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Jonathan Papelbon: Phillies fans “tend to know the game a little better” than Red Sox fans

Mar 8, 2012, 2:14 PM EDT

Philadelphia Phillies' Papelbon throws in the bullpen during workouts at the team's spring training complex in Clearwater Reuters

Not only is Jonathan Papelbon ditching “Shipping Up To Boston” as his entrance music, now he’s talking about how Phillies fans are better than Red Sox fans.

During an interview on 94-WIP in Philadelphia today Papelbon said:

The difference between Boston and Philadelphia, the Boston fans are a little bit more hysterical when it comes to the game of baseball. The Philly fans tend to know the game a little better, being in the National League, you know, the way the game is played.

I’m not sure how Papelbon came to have such a clear opinion of Phillies fans already considering he signed with the team in November and has yet to actually play a game in Philadelphia, but maybe that’s just nit-picking and Papelbon did indicate that he liked the “hysterical” nature of Boston because “it got my motor running every day.”

You know, because Philadelphia sports fans have long been known for their calm demeanor and reasoned opinions about star athletes.

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  1. steelersredsoxnation - Mar 8, 2012 at 7:23 PM

    Yes I’m a red sox and steelers fan…what the fuck is it to you? Not that it’s any of your business but since i have to explain myself my mom is from Boston so that’s why I’m a red sox and bruins fan. My dads dads is from pittsburgh and are big steelers fans so that’s how I’m a steelers fan. I was raised in arizona so I’m a suns unlike my parents who are celtics fans. Maybe instead of giving me shit you should have learned the damn facts first…so who’s the dbag here??? Go fuck yourself

  2. 8man - Mar 8, 2012 at 7:28 PM

    I just looked at the Boston roster. Geez! I only know half the team. Where the hell did everyone go?

  3. knad2208 - Mar 8, 2012 at 7:36 PM

    Sounds like Pap remembered to pack his dumb bag for the move to Philly.

  4. randygnyc - Mar 8, 2012 at 8:13 PM

    I’ve been a baseball fan longer than most of you have been alive (Yankees, specifically). I’ve been to more than a thousand MLB games. With that said, Papsmear is wrong. Boston fans are much more passionate and knowledgeable, compared to Philly fans. Out side of 3 old timers (Richards, scmidt and McGraw) Philly baseball history has only began 4 years ago. There doesn’t exist in the world, including hooligan soccer fans, a more scumgaggish collection of sports fan than in Philly. A crude, alcoholic, violent, trailer trash contingency.

    • Utley's Hair - Mar 9, 2012 at 10:31 AM

      Ordinarily, I tend to stay away from these “my fanbase is better than your fanbase because your entire fanbase is a bunch of thugs and my fanbase are all angels” posts, save for some snarky general comments directed toward posters I’ve dealt with before. Last week—I think, though it might have been before that—I chimed in on the “Nats promotion gets weird” post to take a Phightins Phan to task for his call to violence, and trying to keep the discourse civil.

      I admit that I used to rant about the bad rap that Philly fans get. But I realized that there’s no point in trying to defend a few boisterous and vocal bad apples, since they’re in every fanbase and they don’t really deserve defending, not to mention that they don’t care, especially in an anonymous forum such as a blog on the interwebs, so why try?

      However, I had to post here in reply to your comment. You obviously have no clue about Phillies history. And based on this comment and comments you have made in the past, you are either an idiot, a hypocrite, or some combination of both. My guess is both, but that might be giving you too much credit.

  5. kraken887 - Mar 8, 2012 at 8:27 PM

    papelbozo is a second rate pitcher and the Phillies will find that out, soon enough. They overpaid for him so does that make the Phillies smarter? The Sox wanted him out of Boston because he is a nut case.
    I can’t wait to see the national league tee-off on him.

    • jimeejohnson - Mar 8, 2012 at 8:49 PM

      He choked the Red Sox right out of the playoffs last season with his last inning, final game LOSS to the Orioles, who celebrated like they won the World Series. That loss wasn’t solely Papelbum’s fault, but he couldn’t put a lower tier team like the Orioles away when it counted. His dominance will be in question until he proves himself in the National League. He should do his talking on the field, although if money is your prime objective you’re gonna talk up a storm to get attention, like Papelbum.

  6. thesportsguy13 - Mar 8, 2012 at 8:43 PM

    Mrznyc…Where did you get the phillies have more world series banners than the red sox?? Red sox have 7 (1903, 1912, 1915, 1916, 1918, 2004, 2007) phillies have 2 (1980, 2008) maybe do a little research first 😉

    Which city is the best sports town?? Champions say it all….

    Red sox – 7 Phillies – 2

    Celtics – 17 76ers – 3

    Bruins – 6 Flyers – 2

    Patriots – 3 Eagles – 3

    That’s 33 championships to 10….hardly debatable.

    • wendell7 - Mar 8, 2012 at 9:05 PM

      He said more banners hang in Philly, not “the Phillies” won more world series. He was referring to sports towns, not sports teams. The Phillies weren’t the first pro baseball team in Philadelphia.

