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  1. Fred Wilpon calls offseason "torture"

    Feb 20, 2010, 2:33 PM EST

    Mets owner Fred Wilpon spoke with the media during the first day of workouts for pitchers and catchers, calling the recent offseason “torture.” I’m sure a lot of this emotion had to do with the strife surrounding the dispute with Carlos Beltran, but he also sympathizes with fans who are understandably frustrated that the team…

  2. Astros extend GM Ed Wade through 2012

    Feb 20, 2010, 12:00 PM EST

    You’re reading that correctly. After committing nearly $30 million to Pedro Feliz, Brandon Lyon, Brett Myers, Jason Michaels, Geoff Blum and Brian Moehler this offseason, the Astros have extended the contract of general manager Ed Wade through the 2012 season, reports Brian McTaggart of An official announcement is expected later this afternoon. Wade was…

  3. Meet David DeJesus, the right fielder

    Feb 20, 2010, 11:40 AM EST

    David DeJesus tells Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star that he’s cool with moving to right field: “It’s one of those things,” DeJesus said. “I know I had a good year in left. But we’re a team that needs a right fielder. Trey called me, and now I’m a right fielder. I’m going to…

  4. Ryan Theriot loses hearing, will earn $2.6 million

    Feb 20, 2010, 10:39 AM EST

    Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune reports that shortstop Ryan Theriot will earn $2.6 million this season after losing his arbitration hearing with the Cubs. He requested $3.4 million when arbitration figures were exchanged last month. Theriot, 31, batted .284/.343/.369 with seven home runs, 54 RBI, 21 stolen bases and 81 runs scored last season.…

  5. Could Johnny Damon still end up in Atlanta?

    Feb 20, 2010, 9:49 AM EST

    Many assume that if the White Sox indeed pull their offer to Johnny Damon it pretty much means the “Tigers or bust,” but don’t forget that the Braves have already offered Damon a one-year contract with some deferred money — somewhere around $4 million or less. After Friday’s developments, Braves general manager Frank Wren told…

  6. Less playing time could hurt Bengie Molina's wallet

    Feb 19, 2010, 8:49 PM EST

    Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News, one of my favorite beat reporters, unearthed some interesting details about Bengie Molina’s new contract with the Giants: And as I discovered today, even a small reduction in playing time could take a lot of money out of Molina’s pocket. That’s because the veteran catcher has significant…

  7. Jose Reyes batting third? Does it matter?

    Feb 19, 2010, 8:20 PM EST

    Earlier Matthew asked whether Jerry Manuel’s idea to bat Jose Reyes third is a good idea.  Here’s a second question: Would it make a difference?  It probably won’t. There have been multiple studies of lineup optimization over the years. For the most part they conclude that the particular lineup doesn’t make a whole hell of…

  8. UPDATE: The White Sox pull their offer to Damon; Boras pleads with the Tigers

    Feb 19, 2010, 8:10 PM EST

    Update: Wait! Maybe the White Sox aren’t out of it, at least according to what Kenny Williams told Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times: “If circumstances change in the next 24 hours I certainly will be willing to revisit it,” Williams said. “Jermaine Dye cashed in big time for something like this, taking less money…

  9. 2010 projected leaders: First baseman OPS

    Feb 19, 2010, 6:58 PM EST

    Over the next several days, I’ll be dipping into my 2010 projections and presenting some leaderboards. 1. Albert Pujols – 1067 2. Prince Fielder – 976 3. Miguel Cabrera – 965 4. Mark Teixeira – 962 5. Adrian Gonzalez – 933 6. Ryan Howard – 923 7. Lance Berkman – 911 8. Kevin Youkilis –…

  10. More on the McCourts

    Feb 19, 2010, 6:30 PM EST

    Earlier today we learned about Jamie McCourt’s request for more money.  Our friend Josh Fisher at Dodger Divorce points out something particularly delicious from her filing: [P]erquisites paid directly by the McCourt business constituted a very significant element of the marital lifestyle, averaging an additional approximately $800,000 per month. As Josh notes, the “McCourt business” is…

