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Parodying anti-Yasiel Puig hysteria is impossible

Oct 16, 2013, 8:13 AM EDT

One of these takes on Yasiel Puig is from a legitimately outraged columnist. The other is a parody of an outraged columnist. Don’t hover over or click the links until you’ve guessed which is which.

First one:

Call me old-school and old-fashioned. Call me too conservative. Tell me to “get with the times.” Whatever. The bottom line is that you don’t show up the opposing pitcher and you don’t “pimp out” a home run. It’s disrespectful and it’s a bad look, and anybody who has ever played the game at a high level knows that those “unwritten rules” we hear so much about actually have merit and are worth something … Just stop with the excuses, people. He lived in Cuba all of his life and is just having fun playing in America! That’s my favorite excuse. The last I checked, he can still have plenty of fun, be a celebrity, play baseball for millions of dollars and be loved by the masses without playing like a fool.

vs. the second one:

The Dodgers have been doing Mickey Mouse stuff all year long. They admit it, too. As Gonzalez explained his behavior, “I did what I always do, but we are in L.A., so Mickey Mouse is only an hour away.”

I know there’s no cheering in the press box. But can we make an exception for booing?

Remember: It was just a few short weeks ago the Dodgers made fools of themselves parading through Arizona’s swimming pool to celebrate their playoff berth.

It made everyone look bad.

It was lewd. It was crude.

It was everything the Los Angeles Dodgers have stood for all year long … This team may have the most expensive roster in the league and all kinds of money to spare, but it can’t buy baseball’s respect. It can’t buy my silence, either.

No one has to be a Yasiel Puig fan. But the degree to which some are offended by him is laughable in the extreme.

  1. coloradogolfcoupons - Oct 16, 2013 at 4:56 PM

    It’s Puig being Pig…love him or hate him, he gets people excited. 55,000 screaming DODGER FANS. I’ve been to that stadium many times and many times you could hear Scully on a radio three sections over. Laid back? More like laid back in a coffin sometimes. This kid will tone it down, he’s about 16 on the maturity level right now but may, in 3-4 years, be the most sought after FA in history. Time will tell, but he is doing this with little pro experience or coaching and a strange culture. I don’t think he is stupid. But he sees the way the Dodger fans embrace his style, and WHY would he even think about changing much? He is already an icon on the level of Fernando. When he learns to make pitchers throw strikes, he could very well turn into a Cuban Mickey Mantle, with healthy legs.

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