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The Yankees have shut down Michael Pineda for a week to ten days

Aug 6, 2013, 5:43 PM EDT

Has there been a bigger train wreck of trade than the Yankees and Mariners swap of Jesus Montero for Michael Pineda. Montero just got blasted for Biogenesis stuff and was horrible before that. Michael Pineda broke the minute he made it to New York and is still broken. Now this:


The tests were an MRI on his shoulder following more soreness as he tries to come back from surgery. There is no timetable for his return.

I feel like someone involved in this trade built their home over the top of an Indian burial ground or something.

  1. unclemosesgreen - Aug 6, 2013 at 5:50 PM

    Shoulder problems are just so much worse for pitchers than elbow problems. Still, it looks like the burden is squarely on Pineda to keep this from being an ultimate lose-lose deal.

    • dondada10 - Aug 6, 2013 at 8:49 PM

      Hector Noesi has -.7 WAR since he got to Seattle. Jesus Montero is at -.9 WAR. Somehow, Michael Pineda has been worth 1.6 more WAR than what Seattle got.

      There’s something you can hang your hat on.

    • theskinsman - Aug 7, 2013 at 4:44 AM

      It is notable that a Yankee came through his tests clean.

      • unclemosesgreen - Aug 7, 2013 at 6:03 AM

        That’s a low blow – only A-Rod and Cervelli have failed so far that we know of.

        Ohhhhhh you mean a medical test?

  2. proudlycanadian - Aug 6, 2013 at 6:01 PM

    In other news, David Phelps has a new elbow strain and has been shut down. The Yankees will have to continue to go with the starters currently on the team. Sabathia, Hughes and Pettitte are not likely to win enough games to keep this team in the playoff hunt.

    • unclemosesgreen - Aug 6, 2013 at 6:05 PM


      • nbjays - Aug 6, 2013 at 7:01 PM

        Times a million…

    • pisano - Aug 6, 2013 at 7:01 PM

      pc… what playoff hunt ? this group should be dismissed from the rest of the season, this is the worst Yankee team since the late 60’s.

      • proudlycanadian - Aug 6, 2013 at 7:53 PM

        I was trying to be kind. Given the season the Jays have had, it is difficult to be hard on the Yankees. Next year could be much different if pitchers coming off injuries get healthy and pitch well.

      • dirtyharry1971 - Aug 6, 2013 at 8:35 PM

        Why what was wrong with the season the Jays have had? They spent for a change, made the biggest trades and now they are worse then ever before. Should that shock anyone? The team has sucked since 1993, in otherwords what else is new?

      • proudlycanadian - Aug 6, 2013 at 11:09 PM

        Condolences. The Yankees got a quality start from Kuroda tonight. Unfortunately for them, Sale pitched better.

      • jfk69 - Aug 7, 2013 at 10:59 AM

        Horace Clarke is back?
        When does the wife and dog swapping begin?

    • dirtyharry1971 - Aug 6, 2013 at 8:32 PM

      and in Toronto the jays are stuck with trying to get out of last place with, Dickey, Josh “1 win” Johnson, Mark “I should be in the NL” Buehrle, Brad “don’t call me abe” Lincoln, and Esmil “I should be in the bullpen” Rogers. And the best part? Unlike the Yanks the Jays are stuck with this rotation next year with the exception of Josh “1 win” Johnson so Good luck with that cause your gonna need it. I guess they can always bring up Rickey “my confidence is shot” Romero, I know id LOVE to see that along with Ramon Ortiz, god I miss that guy

      • proudlycanadian - Aug 6, 2013 at 8:36 PM

        Harry, you have just earned the Canada Goose of the day. Condolences.

      • dirtyharry1971 - Aug 6, 2013 at 8:38 PM

        All I did was corrected you like I always do, Canadians are always wrong so it takes us smart Americans to lead the way. You fools don’t have enough brains to get out of the rain

    • dirtyharry1971 - Aug 6, 2013 at 8:36 PM

      and nbjays should know all about doom just like any other jays fan, its only been doomsday since 1993!

