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The Mariners, you may have noticed, are bad

Jul 25, 2011, 9:15 AM EDT

Brendan Ryan AP

You know this, but it’s worth memorializing today anyway.  The Seattle Mariners lost their 15th in a row yesterday. Some randomness to put their skid and their overall sorry state in perspective:

  • When the losing streak started, they were at .500 and they were only 2.5 games back of the division lead. They are now 14.5 games back;
  • Their best-hitting everday position player on the season as a whole is Justin Smoak. Over the past 28 days he is hitting .118/.188/.145;
  • Other offensive starters have current OPS+ of 28 (Franklin Gutierrez); 38 (Chone Figgins); and 48 (Jack Wilson).
  • Last year the M’s scored 513 runs, posting the worst offense for any team since the advent of the DH.  This season they’re scoring 3.24 runs a game, for a pace of 525.  Well, if you round up anyway.

So I guess we could spin this as not-yet historically bad, but it only takes another few games of futility to put them on a history-setting pace once again.

A three-game series starts against the Yankees today, followed by a day off and then a series against the Rays.  I wouldn’t put money on them righting the ship just yet.

  1. Old Gator - Jul 25, 2011 at 9:26 AM

    As I mentioned before, as a fan of the team that had the worst month of the season prior to the Crew of the Minnow running into their perfect storm of futility, I sympathize with Mariners fans. I say this not so much without leering condescension as with the same leering condescension I expectorate upon my own rooting interests, the Feesh. It’s tough to be amongst the seagoing types these days. I blame climate change, Exxon-Mobil and BP, factory feeshing and the probability that SBC is cutting its coffee with tap water.

  2. Panda Claus - Jul 25, 2011 at 9:35 AM

    Bad as they may be, they’re still 1.5 games ahead of my sinking O’s (or is that stinking?).

    • deathmonkey41 - Jul 25, 2011 at 1:26 PM

      Both- because you can still smell that foul odor after they sink into the depths.

  3. catsmeat - Jul 25, 2011 at 9:39 AM


    • fquaye149 - Jul 25, 2011 at 2:01 PM

      I assume the thumbs down come from Angels, Rangers, A’s and soon-to-be AL West Astros fans who are hoping beyond hope that this decidedly #6org downslope is permanent and thus are salty at being reminded that #6org will soon be #6ing their way to the top

  4. easports82 - Jul 25, 2011 at 9:50 AM

    The irony (or inevitability) of the last few games is that an offense finally started putting things together (or just slightly more often than before) and the pitching has finally regressed. The present is lousy because of the number of players playing below expectations (anyone except Hernandez with 3+ years at MLB level), but Ackley’s come up and looked great; Smoak had a nice first couple months, needs to get back on track; Carp has come up and completely mashed so far; Pineda’s had a rough go the last few starts, but, he’s a rookie and this tends to happen when people get a good look.

    Wandering through the desert for a bit, but it doesn’t take much to turn things around.

    • IdahoMariner - Jul 25, 2011 at 11:36 AM

      you said pretty much what I have been thinking. Perhaps we are a bit optimistic, but, man, it just seems like it should be better in the near future.

  5. hittfamily - Jul 25, 2011 at 9:53 AM

    It is hard to lose 15 straight running a the best pitcher in the AL and the AL ROY 6 of those games.

  6. dirtyharry1971 - Jul 25, 2011 at 10:19 AM

    hey at least they got ichiro, he can hit them a few infield singles, too bad that doesnt put any runs on the scoreboard

  7. Jonny 5 - Jul 25, 2011 at 10:20 AM

    The Mariners have a high hard one for a Phillies prospect that they probably have no use for. Johnathan Singleton could go to Seattle for Brandon league who can help the Phills next season when they’re short starting pitchers. They may even get more than League, that’s how much Seattle likes Singleton.

    • FC - Jul 25, 2011 at 10:29 AM

      I’d rather give them Ibanez back for Franklin Gutierrez, that way at least 2/3s of the outfield are covered adequately.

