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  1. 10 Type A free agents receive arbitration offers

    Dec 2, 2009, 12:30 AM EDT

    With the deadline here, we now have official word on the free agents offered arbitration by their teams. Type A free agents: Jason Bay, Red Sox – Yes Rafael Betancourt, Rockies – Yes Orlando Cabrera, Twins – No (Contract rules out an arbitration offer) Johnny Damon, Yankees – No Octavio Dotel, White Sox – No…

  2. Cardinals offer arbitration to Holliday, Pineiro, and DeRosa

    Dec 1, 2009, 9:05 PM EDT

    St. Louis has offered arbitration to Matt Holliday, Joel Pineiro, and Mark DeRosa while passing on Troy Glaus. Obviously the Holliday decision was a no-brainer, but there was quite a bit of speculation that the Cardinals might pass on offers to Pineiro or DeRosa. Both players are Type B free agents and the Cardinals wanted…

  3. Go Flying Squirrels!

    Dec 1, 2009, 7:01 PM EDT

    A couple of months ago the new minor league team in Richmond, Virginia announced that it would be known as “The Flying Squirrels.”  My thought at the time: “Um, OK.” All is forgiven, though, because they released their logos today, and I think they’re pretty damn sweet (yes, I’m going to make you click through…

  4. Report: Red Sox to target free agent Harden

    Dec 1, 2009, 6:27 PM EDT

    A major league source told that the Red Sox are serious about pursuing free agent Rich Harden. Given the Red Sox tendency to favor upside over stability when it comes to short-term deals for pitchers, Harden always figured to be at or near the top of their list of potential pitching upgrades. Ben Sheets…

  5. Brian Cashman gives pop quizzes

    Dec 1, 2009, 6:00 PM EDT

    Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman sat for an extended, public interview today and Joe Pawlikowski from the excellent River Ave Blues blog was there. He has video and an extended synopsis up over at RAB.  My favorite part is about the process Cashman went through when looking for Joe Torre’s replacement in 2008: He put the…

  6. Twins offer Pavano arbitration; will he accept?

    Dec 1, 2009, 5:38 PM EDT

    Today has been filled with all sorts of news on the arbitration front and there will be more offers and non-offers rolling in tonight, but I’m particularly curious about one player’s status. Minnesota offered Carl Pavano arbitration and because he’s a Type B free agent that guarantees the Twins a draft pick if he signs…

  7. Damon, Matsui, Pettitte fail to get arbitration offers from Yankees

    Dec 1, 2009, 5:20 PM EDT

    The Yankees declined to offer arbitration to any of their free agents, a group that included Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui and Xavier Nady. Damon and Pettitte were the candidates to get offers. Damon, a Type A free agent, could have brought in two draft picks had he left. However, he also had a case for…

  8. Is Keith Hernandez a Hall of Famer?

    Dec 1, 2009, 5:01 PM EDT

    Seems like everyone is writing Hall of Fame articles today. You’ll have that when the biggest news out there involves backup catchers.  Anyway, here’s’s Marty Noble, first on his Hall of Fame criteria: When putting check marks on the ballot, the rule–to me–is to be as selective as Ted Williams with a 3-1 count.…

  9. Dodgers decline to offer arbitration to Wolf, Hudson

    Dec 1, 2009, 4:25 PM EDT

    Either they’re having big money problems or they’re being run by idiots. The Dodgers on Tuesday announced that neither Randy Wolf nor Orlando Hudson would receive an arbitration offer. The same went for Type B free agents Vicente Padilla, Jon Garland, Ronnie Belliard, Guillermo Mota and Will Ohman, though there were no big surprises there.…

  10. The Red Sox loading for what passes for bear in 2011

    Dec 1, 2009, 4:00 PM EDT

    Could the Red Sox be biding their time this offseason and waiting to score big in the 2010-2011 offseason?’s Ian Browne — and payroll math — suggests so.  After noting the blah free agent class this year, Browne writes: . . . if you fast forward to next year at this time, general manager…

