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Orioles claim Alexi Casilla off waivers from Twins

Nov 2, 2012, 3:45 PM EDT

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Instead of non-tendering Alexi Casilla later the Twins decided to simply place him on waivers now and the Orioles claimed the 28-year-old infielder.

Casilla was repeatedly given chances to take hold of the long-term job at second base in Minnesota, but hit just .250 with a .305 on-base percentage and .334 slugging percentage in 1,764 plate appearances. Only two players in Twins history have had more plate appearances and a lower OPS.

Casilla is arbitration eligible for the final time in 2013 and likely to earn around $1.5 million or so, which is a lot for a utility infielder who can’t hit and hasn’t played a ton of shortstop, but Casilla is fast and a good defender at second base.

  1. pmcenroe - Nov 2, 2012 at 3:49 PM

    The only appropriate response

  2. rockthered1286 - Nov 2, 2012 at 4:18 PM

    Translation: goodbye Quintanilla. Hard to say what other effect this may have. If B-Rob is done as an O, then I think it means Andino is gone as well, and they’ll go after an actual starter at 2B. If B-Rob comes back, Andino is up in the air. Either way I think they keep Flaherty.

    Anybody want to take $20 on this being Angelos’ big FA splash?

    • flavadave10 - Nov 2, 2012 at 6:20 PM

      If you’re going to troll the Orioles, at least do it properly. Casilla wasn’t a FREE AGENT, ergo he can’t be a FREE AGENT splash. Try again.

      Solid add by the Orioles. Definitely an upgrade over Andino. Heck, if they non-tender Andino, they basically just upgraded their team for free. Ninja Duquette strikes again.

  3. rockthered1286 - Nov 3, 2012 at 1:54 AM

    @flavadave if you’ve ever actually paid attention to HBT commentary youd know I’m a die hard O’s fan not a troll. I misspoke saying FA and should’ve said big OFFSEASON Acquisition. I can be an O’s fan and still think Uncle Pete is penny pinching every year. Simply because he does. Defensively Casilla is hardly an upgrade at 2B. Offensively a draw. On the bases An obvious upgrade. So to me it’s minimal at best. He’s not the answer to our hole at 2B. Nor is Dino. Or B-Rob sadly. Ryan Adams I thought would’ve been the guy but his suspension hurt his cause. So it’s a wait and see thing I guess.

    • flavadave10 - Nov 3, 2012 at 10:22 AM

      Look at the free agent market and tell me there’s an answer at second base. Because I’m looking and I don’t see one.

      Marco Scutaro? Yeah, remember the last time the Orioles gave an aging second baseman a big deal? Brian Roberts. How’d that work out?

      Jeff Keppinger? Sure, the Orioles should downgrade defensively when the ONE THING they have over the Yankees and their competition is defense. Sounds logical.

      The Orioles sort of have their hands tied with Roberts. They can’t exactly force him to retire. Heck, you can’t even argue that he’s a waste of a roster spot because, well, injured players don’t take up a roster spot. All they can do is hope that he stays healthy. As of right now, Brian Roberts is getting paid the big bucks. Guess who’s the starter if he’s healthy? Roberts. Granted, that’s a pretty big if, but what else can they do this point? And the Orioles already have their (assumed) future at second base in Jonathan Schoop. So yeah, once again the Orioles hands are sort of tied.

      Penny pinching? Yeah, that explains why the Orioles traded Adam Jones. They never pay their stars. Oh wait. This offseason, it’s not about “penny pinching”. It’s about “not making a really really bad mistake by overpaying for guys”. Or would you rather the Orioles “make a splash” by giving Nick Swisher close to $100 million? Exactly.