  11. No guns in the clubhouse; bats still OK

    Feb 19, 2010, 5:55 PM EST

    It’s a sad, sad day when law abiding ballplayers can’t bring their sidearms into the clubhouse: Major League Baseball has a new message for players and employees this spring training: Keep guns, long knives and explosives out of the clubhouse. Signs have been placed in spring training locker rooms stating “individuals are prohibited from possessing…

  12. Mets' Reyes could bat third… for a little while

    Feb 19, 2010, 5:25 PM EST

    Mets manager Jerry Manuel has already come up with his first big idea of the spring; he wants to bat usual leadoff man Jose Reyes third, though only until Carlos Beltran returns from knee surgery. “Reyes, in my opinion, has evolved,” Manuel told the New York Post “I could really stretch our lineup out if…

  13. Your early early early draft preview

    Feb 19, 2010, 4:15 PM EST

    In response to Keith Law’s outrageously early draft preview Mel Kiper has decided to chuck the 2010 NFL draft entirely and start handicapping 2011. True story. Anyway, there’s a top 50 list there, and some overall analysis: In general, the quality of talent this year is below where it was the last two years, and…

  14. Blue Jays fight off Rangers for … Jose Molina

    Feb 19, 2010, 3:45 PM EST

    Earlier this week multiple reports had the Rangers interested in Jose Molina, with Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram calling him the team’s “No. 1 target” at catcher, but this afternoon the 35-year-old signed with the Blue Jays. Molina gets $400,000 guaranteed and another $400,000 if he makes the Opening Day roster, and the…

  15. The Indians ink Branyan

    Feb 19, 2010, 3:15 PM EST

    Buster Olney reports that Cleveland has signed Russell Branyan to a one year deal with an option for 2011.  This year it’s a $2 million base salary with up to $1 million in incentives.  The option is of the mutual variety for $5 million. The seal is a juuuuuuust a bit below the $20-$30 million…

  16. Jonny Gomes is still searching for a better offer

    Feb 19, 2010, 2:50 PM EST

    General manager Walt Jocketty said today that he expects Jonny Gomes to accept or decline the Reds’ offer by Sunday. “He wants to come back, but he’s taking a last look at what’s out there,” Jocketty said. It’s tough to blame Gomes for continuing to shop around, because despite hitting .267/.338/.541 with 20 homers in…

  17. Jeff Mathis wins his arbitration case

    Feb 19, 2010, 2:28 PM EST

    The players strike back. Angels’ catcher Jeff Mathis beat the club, winning a raise from $450,000 to $1.3 million. The Angels were arguing for $700,000. Owners lead the players 4-3 this offseason with one arbitration — Ryan Theriot — left to go. If Theriot wins they go to penalty kicks.

  18. Quote of the Day II: Dioner Navarro

    Feb 19, 2010, 2:10 PM EST

    “I just want to do my job and get rich.” – Rays’ catcher Dioner Navarro, tellin’ Marc Tompkin of the St. Petersburg Times how it is. But what about the women? There will be women too, right?

  19. MRI exam on Lilly's knee comes back clean

    Feb 19, 2010, 1:45 PM EST

    Ted Lilly’s recovery from offseason shoulder surgery hit a snag earlier this week when his right knee began hurting, but an MRI exam yesterday revealed no structural damage and instead merely showed what’s Carrie Muskat calls “normal wear and tear.” Lilly felt good enough to play catch this morning and assistant general manager Randy…

  20. Excessive off-days to be eliminated in the postseason

    Feb 19, 2010, 1:31 PM EST

    Jim Bowden just tweeted that Selig’s 14-man uber-committee will soon announce the elimination of excessive offdays in the postseason. I’m not sure how they can simply “announce” it instead of recommend it, because they’re only supposed to be a panel of experts, not some sort of executive body.  If I’m wrong though, brace yourselves everyone,…

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