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Yankees want Garrett Jones from Pirates for A.J. Burnett

Feb 9, 2012, 7:28 PM EDT

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The A.J. Burnett trade rumors are very real, but they’re apparently not leading to a transaction.

According to ESPN’s Buster Olney, the Yankees asked the Pirates for outfielder Garrett Jones in exchange for Burnett. New York was quickly rebuffed and there is currently “no traction” for a deal.

Jones hasn’t come close to the .938 OPS that he posted in his breakout rookie campaign (back in 2009), but he possesses a decent power bat and is still an inexpensive arbitration-eligible everyday player for Pittsburgh. Burnett, meanwhile, has registered a 5.20 ERA over the past two seasons and is owed $16.5 million in both 2012 and 2013. The Yankees would probably have to eat close to $25-27 million to make the trade worth it for the Pirates.

  1. dondada10 - Feb 9, 2012 at 7:42 PM

    Before the re-signed Andruw Jones, I was hoping the Mets could swap Bay for Burnett and cash to even the salaries.

  2. uyf1950 - Feb 9, 2012 at 7:47 PM

    If the Yankees were to eat $25MM of the $33MM owed AJ and say Jones makes via his arbitration case $2.3MM that still give the Yankees a net savings of $1.7MM the 1st year and $4MM the 2nd year. More then enough if they still want to sign Chavez as insurance and bench help for A-Rod to rest.

    JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lyon810 - Feb 9, 2012 at 7:55 PM

      the Yanks aren’t the ones in control….clearly Pittsburgh wanted no part of this.

      • uyf1950 - Feb 9, 2012 at 7:59 PM

        Since we don’t know any of the specifics of their talks aren’t you jumping to conclusions. I would think as is the case with most deals they take time to develop.

      • lyon810 - Feb 9, 2012 at 8:55 PM

        “New York was quickly rebuffed and there is currently “no traction” for a deal.”

      • uyf1950 - Feb 9, 2012 at 9:16 PM

        lyon810 – did you happen to notice the word “currently” in both the piece you typed and the article.

        Like I said most times these things take time to develop.

      • marinersnate - Feb 10, 2012 at 1:59 AM

        Let’s look at this from a non-Yankees point of view (I know it is very hard for some posters, but try).

        If A.J. Burnett was a free agent this off-season what would he command on the open market? Would he even get a MLB guaranteed contract? Not a chance. He would be signing a minor league deal with an invite to ST. IF he was to make the team he would probably make say $2M/$2.5M. No way in the world would any team give him 2 years $8M. He would be looking at the deal Freddy Garcia signed last year.

        Now there may be some team out there, desperate for pitching, that might actually take a very long shot in the dark and trade for Burnett and accept paying him $4M AAV for two years. It would be tough to do, but a desperate team might consider it. If you have no starting pitching. And, heck, A.J. IS no starting pitching. He was the second worst starting pitcher in MLB last season. Right behind, you guessed it, Lackey.

        But, Yankees’ fans think that another club is going to pay Burnett $4M per year for two seasons PLUS send them back a viable DH option? One of their few legit hitters? If the NYY can find someone who will actually take the rest of that contract off their hands for 25 cents on the dollar (which is what it would nearly work out to) they should stop right there and kiss the ground. Because they would have made the deal of the year. But the other club is also going to give them a MLB player back in the deal? Laughable.

      • uyf1950 - Feb 10, 2012 at 4:03 AM

        marinersnate – I would almost be tempted to agree with you about the Pirates not wanting to trade Garrett Jones for AJ Burnett if not for a couple of things.

        1st) The Pirates don’t seem to be able to attract FA’s (especially pitchers) to Pittsburgh, Even when they are clearly willing to pay them more then other teams are.

        2nd) It’s probably a given that in 2 years the Pirates won’t be able to afford to keep Garrett Jones. This year via arbitration he will probably make $2.3MM via his 1st arbitration year. Next year what would be his 2nd arbitration year probably closer to $5MM. He’s probably gone by his 3rd and final arbitration year where he would make about $7 to $8MM if not more. Even if the Pirates do keep him for his final year of arbitration he’s gone after that for sure. And the way the new collective bargaining agreement works the Pirates wouldn’t even get a draft choice for him.

        Now I don’t know for sure one way or another if a deal will be consummated between the Yankees and the Pirates and quite frankly neither does anyone else, even you marinersnate. What I do know is that trades take time to develop and that the Pirates are looking for a pitcher and the Yankees are looking to move a pitcher. Where it goes from there is anyone’s guess but I don’t think we have heard the last of this. Maybe it doesn’t work out to be a straight up trade Jones for AJ, maybe other pieces are thrown in as part of the deal we’ll see.