  7. thesportsguy13 - Mar 8, 2012 at 9:19 PM

    Wendell….he would still be wrong….boston has 33 professional championships, Philly has 10

    • wendell7 - Mar 9, 2012 at 8:11 AM

      I’m not here to argue, especially in an argument against the Red Sox as I am a Red Sox fan. But technically, you are also wrong.

      The Philadelphia Athletics were founded as Philadelphia’s 1st professional baseball team in 1901 and they went on to win 3 of 4 World Series from 1910 to 1914, and also titles in 1929 & 1930. So there are 5 more championships that you didn’t mention for the city of Philadelphia.

      Again, I’m not taking sides in an argument. Just pointing out that the original comment by Mrznyc was in reference to baseball championships in each city, not Boston Red Sox titles VS Philadelphia Phillies titles.

  8. andyreidisfat - Mar 8, 2012 at 9:45 PM

    2 things

    First, phillies fans are not bandwagon at all. We have all followed this team through 10 thousand losses. Through ownerships that didn’t spend a dime. Even if we didn’t go to games when they played in the dump, we all still followed the team. Then they said hey we got this new park and if you folks go to games we will up our pay role and win. So we all went and what do u know they spent more and won. So really we got behind te stadium and the new/old back up first baseman. Thus we are not band wagon.

    As to what pap said, I’d have to agree. Boston fans are a bit nuts when it comes to baseball an the phillies tend to have a calmer smarter fan. Now both sets of fans are top 4 as to how smart they are so it’s no knock. I am not comparing Boston to Miami or anything.

    It’s also opposite for football as eagles fans are retarded and pats fans seem more in control

  9. thesportsguy13 - Mar 8, 2012 at 11:44 PM

    I’m by no means a Philly hater. I respect all Philly teams in each sport. But as a red sox find I find it ignorant that you blindly agree with pap without any actual knowledge of your accusations. And who’s to say what teams have “smarter fans”? With every fan base for every team in every sport there is the smart fan…who follows and supports his team but can still have intellectual unbiased opinions and ideas about his and opposing teams. And then there’s the blind fan…these fans solely live in the moment and have little to no grasp on the reality of his team and the sport.

    For example…if I were to tell a phillies fan that the phillies are a good team. Halladay and lee are solid at the top of the rotation but nothing intimidating from 3-5. Offense is getting older and the only real threat is Howard. Utley and Rollins and placido are still serviceable players but all in all not enough offense to contend with the AL…now a smart fan would say that’s a reasonable and fair assessment but still think they can make a run at the world series…the blind fan would say fuck you phillies rule you suck lol

    You could also tell me the sox have enough offense but the latter half of the rotation is suspect and the bullpen outside of bard is very underwhelming and occasionally downright awful. And I would have to totally agree with you especially with how good the AL is going to be with the sox, Yankees, tigers, rangers, and angels all have very strong teams.

    So to say one fan base is “smarter” than the another is ignorant. There are smart fans and dumb fans with the red sox just as there are with the phillies

  10. ikoiko72 - Mar 9, 2012 at 6:27 AM

    Wait until Paps blows a save or two or three in a row, especially to the Mets. Philly fans will turn on him fast then they turned on Santa Claus.

    We know Paps left to philly for the money (that and the local MENSA chapter is closer to the ballpark). Good luck to him, but he should just throw the baseball.

    Philly has battery night, don’t they? Nice.

  11. 1historian - Mar 11, 2012 at 9:37 AM

    1) I live in northern New England. The last pro ball game I saw was in the late 80s in Boston – Celts v. Minnesota. I lived in Boston in the early 70s and remember going to see the Celts with Cowens, Silas, Nelly et. al. Talked to Johnny Most when the Celts won it in 1974 and a bunch of us went to Logan to welcome them home. Johnny was plastered. And he was FUNNY.
    2) When I was young (early 50s) I went to NY to visit my uncle and he took me to Yankee Stadium and the Yanks played the Indians with Larry Doby. Lopat, Berra, Page, Rizzuto, Reynolds, et. al. Yankee Stadium was a majestic place. And their announcer, the guy who recently died, had the perfect voice for the place.
    3) When we lived in Maryland my dad took me to Memorial Stadium and we saw Ty Cobb there.
    4) Brooks Robinson was the greatest 3rd baseman of all time.
    5) The last tine I was at Fenway Park was the fall of 1972. I would pay $2 and sit in the bleachers. More than once some dudes would show up and we would sit there and get an EXCELLENT buzz on. I never even knew their names. Fun memory.

    I have not forgiven baseball for the 1994 strike, mainly because they never apologized. I still love the game but it’s more fun to buy a nice large brewski and go watch the local H.S. team. The money they make is absurd to and beyond the point of being obscene, but if the market can bear it – go for it. I’m simply saying that they long ago priced old farts like me out of the game.

    The Yankees are the most successful sports franchise of all time. In addition to that they have the classiest home team shirts in all of pro sports. The pin-stripes. That’s all you need. And no name on the back – it’s on the front. That STILL doesn’t mean that I like them.

    I became a Pats fan when they won their 1st SB. Before that I hardly even knew they existed, except for SBXX. Now I am a Pats fan because IMO one of the requirements for BEING a Pats fan is that you be arrogant and obnoxious, which I like to be.

    52 and counting – go iggles

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