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Fernando Rodney’s deal with the devil has expired

May 17, 2013, 11:51 AM EDT

Katniss Rodney AP

Fernando Rodney had one of the greatest reliever seasons in baseball history last year, breaking Dennis Eckersley’s all-time ERA record by saving 48 games with a 0.60 ERA in 74.2 innings for the Rays.

He allowed opponents to hit .167, struck out 9.2 batters per nine innings, and issued just 15 walks in 74.2 frames after a career filled with control problems.

Rodney hasn’t quite turned completely back into a pumpkin this season because he’s still holding opponents to a .211 batting average and has racked up 23 strikeouts in 15.1 innings, but his control has abandoned the 36-year-old right-hander and he’s coughing up runs in bunches.

In fact, after another ugly outing last night Rodney has already matched his 2012 totals for walks allowed (15) and runs allowed (9), and he’s nearly doubled his 2012 total for earned runs allowed (9 vs. 5). He’s gone from a 0.60 ERA in 74.2 innings to a 5.28 ERA in 15.1 innings, blowing three saves and taking two losses in his 16 appearances.

Just a friendly reminder that all deals with the devil expire after one season.

  1. indaburg - May 17, 2013 at 12:02 PM

    I’m working on another deal with the devil, but Boras hasn’t been taking my calls.

    The Rays bullpen as a whole has been less than effective this season. Jake McGee and Jamey Wright can shoulder some blame, as can Hellickson for his inability to hold leads or go deep into games, forcing the bullpen to be overused… and the vicious cycle continues. Price and even Moore can take some of the heat too, for not pitching enough innings.

    • unclemosesgreen - May 17, 2013 at 12:12 PM

      Man you’re a tough one – you’re going to hold your putative ace’s feet to the fire even though The Price is obviously not Right. Tough to go deep into games with a sprained triceps, is it not? I’m also thinking this muscle injury is merely symptomatic of some deeper injury concern which hasn’t fully manifested itself yet.

      • indaburg - May 17, 2013 at 5:10 PM

        That came out wrong. It’s not Price’s fault that he wasn’t right and I didn’t mean it that way. It just didn’t help matters that he couldn’t go later for whatever the reason. At the time, we didn’t know why. Now we do. Pardon the slightly bitter tone. Fourth place was not where I imagined us this late and losing two out of three to the BoSox makes me ornery.

      • unclemosesgreen - May 17, 2013 at 8:45 PM

        ComPLEATly understand, I’m a hopeless Sawks fanboy. I just also have David Price as my most expensive pitcher in my rotisserie league, and almost had a reaction of relief when he went DL.

        It’s good for him and every pitcher to be somewhere that they look after you and nip trouble in the bud. Joe Maddon is the best – RESPECK

      • indaburg - May 18, 2013 at 8:24 AM

        You’re a Sawx fan?! What? But, but, but… oh, no. I like you. Stop blowing my paradigms. :-)

        I have a huge amount of respect for Maddon too, and not just because he’s our managed. I don’t always agree with him, but I like his open minded approach to the game and willingness to try new things. I would love to work for someone like him. Actually, I wish he would adopt me, honestly. I could be his daughter.

      • unclemosesgreen - May 18, 2013 at 2:23 PM

        If I were David Price, I would instruct my agent to assign significant value to the fact that he has a nurturing and supportive environment in Tampa. Money is nice, and lots of money is even nicer, but he can just ask Carl Crawford what it’s like to be totally miserable in a new setting.

    • cur68 - May 17, 2013 at 12:17 PM

      Next time you should give that plantain to Luke Scott since he spent so much time staring at you. Y’know, since being in Your Presence, Luke’s been hitting a bit. Once wonders how well he’d do if you’d hand HIM a plantain and not Rodney. C’mon, do it for your team.

      • indaburg - May 17, 2013 at 1:43 PM

        If I thought it would help Scott hit, I’d bless a golden spear and give it to him. I have no shame.

    • The Rabbit - May 17, 2013 at 1:37 PM

      We’ve learned something, Indaburg
      You need to make another trip to the bullpen. The shelf life of a blessed plaintain is 7 days.

      • indaburg - May 17, 2013 at 4:45 PM

        It makes sense too. A plaintain is very ripe after a week. Too “maduro.” I thought about giving him one on Wednesday. Always trust your instinct.

  2. dondada10 - May 17, 2013 at 12:03 PM

    So is that what’s wrong with Josh Hamilton? He’s an Angel now?

    • number42is1 - May 17, 2013 at 12:13 PM

      I THINK that you were trying to imply that Hamilton is/was the devil but now that he is in Anaheim he’s an angel? if so please do not quit your day job…. unless you are a stand up comic in which case you should be considering a career change.

      • dondada10 - May 17, 2013 at 12:38 PM

        Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you “that guy.”

        You must be the life of the party.

      • sabathiawouldbegoodattheeighthtoo - May 17, 2013 at 12:51 PM

        I think you spelled “Ba-dum-ching” wrong

  3. hittfamily - May 17, 2013 at 12:11 PM

    The Rays rank #1 in offense for the past month, and aren’t above .500. Wow.

    WTF has happened. Cobb and Moore have been great. Price, Rodney, McGee, Farnesworth and Hellickson have been attrocious. What really sucks, is how bad McGee has been, because I thought he was our next star closer when Rodney faltered.

    • sabathiawouldbegoodattheeighthtoo - May 17, 2013 at 1:06 PM

      Sure, Moore is great for all 5 innings he pitches each start. I don’t want to say “pitch to contact” but he can’t keep striking out or walking every batter he faces and expect to get deep into the game. I think that is the biggest problem with the Rays pen. That and Rodney matching his career numbers

      • hittfamily - May 17, 2013 at 2:21 PM

        Agree. But he has allowed 0 or 1 run in 6 of 8 starts. I’ll take it.

  4. pisano - May 17, 2013 at 12:16 PM

    This just shows how great Mariano Rivera is, who knows if we’ll ever see a closer year after year be that consistent.

    • sabathiawouldbegoodattheeighthtoo - May 17, 2013 at 2:02 PM

      Rodney had been fairly consistent up until last year.


  5. jarathen - May 17, 2013 at 12:20 PM

    Relievers are often in that position because of inconsistency. Not every guy is Scot Shields or, as we all know, Mariano Rivera.

    I’m still annoyed Rodney got comeback player of the year for being terrible before that. He was AWARDED for finally pitching well.

  6. gotampabay52 - May 17, 2013 at 12:22 PM


  7. historiophiliac - May 17, 2013 at 12:26 PM

    Ahhh, V-Wiggles recalls the exit interview with Mephistopheles all too well. That one season is really great, but the soulless aftermath is the hell you carry around with you. All you have left is your golden past. No one wants to stand with Everyman then…except the unfathomably faithful Love Guru.

  8. thomas844 - May 17, 2013 at 12:59 PM

    Has he been eating his fried plantains?

  9. nbjays - May 17, 2013 at 1:10 PM

    “Just a friendly reminder that all deals with the devil expire after one season.”

    Great! Looking forward to Vernon Wells turning back into Vernon Wells for his final season.

  10. eightyraw - May 17, 2013 at 2:51 PM

    Vogelsong’s deal with the devil lasted two seasons

    • 4d3fect - May 17, 2013 at 8:14 PM

      Maybe he had to pay TWO devils?

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