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Marlins interested in David Freese?

Nov 17, 2013, 9:12 AM EDT

david freese getty Getty Images’s Joe Frisaro slips this little nugget at the end of his general manager meetings roundup:

The Marlins are weighing whether David Freese is a realistic fit at third base.

Freese is due a raise through salary arbitration and the Cardinals are ready to install Kolten Wong at second base, moving Matt Carpenter to third base. So it’s no secret that Freese — the former St. Louis postseason hero — is on the trade block this winter.

Freese is a poor defender at the hot corner, but he owns a decent .286/.356/.427 career batting line and is especially tough on left-handed pitching. The 30-year-old should land with a team willing to give him a starting job. And if he doesn’t, the Cardinals can use him in a sort of rotating platoon next season.

  1. spudchukar - Nov 17, 2013 at 10:28 AM

    Lost another lengthy post via refreshing.

    None of the Marlins’ top 20 prospects are short stops, making Hechavarria even more unobtainable.

    Freese is the odd man out, but would still be a valuable role player, and at only 5 mil is penuriously attractive and probably would approach his career stats in 2014 than his injury hampered 2013 numbers.

    Plus his defense isn’t quite as bad as suggested by Drew, even if 2013 wasn’t particularly good with the leather. So the Cards aren’t going to move Freese unless they can get something of an immediate need.

    Much like the Yankees interest the problem is they don’t have anybody who is major league ready in their system, and no current roster spot is held by somebody that would interest St. Louis.

    However, Moran is an interesting player.

    • paperlions - Nov 17, 2013 at 11:36 AM

      Of course, Hechavarria is kind of horrible. He never hit in the minors (feel free to ignore his stats at Las Vegas) and he didn’t hit last year. He is one of the few “every day” SS in MLB who would actually be a downgrade from Kozma because he’s not a good defensive SS either.

      The Cardinals have far more info to go on than we do…if Freese was healthy last year and his apparent lack of athleticism is just him being old and busted, I have no problem with them shipping him out….if he had some un-reported nagging injuries that affected his defense and his swing, he is a pretty good bounce-back candidate. In any case, he wouldn’t be a bad bench option….so they need to get something in return more valuable than what he could provide as a depth/bench player.

      Even though I railed against it at the time, Axford looked solid for the Cardinals. I wouldn’t mind if they gave him a 2 year deal to bring down his AAV and avoid arbitration (especially if they aren’t going to spend money on anything else). That would give them more flexibility in the roles of other pitchers as he could take on a setup-man-type role.

      • spudchukar - Nov 17, 2013 at 12:24 PM

        I remember your railing. But I had my doubts too. However, he performed well enough to get a 2 year deal, like you stated.

        Hechavarria, has great range, very good arm, and is extremely raw, and didn’t get much help playing in Miami. He also had a series that tore us up offensively. He has talent, whether it can be harnessed is another matter. Hard to see the Cards making a move for him, due to his inconsistencies. Not the kind of guy that fits into a win-now philosophy.

        As you implied, Freese is still a valuable commodity and unless a team is willing to part with a player that can upgrade the Cards immediately, they should hang on to him, assuming he will accept the limited playing role with aplomb, something he has always indicated he would do.

  2. blues1988 - Nov 17, 2013 at 11:41 AM

    I’d feel so bad for him if he went to the marlins. cardinals to marlins is the ultimate dropoff. I hope cards find a place for him, he may just have to take a pay cut and go through arbitration or whatever. that stuff confuses me.

    • spudchukar - Nov 17, 2013 at 12:36 PM

      Yeah, kinda agree. I know the adage, “that its just business”, but Miami certainly would be a bummer, and in that park his power would suffer. That is why the Yanks made sense. If the Pinstripes re-sign Cano, and sign someone else to spell/replace Jeter, then Nunez might be a possibility, one the Cards should explore.

      • Old Gator - Nov 17, 2013 at 10:25 PM

        Freese doesn’t make sense for a Feesh third baseman. He’s actually a third baseman. There’s a tradition at stake here.

  3. Scott Axelrod - Nov 17, 2013 at 11:50 AM

    While I agree that Hechavarria’s bat has a long way to go…he may very soon land a gold glove. Not quite sure where ya got this he is a poor defender idea.

    As for Moran…they drafted him first round last season. I assure you they are not looking to deal him for a 30 year old filler player. They want him until Moran is ready.

    • felser - Nov 17, 2013 at 12:24 PM

      His 4.15 RF/9 doesn’t feel like a gold glove waiting to happen.

    • paperlions - Nov 17, 2013 at 12:27 PM

      Well, every metric that is based on real people watching video of every play says his range is horrible. I don’t know if it is just bad reads on the ball, slow first step or what. He had -3 DRS (16th out of 21) and -10.9 UZR/150 (20th out of 21). If he was 21 or 22, I might think that someday he’d figure out how to hit. But he’ll be 25 in April and has shown no signs of being able to hit any any level.

  4. gibbyfan - Nov 17, 2013 at 12:52 PM

    I hate to see Freeze go. He sort of exemplifies cardinal baseball and was the heart and sould of the 2011 post season…………….I think MO would trade him for a decent prospect though –might happen.
    ANyone know if the Cards tried to make a eal for JJ Hardy of the Os……………seems like he would be a good fit

    • okwhitefalcon - Nov 17, 2013 at 1:33 PM

      Per Jon Heyman, the Cards allegedly talked to the Orioles about Hardy – Mo said no to Miller being involved.

      As for Freese, who knows at this point.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they held onto him for now, not sure if they’re ready to give the keys to Wong full time at second just yet.

      If they do trust Wong, I suppose Freese would be a better bench option than say…Ty Wigginton?

      • gibbyfan - Nov 17, 2013 at 1:58 PM

        Thanks Falcon………Man that was some article.I would certainly tink they would not trade Miller for just about anybody let alone Hardy……………Seems something is up with Miller which I can’t figure out. Totally agree with the comment that maybe Lynn for Hardy would make sense but that’s about it……….thanks again

  5. missingdiz - Nov 17, 2013 at 3:09 PM

    Lynn and Freese for Hardy? If the O’s trade Hardy, they’ll move Machado over to SS and they’ll need somebody to play third.

    I’m still not happy, though, with the idea of counting on Wong to be ready to start in the NL next year. He hit 8 singles and a double in 59 AB, plus 12 SO.

    I too would like to know what’s behind the Miller mystery. If he’s healthy, the Cards ought to be thinking about keeping him for a decade at least.

    • gibbyfan - Nov 17, 2013 at 4:04 PM

      My feeling exactly Diz……..would be happy with that trade, loveMiller and not sure about Wong……….In fact I think th ecards should stay witha pat hand going in because they do have a championship quality team and we could see what happens with Mott and Garcia and even Freeze. If they are doing ok cards would have a lot of chips and $$$ for a move—say June/July

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