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Fenway regulars: how do you deal with the place?

Apr 20, 2012, 1:00 PM EDT


I have never been to Fenway Park. I want to go, desperately. I want to sit in the Monster seats, actually, because those look pretty fantastic.  Also: because everyone I know who has been to Fenway tells me that the rest of the park — while historic and beautiful and all of that — is something of a pain.

The say that the seats are small and the legroom is poor. Many seats don’t face the infield. The tunnels and concourses, for lack of a better term, are dark and crowded.  It’s totally expected in a park that age, but it certainly makes for a big disconnect between comfort and coolness. The latter is in great abundance and can overcome a lot of problems, but the former is in short supply, I’m told. So I guess I’m looking forward to going someday, but I’m kind of thankful that I don’t have an 81-game package. Because I fear that, once the novelty wore off, I’d find it a bit miserable.

I know a lot of you have weighed in on this in recent threads, particularly that Luke Scott “Fenway is a dump” post. But what I really want to know is how regular Fenway goers feel about the place. In all honesty, as a baseball-going destination, not as a historical thing. We know it’s cool and great and a gem from that certain perspective — I love seeing it on TV too — but what is it like to go there a lot?

Are the complaints I listed above overblown? Is it one of those things where it’s great if you don’t know any better but if you’ve spent time in more modern parks it’s hard to go back? How do you make it work?  I ask because while history and novelty would cover it all for me if I went there a few times, I’m guessing it doesn’t outweigh the inconveniences if you go there a dozen times a year.

Have at it.

  1. droopyyydog1 - Apr 21, 2012 at 10:02 AM

    Go to almost 10 games a year and wouldn’t trade it except for maybe PNC,Wrigley or Whatever there calling the park in San Fran now a days. The people that complain are the ones who go to stadiums for the sushi and to be entertained ! Yes it’s uncomfortable but your there to watch a game which is what all the new “modern” parks have forgotten.

  2. soxpeanut - Apr 21, 2012 at 10:47 AM

    Honestly it’s about the history- both the park and the game. If you’re uncomfortable at the park, sit at your couch at home. I have a hard time defending Fenway because I’m so biased. I’ve been going to 5-6 games every year since I was a kid. I still remember my first one at age 5. I’ve sat in every section but nothing beats the grandstands- the fans are great, great view without being far and you’re up close and personal with the players. But what gets me is the history. I’m sitting in one of those “uncomfortable” blue chairs with chipped paint and thinking, how many people have sat in there. I took my dad to the 100th anniversary game yesterday and he was in tears. You’re not going to get that just anywhere.

  3. h2otown66 - Apr 21, 2012 at 11:29 AM

    IMO the Green Monster seats are the most overrated seats in sports. Don’t get me wrong; there are way, way worse seats at Fenway, but nobody thinks those other bad seats are actually good. Yes, you have a great view up there on the wall, as long as you aren’t interested in seeing left field. The best thing about them is it isn’t crowded up there.

    For my money, the best seats at Fenway are the infield roof boxes on the 1B side, the closer to the plate the better. You get a god’s eye view of everything, nobody is in your way, and you have a better than decent chance of catching a foul (possibly in the face, so pay attention).

  4. Victor's Secret - Apr 23, 2012 at 10:20 AM

    I’ll just add: I love Fenway. Going to games there growing up, it felt like a second home. It may not be the most comfortable place to watch a game, but I don’t really want baseball parks to turn into movie theaters. It’s such a unique part of baseball to be able to watch games in stadiums that existed before football and basketball ever even became a major sport in the states.

    I’m a small guy, so perhaps it’s worse if you’re built to US standards. But I’ve been to close to a hundred games there, and there’s no other place in the world that makes me as happy, I think.

  5. markiedude64 - Apr 23, 2012 at 1:11 PM

    I have to privilage to say that I have seen a ball game at Fenway Park, and also took the Fenway stadium tour. To me, a lifelong LA Dodger fan, My friend and I were just blown away with the nestalgic feeling of Fenway Park. Yes, its old. Yes, its a bit tight sitting next to your buddy. Yes, it does not offer what these NEW staduims offer in terms of food and consessions. But just the feel of Fenways history and old school-ness and basic consessions were just awesome to me personally. It will be a sad day if they change any of it, but I am proud to say i have experienced Fenway Park!!!!

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