        If all trades between 2 teams were dismissed by real GM’s as easily as you seem to dismiss this one there would be no trades in MLB because I doubt any GM shows all his cards the first time around.

      • uyf1950 - Feb 10, 2012 at 9:29 AM

        Just read this on MLBTR (the teams continue to talk):

        Yankees, Pirates Talking A.J. Burnett Trade
        By Ben Nicholson-Smith [February 10 at 7:57am CST]
        The Yankees and Pirates continue discussing a possible A.J. Burnett trade, Jon Heyman of reports. The Yankees are willing to pay a substantial portion of the $33MM remaining on the right-hander’s contract through 2013, but the teams are still a few million apart.

        The Yankees want to create payroll room for a designated hitter and appear to be leaning toward Raul Ibanez, perhaps because they prefer his ability to play the outfield. Johnny Damon and Eric Chavez also intrigue the Yankees as possible free agent additions, according to Heyman. The Pirates rejected the Yankees’ request for Garrett Jones, Heyman writes.

        Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports that Burnett’s no-trade list includes all of the teams on the West Coast (Twitter links). Sherman expects the Yankees to trade Burnett before Spring Training and suggests the team is waiting to see if the Pirates or another club offers to absorb more money.

        The above piece from MLBTradeRumors reminds me of 2 sayings:
        1) It ain’t over till it’s over.
        2) One mans trash is another mans treasure.

  3. mvpolamalu - Feb 9, 2012 at 8:38 PM

    If the pirates do this…… The little faith i had in them finally rebuilding will be gone

  4. mvpolamalu - Feb 9, 2012 at 8:39 PM

    Oh wait, i thought it said gerrit cole…. Never mind haha

  5. randygnyc - Feb 9, 2012 at 8:43 PM

    I a gee. Get him out of town. If he’s not pitching, he’ll turn malignant in the Yankee locker room.

  6. mattjg - Feb 9, 2012 at 9:52 PM

    At first glance, I don’t get this at all from a Pirates perspective. The only thing I can figure is GFJ is a known commodity, while maybe someone in the Pirates FO thinks they can turn AJ around and then flip him for a prospect or two.

    • ptfu - Feb 9, 2012 at 11:33 PM

      “Turning AJ around” might simply be a matter of putting up a 2012 calendar. AJ’s 2011 peripheral numbers are better than his bloated 5.15 ERA, which suggests some bad luck–see his HR/FB rate. He still struck out plenty (over 8 per 9 IP) and despite all the walks had a decent K/BB (just over 2). That ERA is ugly, but he also had a 4.77 FIP and a nice 3.86 xFIP. That’s definitely useful, and AJ throws lots of innings.

  7. dirtyharry1971 - Feb 9, 2012 at 10:10 PM

    if i was the Yanks id take a few balls and bats and eat all of this guy’s salary just to get him OUT! send him back to toronto where he belongs!

    • cshearing - Feb 10, 2012 at 8:18 AM

      We have no spot for him in the rotation. Not a chance.

  8. randygnyc - Feb 9, 2012 at 10:32 PM

    This may be the only way the pirates can get a pitcher to join their staff, considering that there aren’t any free agents that will willingly sign with them.

  9. nightrain42 - Feb 9, 2012 at 10:48 PM

    If they wld eat salary, I wld do it. We need a vet pitcher and we got some guy in trip aaa who shld be ready. Do it

  10. Jonny 5 - Feb 9, 2012 at 11:28 PM

    So the Yankees must really be pissed at A.J. huh? A little harsh isn’t it?

  11. genericcommenter - Feb 10, 2012 at 12:40 AM

    I guess he would be the cheap lefty DH?

  12. drunkenhooliganism - Feb 10, 2012 at 1:18 AM

    I have a one year old “memory foam” mattress that my four year old unleashed hell on a few days ago. I think it was worth about 7 hundred last week. I’m gonna start calling that mattress in my garage “AJ.” And I’m gonna start calling my wife “Mrs Steinbrenner” because she thinks I can actually get someone to give us money to take it off our property.

    • yankeefanincolo - Feb 10, 2012 at 9:28 AM

      HA! Best post I’ve read in MONTHS!! FUNNY!

  13. seahawks80 - Feb 10, 2012 at 7:34 AM

    Wow, the Pirates? Like him or not you would have to feel sorry for AJ if he gets sent to the graveyard of MLB. I think if I were him I would retire instead, why in the world would I move my family to play for the Pirates? He would be on a better team if the Yankees sent him to AA.

    • yankeefanincolo - Feb 10, 2012 at 9:36 AM

      Why in the world would you move your family to Pittsburgh? $33,000,000 wouldn’t do it for you??

  14. whatthehellisansky - Feb 10, 2012 at 9:23 AM

    AJ in the national league is a whole different ballgame.

    See: Javy Vazquez; Ian Kennedy

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