  3. paperlions - Aug 6, 2013 at 6:26 PM

    Wait a second. I have it on good authority (mostly uninformed baseball writers and anonymous commenters on the internet) that steroids make hitters awesome and they hit a ton of HRs and stuff. Montero must be innocent of the Biogenesis allegations, because he is freaking horrible at hitting a baseball.

    • proudlycanadian - Aug 6, 2013 at 6:34 PM

      Either that or he went downhill after his supplier went under.

      • paperlions - Aug 6, 2013 at 6:37 PM

        He’s innocent of them charges; however, I do think he knocked off that Piggly Wiggly in Yazoo.

      • proudlycanadian - Aug 6, 2013 at 6:41 PM

        If he knocked off that Piggy Wiggy, he should be treated with the same contempt as A-Rod.

      • paperlions - Aug 6, 2013 at 6:47 PM

        Yep. The thought about robbing it. He drove there to rob it. He robbed it. He lied about robbing it. He encouraged others to rob it.

    • flamethrower101 - Aug 6, 2013 at 7:18 PM

      “Montero must be innocent of the Biogenesis allegations, because he is freaking horrible at hitting a baseball.”

      Either that or he did it wrong.

  4. muckthefets23 - Aug 6, 2013 at 6:38 PM

    Indian burial ground?! It’s gotta be Cashman…

    • lessick - Aug 6, 2013 at 6:41 PM

      I thought the Indian burial ground was the resting place of Bob Feller and others.

  5. rick2248 - Aug 6, 2013 at 6:50 PM

    Yankees should part ways with him he is a waste .

    • churchoftheperpetuallyoutraged - Aug 6, 2013 at 6:56 PM

      He costs $528,475 this year for the Yanks, and they pushed back his arbitration year to next year. When a team is trying to get under a specific dollar amount, the most intelligent thing to do is get rid of the cheap/cost controlled guys.

      • cackalackyank - Aug 6, 2013 at 7:06 PM

        sarcasm font received and understood

  6. lazlosother - Aug 6, 2013 at 7:05 PM

    I would argue the trade hasn’t been a train wreck for either team. Which one would be better off at this point if they hadn’t pulled the trigger? Low cost gambles for both. Sometimes they don’t work out. And of course their careers aren’t dead yet, only mostly dead.

    • proudlycanadian - Aug 6, 2013 at 8:01 PM

      This is a job for Miracle Max!

    • Reflex - Aug 6, 2013 at 9:00 PM

      This right here. Montero could still become the M’s new Edgar. Pineda could put it all together and come back healty(better fix his mechanics). But right now neither team would be ‘better off’ having not made the trade at all.

  7. anxovies - Aug 6, 2013 at 7:12 PM

    The Yankees should part ways with their entire medical and training staff.

  8. meatloaflewis - Aug 6, 2013 at 8:12 PM

    Pisano . . . “this is the worst Yankee team since the 60’s”. Are you serious???? This team is 3 games over 500 at 57-54. They are 3 or 4 games out of the second wild card spot. Now, I’m not about to blow smoke up your skirt and pretend things will turn around tomorrow and we will be in the playoffs – although stranger things have happened.

    But to say this the worst team since the 60’s – seems the smoke being blown is going from your bong to your mind. How about the ’91 Yanks who lost ’95 games? And there were plenty of other past teams FAR worse than what we have now. This is not a horrible team – just one wracked by injuries – which is big. But let’s go easy on the hyperbole.

  9. pisano - Aug 6, 2013 at 9:22 PM

    meatloaf…. they can’t hit or score runs, other than Kuroda, and for now Nova, they have no pitching,( aside from the pen) and believe me they are going absolutely nowhere,as a matter of fact, I hope they can stay in 4th. place. I stand by my post. I honestly have a hard time watching this combination of minor league, and ancient players. If one thing comes of this, I hope it’s that they never give out these 7 to 10 year contracts out, including the soon to be Cano, anything over 5 years, I say let him walk.

    • jfk69 - Aug 7, 2013 at 11:03 AM

      Selig just made sure of that. To late for Arte Moreno. But the owners can’t be saved from themselves. Even the mighty Bud Selig has tried.

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