      • easports82 - Jul 25, 2011 at 11:30 AM

        No, thanks. We already have a giant hole in left field.

    • hittfamily - Jul 25, 2011 at 11:00 AM

      I think League is a FA at seasons end. Why not just get him in the offseason.

  8. dlevalley - Jul 25, 2011 at 10:26 AM

    Bad form to put a picture of Brendan Ryan on a post like this. While he has hit slightly under league average (92 OPS), he’s been absolutely phenomenal with the glove and leads all M’s position players by over a win in WAR.

    In fact, he’s been really the only regular position player worth watching this year (other than Ackley). And Ryan’s got that killer mustache.

    Just saying, there’s a lot of pictures of destitute Mariners out there from this season. Don’t pick the one of the guy who actually can play a little.

    • hoopmatch - Jul 25, 2011 at 10:42 AM

      And Ryan just had a hell of a great week at the plate. Unfortunately, I had him on the bench of my fantasy team.

      • easports82 - Jul 25, 2011 at 11:28 AM

        I think you’re bigger problem is that you have Ryan on your fantasy teams

    • sagequest - Jul 25, 2011 at 11:13 AM

      I think it’s more a picture of frustration, a personification of the how the entire team must be feeling.

  9. dailyrev - Jul 25, 2011 at 10:30 AM

    This is precisely, I fear, the kind of thing that could be facing the beloved buccos. Yes, they had a great win yesterday (thanks to yet more defensive ineptitude from the LaRussas), but their weaknesses are clearly exposed now to their upcoming opponents. Pests that they are, you can pitch them inside without concern, and the Chops and Phils have exactly the horses to hammer them inside. Meanwhile, the Brews and Cards take turns feasting on the Cubs and Stros. Bottom line: by this time next week, the jolly roger could be hanging limp and at half staff, 4 games or more out of it. As I’ve mentioned, they need to find a run producer at 1B or RF this week or else shift the season’s goal to 82.

  10. APBA Guy - Jul 25, 2011 at 12:31 PM

    As I’ve said before, if it weren’t for Seattle, the A’s offense would look really bad. I watched a bit of the Pineda start against Boston yesterday. He’s the same guy who dominated Oakland, but against a lineup where everyone can crush a plus fastball, his response was: I’ll throw a little harder. Result: lots of pitches up, and lots of very hard hit balls. That’s a rookie for you. Seattle has a big payroll. They have the means to be much better than they are. But they also have questions, as do many teams, about owner interference in baseball operations. For example, why is Ichiro still batting leadoff? His OBP is at .315 vs. a career .372. He has lost a step, meaning those infield hits aren’t coming back. Is it Eric Wedge’s choice to hit ichiro first, is it the owners playing to their massive Japanese fan base? Whatever, it’s one of many questions about their offense.

    • easports82 - Jul 25, 2011 at 2:15 PM

      For anyone that’s followed the team, his regression has been expected. His fastball can be over-powering, but he doesn’t have that strong secondary pitch to go to once everyone starts sitting on it. However, Pineda is 22 and this is his first foray against MLB bats. He’ll get some OTJ training and know what he needs to focus on for next year.

  11. pedagoguish - Jul 26, 2011 at 4:02 PM

    When will Mariner fans wake up to reality? Seattle is at best a medium-sized market out on the fringe of the continent. Mariner ownership has made a conscious decision–unadvertised–to be at best a 500 team hoping to draw upwards of 2,000,000 fans a year. They serve as a regional tourist attraction for folks from Zillah and Walla Walla who occasionally want to see a big league game, then retire back to the wheat fields. The Mariners have no intention of ever competing seriously for a World Series title.

    What’s the proof? It came last year when they traded Cliff Lee within the division to the Texas Rangers. Nobody trades a player of Lee’s caliber within its own division if they ever really want to win a division title. Be satisfied, Mariner fans, with having a mediocre team that lets you see the Yankees, Phillies, and Red Sox on occasion.

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