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  1. Diving into the depths: Boston Red Sox

    Feb 11, 2010, 7:05 PM EST

    This is part of a 30-article series looking at each team’s depth chart headed into spring training. Boston Red Sox Rotation 1. Jon Lester 2. Josh Beckett 3. John Lackey 4. Daisuke Matsuzaka 5. Clay Buchholz 6. Tim Wakefield 7. Michael Bowden 8. Junichi Tazawa 9. Boof Bonser 10. Gaby Hernandez 11. Fabio Castro 12.…

  2. Angels bring back veteran infielder Quinlan

    Feb 11, 2010, 6:46 PM EST

    The Angels have agreed to a new deal with free agent Robb Quinlan, writes’s Lyle Spencer. Quinlan was widely expected to depart, probably for the National League, after a third straight season in which he contributed little to the Angels’ cause. The seven-year veteran has spent his entire career in Anaheim, and he was…

  3. 2010 projected leaders: Saves & Relief ERA

    Feb 11, 2010, 6:19 PM EST

    Over the next several days, I’ll be dipping into my 2010 projections and presenting some leaderboards. Saves 1. Mariano Rivera – 40 1. Francisco Rodriguez – 40 3. Joe Nathan – 38 3. Jonathan Papelbon – 38 5. Jonathan Broxton – 37 5. Brian Wilson – 37 7. Heath Bell – 36 7. Huston Street…

  4. Ernie Harwell to receive lifetime achievement award

    Feb 11, 2010, 5:30 PM EST

    Got a press release a few minutes ago announcing that Ernie Harwell is going to receive the Vin Scully Lifetime Achievement Award in Sports Broadcasting. The award is given out annually by WFUV, the public radio station at Fordham University where Scully got his start.  The award will be given at the station’s Spring Gala…

  5. Rangers prospect Gutierrez suspended 50 games

    Feb 11, 2010, 5:01 PM EST

    Rangers prospect Danny Gutierrez was suspended for 50 games Thursday for testing positive for the amphetamine Adderall, MLB announced. Adderall is a drug used to treat Attention-Deficit Disorder, and many believe it is being abused by major leaguers seeking a boost. The Mitchell Report pointed out the number of players receiving “theraputic use exemptions” for…

  6. MLBAM CEO Bob Bowman may run for governor of Michigan

    Feb 11, 2010, 4:50 PM EST

    Bob Bowman has been the CEO of Major League Baseball Advanced Media since its inception.  It’s been a fabulous success, and Bowman has deservedly received kudos for it. He may be looking for a new job, however: An official in Major League Baseball has formed a committee to explore a run for Michigan’s Democratic gubernatorial…

  7. UPDATE: Wang and the Nats don't have a deal

    Feb 11, 2010, 4:22 PM EST

    UPDATE: First he signed, then he didn’t, then he signed and then he didn’t:  Chien-Ming Wang’s agent is now saying that the reports are inaccurate, there is no deal with the Nats, and that Wang hasn’t finalized anything with anybody. And with that, I’m officially out of the Wang business. He could carve his signature…

  8. REPORT: The Tigers may save Damon and Boras' bacon: 2 years/$14 million

    Feb 11, 2010, 3:57 PM EST

    UPDATE: Brace yourselves kids – Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Mike Ilitch has authorized his flunkies to offer Johnny Damon two years and $14 million. Which, you’ll recall, is the amount of money Damon turned down from the Yankees, launching our favorite meme of the offseason (i.e. Scott Boras screwed up). If this is true,…

  9. Darin Erstad may have made his last scrappy out

    Feb 11, 2010, 3:45 PM EST

    When productive veteran outfielders like Johnny Damon and Jermaine Dye are having trouble finding work it makes sense that not-so-productive veteran outfielders like Darin Erstad may be headed for retirement. Bill Plunkett of the Orange Country Register recently spoke the Erstad, who “sounded like a happy father, perfectly content if he never plays another major-league…

