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Sure, J.D. Drew would listen if someone called

Nov 16, 2011, 8:15 AM EDT

J.D. Drew

J.D. Drew sure looked and sounded all year like someone who plans on retiring. The other day, however, Scott Boras told Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe that it’s possible Drew could play again:

Agent Scot Boras said J.D. Drew may continue to play baseball in 2012. “I just think it depends, frankly, on the locale, winning situation, that kind of thing,” Boras said.

Wow, how nice that money has nothing to do with it. Neat!

I’m guessing Drew is done, though. I suppose there’s a chance that if he was healthy he could be useful as a platoon corner outfielder or a Jason Giambi-style bench bat. But he fell off a cliff in 2011, was injured again and — though I think he has long been unfairly maligned as a slacker — he truly did seem kind of tired of it all last year.

File this under “agent was surprised by a question about a client and gave a fairly stock, on-the-fly answer about said client’s intentions when asked.”

(link via BTF)

  1. drmonkeyarmy - Nov 16, 2011 at 8:22 AM

    He should sign with the Phillies just for the sheer awkwardness of the situation. I mean, seriously, what would the fans do? Same with Scott Rolen. There would be nobody to boo and heckle anymore.

    • stlouis1baseball - Nov 16, 2011 at 8:54 AM

      Absolutely Monkey! You guys need some help at 3rd Base w/ Placido still sorta’ up in the air(according to some). How hilarious would that be? The Guy that got ‘D’ sized batteries thrown at him in the outfield and the guy who couldn’t get along with Bowa. Huge Scott Rolen fan though. Got a #27 Jersey hanging in my Closet that I will part with on the cheap! LOL!

  2. beerjunkie - Nov 16, 2011 at 8:23 AM

    JD Drew is a major “has been”. He is dead weight on the bench for any team. That said, interested teams should be the Padres, the Mets, the Astros, and the Orioles.

  3. xmatt0926x - Nov 16, 2011 at 8:45 AM

    He’s no dummy. He can sit on his couch with a “twisted ankle” or sit on a major league bench with that same ankle but making a few million a year while getting to booze it up and eat fried chicken? I’m guessing the Mets take a stab at him.

    • cintiphil - Nov 16, 2011 at 11:14 AM

      That would be my guess. He is perfect for the Mets. Hire overrated guys at a premium salary and end up last.

      • cintiphil - Nov 16, 2011 at 11:19 AM

        Time to hang it up!

  4. crispybasil - Nov 16, 2011 at 8:49 AM Who wouldn’t want a guy who basically threw in the towel before last season?

    • dan1111 - Nov 16, 2011 at 11:16 AM

      This is a perfect example of Craig’s point that Drew is “unfairly maligned as a slacker.” He thought he might retire after one more season–so what? Lots of players speculate about their retirement. There’s nothing in the article to indicate that he “threw in the towel.” On the contrary, it paints a picture of Drew as concerned about his performance and serious about preparing for the season.

      • JBerardi - Nov 16, 2011 at 11:53 AM

        You don’t understand, it’s JD Drew. Everything he does, EVERYTHING, is proof positive that he’s a gutless, heartless, in-it-for-the-money slacker. He could pull a box of puppies out of a burning building and it would just be more proof that he doesn’t really care about baseball. Oh, he can run into a burning building but he can’t play through a few herniated discs in his neck? What a wimp…

  5. pisano - Nov 16, 2011 at 8:59 AM

    Maybe his buddy Theo with the Cubs will give him a call.

  6. frankvzappa - Nov 16, 2011 at 9:29 AM

    I am going to call Drew a never-was, loafing amateur who has dragged the Sox down for years. I wonder if he is listening.

    • dan1111 - Nov 16, 2011 at 11:21 AM

      Yes, 600 games of a 114 OPS+ sure dragged the Sox down.

    • JBerardi - Nov 16, 2011 at 11:56 AM

      1566 games, 1437 hits (over a third for extra bases), lifetime .384 OBP… how’s your MLB career going?

  7. thefalcon123 - Nov 16, 2011 at 10:09 AM

    45.9 career War is pretty impressive for a never-was. Ditto his career .384 OBP and .478 slugging. He “dragged down” the Red Sox by averaging 131 games, .270/.377/.476 from 2007 to 2010.

    Drew had two problems with his career: 1. Health, 2. Not living up to the hype that he’s the next Mickey Mantle. Instead, he’d play 130 games, hit .280/.380/.500 with 20 homers and have every sportswriter and radio host in the country call him a worthless bum.

    • stlouis1baseball - Nov 16, 2011 at 11:00 AM

      Yeah really Falcon. While reading his bible and staying OFF the police blotter report. No drama with J.D. That is his problem. Our society (and media) seem to crave the negativity.
      When it isn’t there…they sometimes create their own.

      • JBerardi - Nov 16, 2011 at 12:14 PM

        “While reading his bible and staying OFF the police blotter report.”

        Moreover, he seems, unlike some players I could name, to have actually READ the thing. See if you can find one JD Drew quote where he thanks God for anything that happens on a baseball field.

        You know, the media would probably like him a lot more if he was a prosteletizing, bible thumping, sky-pointing-to, “God told me I was gonna hit that home run” god-botherer…

    • cintiphil - Nov 16, 2011 at 11:18 AM

      I followed him somewhat in past few years. His fielding is good, but not great,say like Edmonds. He seems to be a very streaky hitter, and not very good in the clutch. Anyway, that is just an opinion, but the Sox fans know him better that me. Am I far off?

      • stlouis1baseball - Nov 16, 2011 at 12:45 PM

        Who does field like Edmonds? Rhetorical question cause’ the answer is very few. J.D’s problem is he doesn’t brag, talk smack, do a queer ass Monster gesture after every hit, double, or HR or otherwise bring a lot of attention to himself. As JBerardi states (Disclaimer as I try to NEVER agree with him): See if you can find one quote where he thanks God for any accomplishments. You will not find one.
        The only way you would know he is a god fearing Man is if you actually saw him reading the bible in the dugout. You see…his problem is he doesn’t feel he has to impress anyone.
        As a result, he doesn’t do a whole lot of show boating.
        But look at his career numbers and you will find that he has easily been an above average player in this league.

      • cintiphil - Nov 16, 2011 at 1:47 PM

        For the amount of money he has been paid by the Sox, he had better be a fielder like Edmonds, or should he have taken a pay cut?

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