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The asking price for Asdrubal Cabrera is high

Dec 4, 2012, 8:52 AM EDT

Asdrubal Cabrera AP

The Indians are known to be shopping Asdrubal Cabrera. We now know, via Paul Hoynes of the Plain Dealer, that the asking price is high:

The going price on the Indians’ two-time All-Star is three to four players, preferably four. The Indians had the framework of a deal in place in which they would have received one big-league pitcher and two high-level prospects. When the Indians asked for a third prospect, the deal dissolved.

That dissolved deal sounds pretty good. Assuming, of course, “big league pitcher” means something more than merely “pitcher who as at least once pitched in the big leagues” and actually refers to someone decent.  But asking even more than that and a couple of top prospects seems like a recipe to not deal Asdrubal Cabrera.

And that’s before you take his no-trade clause into account.

  1. paperlions - Dec 4, 2012 at 9:20 AM

    Rumor has it they wanted 2 to 3 of the Cardinals high-end pitching prospects (Miller, Lynn, Kelly, Rosenthal, Martinez) which was a non-starter for the Cardinals. All of those guys have a LOT of years of cheap control and figure to be #3 starters or better…with Carpenter and Westbrook being old and Garcia’s healthy issues…there really isn’t any reason to deplete the store of arms for an all offense SS with only 2 yrs of team control (even if the salary is reasonable).

    • gibbyfan - Dec 4, 2012 at 9:52 AM

      If that rumor is true Cards did well to walk away. They would do well to approach this like WHitey did back in the day when he traded for Ozzie —He said first and foremost as a premier defensive SS he would save X amount of games a year—The corollary is Cabrera could actually be somewhat of a iability in this regard —would be nece to have the bat but at .275 not worth the extra 30 or so hits/year over good defensive guy at .225. I wouldnt trade just Miller for the guy.

      • tashkalucy - Dec 4, 2012 at 10:03 AM


        You got it.

        Astrubal is like a lot of average major league players – he’ll get hot for a 2-3 week stretch a few times a year, and you think you have something special. Then he reverts to the mean yet again.

        He’s a decent player, nothing special. If a team has a prospect (or prospects) that seem to be true stars in waiting, then it’s kind of dumb to give that up for a guy like Astrubal. I’m with you – get a good fielding SS with range (which Astrubal is not) and who cares if he gets 1.25 less hits a week.

  2. hammyofdoom - Dec 4, 2012 at 9:32 AM

    I find it kind of shocking how high the price tags are on some of these players that have 1-2 years of team control for them. Yes, they might be EXCELLENT players, but if you expect my favorite team to give up 2 high level prospects and a proven major league pitchers you can just go straight to hell. With Dickey and Cabrera starting with these price tags can you imagine what Giancarlo Stanton would go for right now?

    • tashkalucy - Dec 4, 2012 at 9:57 AM

      It’s because with the new TV money coming in all salaries are going to take yet another pop as MLB works it’s way to the bubble bursting(probably when Cable TV subscribers refuse the never-ending outrageous price increases). Think the real estate collapse. Anyway, at $16.5M over the next 2 years Cabrara’s salary is affordable to most teams.

      What they’re missing on as there is a shortage of SS’s right now, is that Cabrara hit .276, .273 and .270 in his last 3 years. In the last 2 he hit over .300 in the first half of the season and then totally wilted. He plays fat and out of shape, has limited range, and makes mental errors in the field and he seems to have ADD during games – often resulting in multi-error games that the Indians lose. He is a passive player with no leadership abilities at all. I believe that the thought on him is that is a good organization can get him out of Cleveland, Cabrara will begin to play hard. Playing in the Shapiro-Antonetti organization is next to impossible.

      I think they get one decent prospect (though not a top-tier blue chipper), and 2 or 3 other so-so players….maybe prospects, maybe the 21st and 22nd guy on a decent MLB roster.

  3. tashkalucy - Dec 4, 2012 at 9:45 AM

    Typical Shapiro-Antonetti.

    Indian fans have been upset with their take on the trades for CC, Cliff and Victor – and they used Hoynes then to write stories about the great prospects they were getting. They manipulate the media again and tell them that they’re holding out for the moon. At some point they drop their demands and make another terrible trade, as neither Shapiro or Antonetti are baseball people (they scout by looking at their computers) and they’ll get taken to the cleaners yet again by a front office that has real baseball people in in. Then the never-ending rebuild will continue, as the Indians start giving major league playing time to the prospects that they acquire (one might ask why they can never draft their own) – more then 2/3rd’s of the prospects will fail at the major league level (as happened with the take from CC, Cliff and Victor), and in 3-4 years the ones that become half-decent major league players (they never get any stars) will be auctioned off at that years winter meetings as the cycle continues.

    In almost 60 years of watching baseball, Shapiro and Antonetti are as bad as any people in the front office of any organization I’ve ever seen. I don’t recall seeing anyone worse.

    • dnc6 - Dec 4, 2012 at 4:05 PM

      There’s a lot in here that’s hilariously wrong, so why don’t you just sit the next couple rounds out champ. And if you hate the Indians so much, maybe more than a couple rounds.

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