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The Phillies have a team meeting to put an end to hijinks, shenanigans and tomfoolery

Jul 8, 2013, 8:23 AM EDT

Glen Frey

The Phillies took two of three from the first place Braves over the weekend, but Saturday’s loss was a rout and Ruben Amaro did not take at all well to the Phillies smiling and joking around during said rout. Todd Zolecki from reports:

General manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said Friday the team needs to play well before the All-Star break or there could be changes to the 25-man roster. So when the front office watched players giddily shower Jonathan Pettibone with sunflower seeds and place a batting helmet and paper cup (with gum as an adhesive) atop his head Saturday during a FOX in-game interview in a 13-4 loss to Atlanta, it did not sit well.

It sparked Amaro and manager Charlie Manuel to call a team meeting before Sunday’s game.

When a team is struggling and pressing managers and front office types tell them they need to loosen up and have fun out there. When they loosen up and have fun they get a talking-to. Gee whiz.

  1. voteforno6 - Jul 8, 2013 at 8:49 AM

    This is a joke, right?

  2. deathmonkey41 - Jul 8, 2013 at 8:57 AM

    They’re bringing in Ed Rooney as a consultant.

  3. DelawarePhilliesFan - Jul 8, 2013 at 9:09 AM

  4. Francisco (FC) - Jul 8, 2013 at 9:30 AM

    I wonder if the Phillies are now going to go “Rachel Phelps” on Ruben and put a cardboard cutout in the clubhouse and strip him for each win- Oh crap that won’t work, they’d rather LOSE than look at THAT!

  5. chaseutley - Jul 8, 2013 at 9:31 AM

    This reminds me of that scene when Brad Pitt / Billy Beane came storming into the clubhouse of the Moneyball A’s to show the team what losing sounded like.

  6. natslady - Jul 8, 2013 at 9:44 AM

    Come ON, Rueben, be smart. Don’t you know you’ll get more for Cliff Lee if you trade him before his next start? 😉

    • DelawarePhilliesFan - Jul 8, 2013 at 10:02 AM

      Little early for a victory lap? News flash, you ain’t playing the Padres anymore….

  7. historiophiliac - Jul 8, 2013 at 9:46 AM

    They clearly have chemistry. How can you hate on that?

  8. beerjunkie - Jul 8, 2013 at 9:54 AM

    Phillies just plain suck. Haha

  9. abaird2012 - Jul 8, 2013 at 10:06 AM

    Were they lollygagging?

    • jcmeyer10 - Jul 8, 2013 at 10:07 AM

      That’s when you know they are not taking their craft seriously.

    • Jonny 5 - Jul 8, 2013 at 12:47 PM

      Yes, yes they were. Especially that dastardly Mike Young on Saturday. He is a terrible defensive 3b. terrible.

  10. bigharold - Jul 8, 2013 at 10:25 AM

    I get it, no team can win that engages in hijinks and tomfoolery but hey, .. you gotta have a little shenanigans. Otherwise, .. it might as well be work.

  11. rcali - Jul 8, 2013 at 10:44 AM

    I also think getting blown out on national tv is funny. My boss loves my knock knock jokes when I screw up at work.

  12. anthonyverna - Jul 8, 2013 at 10:51 AM

    Because we all know that their laughing and joking is what has them at this position instead of, say, injuries, typical decline in players after 30 years old, and filling in holes with light-hitting center fielders.

  13. greymares - Jul 8, 2013 at 11:10 AM

    I think it made the players look stupid whether they were getting blown out or winning, but more important in my view it showed me that the winner of the division will come from Washington/Philly the Braves are toast. I also declare no Braves fan ( Craig ) can comment on Ryan Howards contract as long as the Uptons are flailing away

  14. wheatenwade - Jul 8, 2013 at 11:43 AM

    You call that a team meeting? The Indians just took the concept of team meetings and turned it up to 11 on the Bro-Meter. Analysis by noted Bro-Master Nick Swisher: “We kind of got together and hashed everything out. I feel like we came to the ballpark today ready to go. There wasn’t any pressure put on us and that’s when we’re at our best. I’m not a major fan of team meetings, but when the `Big G’ (Jason Giambi) calls one, we will be there.”

  15. philliephaninva - Jul 8, 2013 at 7:17 PM

    Come on. This is the Phillies we’re talking about here. Put Billy Penn back at the top of the skyline and things will be fine. If not, wait until next year.

  16. tcclark - Jul 9, 2013 at 1:41 AM

    Any other sport, any other team and i’m with Amaro on this, but this is the Phillies. They have been at their best when they’re playing jokes on one another and having fun. when they have been all business they’ve played terribly. This team needs to have fun in order to win.

    Like I said, if this were really any other team and I would be upset, but not with the Phils.

  17. stlouis1baseball - Jul 9, 2013 at 12:15 PM

    I hear what you are saying Clark. I would only disagree if the team was getting shellacked…or just finished getting shellacked. You don’t “play jokes” or otherwise “have fun” when you just got your ass handed to you. Unless of course…it doesn’t bother you to have your ass handed to you.

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