  10. Tom Glavine officially retires, joins Braves front office

    Feb 11, 2010, 3:25 PM EST

    After a year or so of denial, anger and bargaining, Tom Glavine has finally reached acceptance,  officially ending the playing portion of his baseball career.  He’s taking a job in the Braves’ front office as the assistant to team president John Schuerholz.  He’ll also do a bit of broadcasting work, both on Braves radio and…

  11. SABR is giving away a free baseball book

    Feb 11, 2010, 2:50 PM EST

    As someone who gets all kinds of cool stuff from being a Society for American Baseball Research member I feel it’s my duty to let everyone know that SABR is now offering a PDF version of the annual “Emerald Guide to Baseball” absolutely free to members and non-members alike. Edited by Gary Gillette and Pete…

  12. The Mets sign Takahashi

    Feb 11, 2010, 2:20 PM EST

    The Mets have come to agreement with Hisanori Takahashi, late of the Yomiuri Giants, on a minor league deal worth $1 million if he makes the team.  Takahashi, who turns 35 in April, was 79-66 with a 3.70 ERA in 245 career games in the NPB. He’s a soft-tossing lefty who most have said would…

  13. Another sad 'Lenny Dykstra on investing' update

    Feb 11, 2010, 1:53 PM EST

    My entry earlier this week about Lenny Dykstra’s financial situation received 142 comments, so I figure everyone is interested in a follow up via some nice digging by In addition to filing personal bankruptcy after reportedly losing up to $100 million, Dykstra apparently was given control of the $737,000 signing bonus that his son…

  14. The Lincecum arbitration is MLB's fight, not the Giants'

    Feb 11, 2010, 1:20 PM EST

    Buster Olney tweeted something really interesting a few minutes ago: Heard this: The Giants might wind up sending as few as one member of their front office to the Lincecum hearing. The heavy lifting on management’s side of the case will be done by MLB, and not the Giants. This follows up on the news…

  15. Cardinals shortstop Ryan has wrist surgery

    Feb 11, 2010, 12:50 PM EST

    Brendan Ryan underwent wrist surgery Tuesday and won’t be cleared to swing a bat for 2-3 weeks, putting his status for Opening Day in some question. Ryan told’s Matthew Leach that he’s “done everything” to alleviate what’s being called “persistent discomfort in his right wrist” for several years and just recently learned that surgery…

  16. Quote of the Day: Keith Law

    Feb 11, 2010, 12:30 PM EST

    If Lincecum knows there’s something wrong with his arm, he should take the offer, but otherwise, I’m wondering if Sabean got into Timmy’s stash.” – ESPN’s Keith Law, offering his less-than-approving assessment of the Giants’ $37 million offer to Tim Lincecum

  17. Five ways to "fix" the Mets

    Feb 11, 2010, 11:53 AM EST

    As you surely know by now, Craig likes to needle the Mets. The problem is that it’s become entirely too easy to pile on them at this point (Junk bonds? Not enough money to sign Rod Barajas? Really?) and therefore, no longer much fun. With that in mind, Craig asked me, the resident Mets fan…

  18. $100 million over five years will not lock up Prince Fielder

    Feb 11, 2010, 11:20 AM EST

    There are no offers on the table and no negotiations afoot — hell, Prince Fielder isn’t even eligible for free agency until the 2011 season is complete — but the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Gary Howard is daydreaming about the Brewers locking him up all the same, building up to this: So I figure a sweet,…

  19. The State of Arizona wants to impose a "Cubs tax" on all the Cactus League teams

    Feb 11, 2010, 10:55 AM EST

    The deal to keep the Cubs’ spring training home in Mesa, Arizona was contingent on the State of Arizona finding the money to help them build an $84 million new complex.  Their idea: impose a surcharge on spring training tickets to help cover the cost. But not just Cubs spring training tickets: they want to…

  20. Carlos Delgado may just retire to Crash Boat Beach

    Feb 11, 2010, 9:59 AM EST

    Yesterday it was reported that Carlos Delgado is demanding “substantial money and playing time.” In light of this article, however, he’s apparently cool with not getting those things: “I have to analyze all the options that I have and, another important thing, I’m not going to sign a contract just to say I signed. You…

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