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Is race and personality affecting coverage of the Ryan Braun story?

Dec 13, 2011, 3:36 PM EDT

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Ray Ratto of wants to know why people are inclined to give Ryan Braun the benefit of the doubt at the moment when they weren’t so willing to do so with Barry Bonds:

So why, then, is there such an eagerness to find Braun’s seemingly implausible story so believable, or at least defensible by so many people who dove face-first into Bonds?  The options are two: Race, or personality. Neither is appealing.

I don’t know Ray personally, but I’ve chatted with him enough on Twitter to suspect that he very much enjoyed throwing that grenade into the bunker. It’s kind of why I like him so much.

Not that he’s throwing it for no reason. For my part I’m giving Braun the benefit of the doubt for now simply because we are getting a rare mid-testing-and-appeals-process look here and that makes this weird, but Ratto is right that there has always been some weird character test on top of the drug tests.

I don’t know that race is as up front as the personality part, however.  Witness David Ortiz who never ever seems to get much PED stuff thrown at him even though he tested just as positive as anyone. Why? I don’t know. Because he’s cuddly. And Ryan Braun is handsome and isn’t muscle bound I guess. Whatever the criteria, however, to suggest that there isn’t some psychological overlay to PED stories is to deny reality. Personality always enters into it. If Derek Jeter or Michael Young tested positive tomorrow we’d be introduced to a whole new, player-sympathetic PED lexicon, I’m sure.

Ratto goes on to make an even better point, however: media covering these kinds of stores — and the labor disputes and any other off-the-field thing — very often take on the role of defenders of the institutions they cover rather than unaffiliated reporters or commentators.  It’s not a very flattering stance for anyone and ultimately does both the media and the institution a disservice.

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  1. Marty - Dec 14, 2011 at 2:30 PM

    1. Ryan Braun isn’t one of the the top 5 players of all time.

    2. It is December.

    That’s the media coverage in a nutshell, Ratto.

  2. tmartin1438 - Dec 14, 2011 at 5:04 PM

    I wouldnt say race, definitely likability. David Ortiz has not gotten much flak for steroid accusations, nor did Sammy Sosa in comparison to Mark Mcgwire/Giambi/Bonds. And everyone seems to have forgotten that Ivan Rodriguez was also accused of ‘roids. If you look at the guys who have been thrown under the bus (Gary Sheffield, Clemens, Bonds, Palmeiro, ARod) it’s been because they’re either unlikable or flat out lied about their substance use.

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