out for the Rangers earlier this week.  The team hasn’t yet decided whether it will make him an offer.

“We’ve talked with him, doing our due diligence,” GM Jon Daniels said. “Not sure if anything’s going to come of it, but we try to look at every opportunity to see if someone can help us.”

The Pirates are another team reportedly taking a look at Kazmir.  The left-hander has been very quiet since his release, so it’s unclear whether he’d rather choose the path of least resistance and sign with a team that could get him back to the majors quickly or if he’d prefer to join a contender and work to impress enough in the minors to earn a rotation spot come August.

  1. virusgvr - Jun 30, 2011 at 7:36 PM

    It’s ok. I’m sure this guy will land at least a 750k a year deal. Meanwhile, I have a college degree and served in the military and I can’t evens find a 35k a year job in Tampa. Awesome!!!

    • jetersusedjersey - Jun 30, 2011 at 8:30 PM

      Preach on bro! I served my country, help my commiuntiy, and I am a devoted dad. Do I make 2 mill a year? Do I even make 100k a year. Athletes (all entertainers) are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy over payed!

    • hittfamily - Jun 30, 2011 at 8:32 PM

      Yeah, but are you left handed?

    • bigharold - Jun 30, 2011 at 9:17 PM

      You’ve a legitimate bitch but unfortunately one that has some many moving parts it not likely to get remedied any time soon.

      Think of it this way, .. since the advent of free agency salaries have spiraled at an alarming rate. In 1975 the average MLB salary was LESS that $45k a year. What an experienced professional, like an account. lawyer or perhaps a nurse or a tenured professor might expect as an annual salary. The MLB minimum was $16K, .. about what a college educated grad in a high profile job might expect straight out of college. Or, what a dealership auto mechanic might make as a base salary, .. without OT. Or, about 3/4 of what a starting teacher might expect to teach your children to read and write.

      Today MLB the average MLB salary is $3.34 MILLION a year. Neither most accountants and lawyers nor nurses nor most experienced professional come ANYWHERE close to making each year. The MLB minimum is $400K per year which is way off the charts in relationship to any other beginning professional in ANY field of endeavor. In fact my daughter that has her Masters in education took three years to get her first job teaching young people to read and write for less than 10% of the MLB minimum. See for yourself:

      This is a cultural value issue. As a people we need to reexamine our values. Unless we proactively do a better job of prioritizing our needs versus or wants we will continue to get this disconnect between how we value entertainers versus how we value the rest of society. There is no easy answer here. I realize that doesn’t help you. I hope you fair well in your career pursuit.

      • robmoore - Jun 30, 2011 at 9:51 PM

        It’s not really a values issue all that much – its a supply and demand issue. If you’re one of the best 1,000 in the world at something, you’ll get paid. One the other hand look at how little most baseball players in the minors get paid.

  2. bigharold - Jun 30, 2011 at 11:15 PM

    “It’s not really a values issue all that much – its a supply and demand issue”

    It absolutely is a values issue. Supply and demand explains ticket prices, .. not salaries.

    What it comes down to player’s spiraling salaries are the result of the owners ability to pay them. Which to a large extent the function of more and increased revenues streams. More and better TV/cable money. More and better radio money, (most people don’t know that when George Steinbrenner first took over the Yankees they actually had to pay the local radio station to broadcast the games). When I was a kid all the games were on FREE TV. Now, if you don’t have a cable package that includes your favorite team you get to see about 15-20 games a year if that many. In fact ALL the RS games are on cable now unless they are part of the network’s weekly game. Merchandise and licensing fees are far and away greater now than they were in 1975. Not merely in money but scope as well.

    So why is there all these new and improved revenue streams? Values.

    We, collectively, have decided that we need cable subscriptions with 127 channels with 100 channels that we are completely disinterested in, … as long as it includes our favorite team and perhaps an all inclusive MLB package. We need to listen to all sports talk radio, .. and if it’s on satellite the more the better. It’s not enough to buy tee shirts, .. we need to buy $6.00 tees with $15.00 logos or trademarks with the appropriate team affiliation. And, I do not separate myself from this issues as I sit here typing in my NY Jets Football tee.

    The bottom line we as a culture make daily decisions provide the resources to the owners to support the current ridiculous salary structure. The only thing worse would be if there was no free agency. The owners would have eventually figured out how to leverage the current revenue streams and they would then keep it for themselves. So at least they are sharing it but certainly not willingly nor to the overall good of society.

    At the end of the day, whether you are talking about baseball, sports or entertainment in general the fans pay the bills and we ask precious little in return. The only way to bring things more into balance would be a fan revolt. Stop going to games, .. stop watching or better yet cancel cable and magazine subscriptions, .. stop buying MLB logo merchandise of anykind. Band together and communicate to the players and the owners and the broadcasters that we are fed up and things need to change. That we pay the bills and WE need some relief. Or, in other words, … it’s never going to happen.

    We, the fans, make value decisions daily that support the status quo and that’s not like to change anytime soon.

  3. virusgvr - Jul 1, 2011 at 12:13 AM

    Bigharold!!!! I could not agree with you more!!! I like it sir!! In fact I agree with all of you. I do not understand what more I have to do in order to set myself to be successful!! It’s really no wonder that people turn to crime. If I didn’t have the education behind me and say I had 2 children, and I was jobless. (like so many people are today) its no wonder to me why people turn to crime. Honest people just want to go to work.

    I’m sorry to turn this post to a political/state discussion, Instead of talking about Kasmir pitching for the Rangers. (which who cares btw!)

    I feel sorry for all these students taking out student loans time and time again and getting out of school with 50-150k in debt, with no real hope of paying it off in the future. Some of these students just want to go right back to school and get their MBA and rack up more debt. Lucky for me I had the GI bill to help me get my degree, and I am only about 15k deep.

    The simple fact is that I am 30 years old, and a veteran of the USAF for 5 years, honorable discharge, I have a bachelors degree from The University of South Florida. I have no arrest record, I don’t do drugs, and I have been in a position of leadership before in the military and within the student radio station before. I am not some dumb kid that is 22 years old coming out of college saying to myself, “gee I have never had a job before, whats work”?

    If anyone would to help me out or just would like to continue this conversation please text me: 813-335-1901.

    Thanks for caring!

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