  11. Henrich, oldest living Yankee, passes away at 96

    Dec 1, 2009, 3:49 PM EDT

    Tommy Henrich, who spent his entire career in pinstripes and was the oldest living Yankee, passed away Tuesday at 96. Henrich played with the Yankees from 1937 through 1950, excepting a three-year absence due to World War II. He went to five All-Star Games, played on four World Series champs and finished his career with…

  12. Dodgers announce Scully's return

    Dec 1, 2009, 3:48 PM EDT

    Be sure to enjoy him while you can, folks. Vin Scully already stated he was coming back for at least one more year, but the Dodgers made it official on Tuesday, confirming his return for a 61st season in the broadcast booth in 2010. Scully turned 82 on Sunday. He said last month that 2010…

  13. Red Sox owner John Henry has a new revenue sharing plan

    Dec 1, 2009, 3:30 PM EDT

    We civilians have been talking a lot recently about the injustice of the big market teams paying revenue sharing money to small, losing, but otherwise profitable teams. Today an actual big market owner — the Red Sox’ John Henry — speaks up: Red Sox principal owner John Henry is calling for Major League Baseball’s revenue…

  14. Rays get Shoppach from Indians for PTBN

    Dec 1, 2009, 2:54 PM EDT

    Indians catcher Kelly Shoppach won’t be non-tendered after all, as the Rays have picked up the strikeout-prone 29-year-old in return for a player to be named. The Indians were ready to move on from Shoppach because of his likely $2.5 million salary in 2010 and their surplus of catching, which includes Lou Marson, Wyatt Toregas,…

  15. Early arbitration offer roundup: Bay, Hudson, etc.

    Dec 1, 2009, 2:42 PM EDT

    We’ll have a full rundown once the official results come in, but here’s a look at what free agents are getting arbitration offers from their teams. Remember that Type A free agents who are offered arbitration will cost a draft pick if signed. Type B free agents require no compensation, but the team losing them…

  16. Scott Schoeneweis' wife died of a drug overdose

    Dec 1, 2009, 2:23 PM EDT

    Gabrielle Schoeneweis, the wife of Diamondbacks’ pitcher Scott Schoeneweis, was found dead in the couple’s home on May 20. Schoeneweis had instituted legal action to prevent the autopsy report from being released. It’s now been released, however, and given what it shows, his desire to not have it out in the public is understandable: [Schoeneweis']…

  17. Red Sox express interest in Adam Everett

    Dec 1, 2009, 1:57 PM EDT’s Alex Speier reports that Boston has contacted Adam Everett to “to express some preliminary interest,” which makes sense given that this year’s crop of free-agent agent shortstops is so underwhelming that the Red Sox have considered asking Dustin Pedroia to switch positions. Everett is one of the worst hitters in baseball, but he’s long…

  18. Mark McGwire is getting more HoF support. As he should.

    Dec 1, 2009, 1:29 PM EDT

    Let’s make it a Hall of Fame trifecta. I missed this over the weekend, but here’s Ken Davidoff of Newsday, explaining why, after years of resistance, he has decided to vote for Mark McGwire on his Hall of Fame ballot: Every era has its taint, whether it’s gamblers, steroids, racism or something less pernicious such…

  19. Schneider jumps from Mets to hometown Phillies

    Dec 1, 2009, 12:56 PM EDT

    Brian Schneider has been a starter for basically his entire career, but the 33-year-old catcher will now back up Carlos Ruiz after signing a two-year contract with the Phillies this afternoon. While one Philadelphia newspaper suggests that Schneider passed up a chance to start for several other teams in order to join his hometown Phillies,…

  20. Comment of the Day: the Hall of Fame voters are worse than we thought

    Dec 1, 2009, 12:30 PM EDT

    Reader CasEjonz, reacting to Hal Bodley’s “Roberto Alomar is no first ballot Hall of Famer” rebop, notes that the writers are way worse when it comes to this stuff than even I suggested. Take the complete lack of unanimous Hall of Fame votes: To this point, Tom Seaver and Nolan Ryan are the closest to…

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