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“Get rid of Braun?” Yeah, sure, OK

Jul 24, 2013, 8:23 AM EDT

Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago Cubs Getty Images

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s editorial about the Ryan Braun stuff is hilarious. And not just for this part, which suggests that Ryan Braun‘s PED use has been so pervasive that it has given him the ability to fly:

Braun is paying a pittance to leave one of the worst teams in the majors for a few months to work out in the comfort of California’s azure skies.

I picture him doing ab crunches on a cloud.

No, the really silly part of it is the editorial’s main argument: Brewers owner Mark Attanasio should simply make Ryan Braun go away:

Ryan Braun has to go.

Milwaukee Brewers owner Mark Attanasio has an opportunity to make the most powerful statement any owner has ever made about what the game of baseball should be and what it should not be. Attanasio can make a statement that would reverberate across the many other venues of professional sports infected by the plague of doping …¬†Attanasio has a chance to make the Milwaukee Brewers franchise an example for the rest of professional sports: He can do that by getting rid of Ryan Braun.

Nowhere do the J-S’s editors say how Attanasio should “get rid” of Braun. If they had bothered to consult the many able members of their sports department they would have realized that the only way to do that is to release him. In which case they would still owe him all of the money remaining on his contract and that Braun would be able to sign on as a free agent with any team in baseball for the major league minimum salary.

You don’t think the Cubs or Cardinals or Reds would pay a few hundred grand to Braun next year? Indeed, I can’t think of a single team in the major leagues that wouldn’t at that price, PED taint or no. It would be quite the scene, though, if he joined an NL Central team and hit against a punchless Brewers team for the next five or six years.

But of course this is the logical conclusion of a culture in which treating drug offenders in baseball as something worse than mere drug offenders is the order of the day. Acting as if this is some grand opera instead of a sport with a disciplinary system that is working pretty well, actually, and which takes players from their teams and allows them to return after they’ve paid their price. Major League Baseball is not tough enough to police itself, these people implicitly believe, so the league requires their superior moral insight to tell them what they should really do.

Except most of the people doing this don’t understand the sport at all and have lost all perspective with respect to the issue.

  1. misterj167 - Jul 24, 2013 at 11:53 AM

    Meanwhile the baseball (and other sports) owners continue to rake in taxpayer money from fans who waste their energy screaming at ball players who cheat, never mind that the owner’s entire fortunes have been built primarily by cheating and gaming the system so that the cheating looks legal. Nice work if you can get it.

    You see, since someone else pays his salary, Braun is a TAKER. And guys like Loria and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones are MAKERS. Get rid of Braun? Why is anyone attending Marlins games? Why did Texans approve a tax hike to build a new stadium that charges hundreds of dollars just for you to PARK there?

    Because they’re suckers and tools, that’s why. Hope you’re getting paid for carrying all that water, losers.

  2. Jman - Jul 24, 2013 at 12:27 PM

    Get rid of him for what? Where’s the evidence/quote showing Braun actually used PEDs? The evidence that he has lied?

    Oh, that’s right, you don’t have any.

    • ilovegspot - Jul 24, 2013 at 3:42 PM

      jwoman is an effing fool. He tested positive for testosterone and has been kicked out of MLF for hthe rest of the year for PED use. He is a known serial PED user. Get over it defender.

      • Jman - Jul 25, 2013 at 1:54 PM

        ilovepspot is not able to back up her claims with actual evidence. Nor use decent spelling in making her unfounded claims.

  3. sandrafluke2012 - Jul 24, 2013 at 12:44 PM

    Another overreaction. Like boycotting FLorida.

    • yahmule - Jul 24, 2013 at 1:24 PM

      I love how this one-track moron can’t find a fucking Zimmerman/Martin discussion happening anywhere on the internet, tries every day to start one here.


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