  4. rockthered1286 - Nov 3, 2012 at 11:57 AM

    #1- I never said the answer was out there in FA for 2B, so that covers about 3/4 of your response. All I said was Casilla is hardly an upgrade from Andino and would be a backup on any other team so the move has minimal effect. Roberts hasn’t been fully healthy since 2010 so you cannot rely on him. Look how that’s worked out the past two years.
    #2- Your logic about paying players is weak at best. I said Angelos never goes after FAs. Ever. Look at the last 3 years. He had opportunities to fill holes at several key positions and failed to make an offer that wasn’t laughable. Adam Dunn, Adam LaRoche, Prince Fielder, Edwin Jackson, Mark Texierra, Paul Konerko… All were FA’s that we 100% could have used. Angelos made offers that were WELL under every other qualifying offer and in turn? They go elsewhere. The trade for Jones and signing him long term are 2 completely different things. And realistically, he gave up our best pitcher in Bedard who PA didn’t want to pay for Jones and Tillman who were merely prospects and cheaper, which is a bigger risk than FA acquisitions if you ask me. Yes PA is paying guys like Jones (who admittedly took a hometown discount) and Nicky, but for 15 years of lacking at key positions, poor drafting (remember Gausman? Ouch) and a diminishing fan base, you can’t simply justify ignoring FA because it’s a gamble. And even if it’s a miss? At least fans knows you’re trying to improve the team and not just gamble on our minors producing talent in 2-3 years. Every other team is active in FA. Duke did great with what he had to work with last year but grabbing a bunch of mid level talent hoping one will be a diamond in the rough won’t always cut it. If you want ensured talent you gotta pay. Which Angelos wont.

  5. rockthered1286 - Nov 3, 2012 at 12:00 PM

    I meant Hobgood not Gausman. Hobgood has gone no higher than high A in 4 years as a 3rd overall pick and just had TJS. Total miss.

  6. flavadave10 - Nov 3, 2012 at 2:16 PM

    1. Casilla’s hardly an upgrade over Andino? Let me put it like this: Andino’s career WAR is 1.1. Casilla has a higher WAR than that in 4 individual seasons out of his 6 in the bigs. And guess what Casilla is right now? That’s right- A BACKUP. You say he’s a backup on any other team? Well right now he’s a backup. Can’t see what the problem is here. Do you want Dan Duquette to apologize for making an effort to get depth?

    2. I see two players there that the Orioles could actually use right now: Fielder and Konerko. Teixeira might, but his production at his cost? No thanks. And are you ACTUALLY blasting Peter Angelos for not keeping Bedard? Wow, you might be the only Orioles fan who remotely criticizes that trade. It’s not Angelos’s fault that Andy MacPhail and his precursors were (for the most part) crappy drafters. There aren’t any stars in free agency this year. So what the frick do you want the Orioles to do? Sign Nick Swisher for $100 million? Give Kyle Lohse $100 million? Pay Josh Hamilton $120+ million to play 120 games a year, adding yet another heavy strikeout guy to a lineup already stuck with quite a few guys prone to strikeouts?

    Angelos won’t pay? Oh he’ll pay. He just doesn’t pay for the right guys. He paid Vladimir Guerrero. Paid Mike Gonzalez. Paid D. Lee. Paid Javy Lopez. Paid Rafael Palmeiro in 2005. Paid Aubrey Huff. Paid Danys Baez and Jamie Walker. Catching my drift? So don’t tell me that he doesn’t open his checkbook. He does. Just not for the right guys. Hopefully now he will open his checkbook for the right guys. But as I said earlier, not like there’s a ton of smart guys to spend money on this off season. Not even worthwhile to spend significant money on a pitcher at this point unless he’s an ace. And I see one POTENTIAL ace in free agency- Greinke. And Greinke hasn’t even pitched like an ace since his Cy Young year.

    You’re completely overrating Angelos’s influence. Go hang out with Nestor from WNST. I’m sure you and him would get along great, blaming Angelos for every little thing that goes wrong and refuse to give him any credit when things go right.

  7. rockthered1286 - Nov 3, 2012 at 3:57 PM

    Well we agree on one thing: Nestor is a moron. And I’m not blaming PA for every move. I’m simply saying he holds the purse strings. And you misunderstood my argument on the FAs I listed. I’m saying at the when they were available, not now. Hindsight is 50-50. Its easy NOW to say who didn’t pan out but at the time when we needed them we couldn’t even make a decent offer. Tex for example. We needed a 1B at the time and Tex was peaking. We knew who was bidding and I think our offer was some $10-20 million short. It’s like why offer at all? it’s embarrassing. And I don’t expect a splash every year but if theres a glaring hole I see no reason you don’t do everything in your power to fill it. You’re right the FA market this year is very thin. I expect to resign McLouth and possibly extend Reynolds but I’d also like to see a pitcher. Grienke would be fantastic. Edwin be nice as well But all I’m really saying is unless you win it all there’s always room for improvement. Why sit back and do nothing if the opportunity is out there? Stagnant teams go nowhere.

    And I do in fact give PA credit for bringing in Duke. All roster moves I credit Duke. Extensions I credit PA. And don’t trash McPhail- he brought in our gold glove SS along with several other key players on this team.

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