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MLB Network’s Greg Amsinger called Buster Posey’s walkoff homer

Aug 28, 2014, 11:35 AM EDT


Buster Posey‘s walkoff homer was pretty sweet. So too was MLB Network Greg Amsinger’s calling of it ahead of time. But even sweeter than that: Amsinger’s reaction to it as he watched it live in the studio, which is screencapped above and which you can see in motion at around the 1:50 mark of the video.

  1. aceinthehole12 - Aug 28, 2014 at 11:42 AM

    Two thing: Amsinger is the best haha. Also as an A’s fan I’m supposed to “hate” the Giants and all their players but I really enjoy watching Posey play the game of baseball, I wish the A’s could draft/keep a talent like that around.

    • psuorioles - Aug 28, 2014 at 12:21 PM

      Agreed… big fan of Amsinger

      • xmatt0926x - Aug 28, 2014 at 1:49 PM

        Also a big fan of Amsinger. He brings an almost child-like (in a good way) enthusiasm to the show and it rubs off on the rest of the guys as well. I used to watch Baseball Tonight on ESPN until I started getting MLB Network. Now watching Baseball Tonight is like going to a morgue compared to MLB Tonight.

      • psuorioles - Aug 28, 2014 at 3:00 PM

        I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I watched anything besides an actual game, golf tournament, etc on ESPN. A lot of that has to do with the all the specialty networks; MLBN, NFLN, and the Big Ten Network.

    • simon94022 - Aug 28, 2014 at 3:19 PM

      Well you’re not exactly REQUIRED to hate them. :) Hardly any Giants fans hate the A’s. They just don’t pay much attention to them.

  2. jrs45 - Aug 28, 2014 at 11:50 AM

    That was great!

  3. eagles512 - Aug 28, 2014 at 11:52 AM

    It would have been pretty cool if he hadn’t acted like he just solved the Mideast crisis. People call homers all the time. Relax

    • beepbeepbeeplgb - Aug 28, 2014 at 12:07 PM

      i don’t really like having fun either…

    • sportsfan18 - Aug 28, 2014 at 12:33 PM


      you type well for being in a coma…

  4. tearlw - Aug 28, 2014 at 12:06 PM

    That was terrific.
    And no doubt, when Buster sends 95 straight back to the screen? Pitch around him. For real.

  5. miguelcairo - Aug 28, 2014 at 12:06 PM

    Awesome. Baseball is best.

  6. marklar1025 - Aug 28, 2014 at 12:32 PM

    @Aceinthehole- As a Giants fan I am supposed to hate the A’s but don’t. Its literally impossible to hate this team. Great mix of characters and talent. Now, athletic supporters are a little easier to dislike.. but the team is bad ass.

  7. haminator - Aug 28, 2014 at 12:42 PM

    That was great!

  8. gerard33 - Aug 28, 2014 at 12:46 PM

    I don’t get this channel, who is the guy on the other side of Reynolds?

    • roundballsquarebox24 - Aug 28, 2014 at 12:52 PM

      Cliff Floyd

    • chiadam - Aug 28, 2014 at 12:53 PM

      Cliff Floyd.

  9. randygnyc - Aug 28, 2014 at 12:53 PM


  10. gerard33 - Aug 28, 2014 at 1:03 PM

    Ah, thanks. This was a great moment!

  11. geejon - Aug 28, 2014 at 1:25 PM

    I only recently started watching this show and wish I’d have started earlier. Those guys are a blast. Yes sometimes they’re loud and spend a lot of time cracking jokes BUT they never lose sight of the fact that its all about THE GAME. Along with the banter comes an awful lot of insight that i think makes baseball the great game it is. Just last night they were talking about Jacob Ellsbury hitting better when the Yankees returned him to leadoff after having him hit 3rd for awhile and how the pitches he was used to seeing and expecting at leadoff weren’t the same as when he was hitting 3rd and why that was the case and so forth. I’m not even a Yankee fan but enjoyed that little 5 minute segment and along with X’s and O’s stuff like that the guys themselves are great because all that exuberance is not forced (like lame Sportscenter anchors doing tired shtick) but it comes from their love of the game. Great show.

  12. chrisernst82 - Aug 28, 2014 at 2:30 PM

    Watch these guys every night after the Cardinal game. Their enthusiasm is infectious. Night in and night out, Greg is awesome but Harold is my favorite. They would be an awesome group to have some beers and watch baseball with. But i would much rather have them with Heidi Watney!

  13. gosport474 - Aug 28, 2014 at 2:46 PM

    Now that was enjoyable!

  14. tigersfandan - Aug 28, 2014 at 3:10 PM

    Greg Amsinger is really fun to watch.

  15. skipcastaneda - Aug 28, 2014 at 3:18 PM

    Greg Amsinger is the best because he’s a fan who happens to have a TV job!

  16. trbmb - Aug 28, 2014 at 7:01 PM

    Over time, after extended viewing, Amsinger begins to resemble Chris Berman. Especially when he worships ‘our Hall of Famer’ (NOT), Peter Gammons. The Berman of MLB Network.

  17. kkkershaw22 - Aug 29, 2014 at 3:51 AM

    If you watch this show every day you start to notice that they spend all show predicting stuff and sometimes it happens and a lot of times it doesn’t so this isn’t anything special

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